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20 New Web Projects to Change the World

May 28, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

David and I are in San Jose at the NetSquared conference, where we’re sharing OpenCongress and some ideas for its future with a great group of people interested in using the Web for social change. In the past couple of days we’ve seen a lot of amazing new projects that are harnessing the Web and its democratizing potential to create positive changes and have a beneficial impact on peoples lives around the world. It’s been inspiring, and we’re pumped to be part of it. I wanted to share some of the links to the other projects here so you can check them out too.

Below are links to the other projects’ proposals for the NetSquared conference. Most of these are already live in some form or another, and you can find links to where they live in the proposal details (and if you haven’t already seen our proposal for the conference, it’s here).

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dglasgow 06/02/2008 2:45am
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Anonymous 05/29/2008 6:20am

We were hoping each country can get an open congress. Maybe skipping the UN is a good idea.

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