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Rangel Introduced a Bill to Reinstate the Draft

January 16, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

Charlie Rangel (D-NY) has been fighting for the draft to be reinstated for years now. On Thursday he introduced legislation to reinstate the draft and issued this press release explaining his views.

I have reintroduced my bill to reinstate the draft, not because I support the war in Iraq or the President’s plan to escalate the conflict. The reason is my belief that if Americans are to be placed in harm’s way, all of us, from every income group and position in society, must share the burden of war.

…I am thoroughly convinced that we never would’ve been involved in this mess in the first place if those that made the decisions thought for one minute that members of their family, their community and their region and their class would be placed in harm’s way , that the decision never would’ve been made.

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