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Missed the Boat ...err SCHIP

July 22, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Why did Congress wait so long to introduce <a href=“>this bill to override President Bush’s ”">regulations that make it harder for states to insure children under S-CHIP?


>The Senate parliamentarian delivered bad news Tuesday to Democrats hoping to block a Bush administration directive on children’s health insurance: They were too slow.
>Last week, Democrats introduced a “resolution of disapproval” against a directive the administration issued in August 2007. The resolution, had it been introduced earlier in the month it would have been “privileged” on the Senate floor, meaning it could not be filibustered or subject to other dilatory tactics.
>But the parliamentarian told the resolution’s sponsors Tuesday, led by Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus , D-Mont. , that because they did not introduce it until July 17, it would not have privileged status under the Congressional Review Act.

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