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OpenCongress at the National Conference for Media Reform

June 6, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

I’m in Minneapolis this weekend for the 2008 National Conference for Media Reform. According to the website, the conference will “focus on broadening the media reform movement, envisioning the future of our media system, harnessing new technology for change, and achieving concrete policy victories through sustainable organizing.”

OpenCongress counts on all kinds of media, from the biggest newspapers to the most obscure blogs, to help people understand what’s really going on in Congress with the issues they care about. Everybody has important insights and perspectives on the things Congress is dealing with, and making sure that people have a voice is essential to breaking the barriers between, for example, official government information and the ways that all the bills and votes really affect our lives.

There’s a really exciting feel at the conference. Lawrence Lessig just gave a great talk about his Change Congress movement, stressing the need to reform the environment policymakers work in along side work on issues like media reform, education, environment etc. There are tons more exciting talks and panels scheduled – you can see a full list here, and audio and video archives can be found here.

If you’re at the conference, I’d love to meet you. Hit me an email (donnydonny-at-gmail-dot-com) so we can make plans to meet up.

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