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Minimum Wage Bill Will Pick Up a Package of Tax Cuts in the Senate

January 17, 2007 - by Donny Shaw

The Senate Finance Committee today approved tax breaks for small businesses that will be attached to the House-passed minimum wage bill. The tax breaks are going to be included in the bill to get the 60 votes that the Senate will need to approve the bill and put it into effect.

Opponents of the $2.10 minimum wage increase worry about the affect it will have on small business owners. The tax breaks that were passed today will help small business owners cover their losses.

Many Senate Democrats want a minimum wage bill that is free of tax cuts. With the Democrats holding only a one seat majority in the Senate, compromises like this are going to continue being necessary to see the passage of bills forwarding their agenda.

The minimum wage bill is expected to be the next up in the Senate after they complete work on their ethics bill this week.

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