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New Frontiers in Collaborative Legislation

July 31, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

In March I wrote about the Sunlight Foundation’s pioneering work to develop a platform for writing legislation collaboratively. Through their PublicMarkup tool, they proposed a new government transparency bill and opened it up to section-by-section dissection from the public. They got a huge amount of feedback on their bill, and today they released a revised version that implements the best changes that were suggested by the public.

According to an email from Gabriela at Sunlight, the revised bill “includes numerous modifications, including new requirements for improving oversight of the executive branch and provisions articulating the best methods for accessing legislative data.”

While they begin shopping their bill around on the Hill for a sponsor and co-sponsors, you can still comment on the new version. They won’t be changing the bill again, but comments will help them further refine their ideas for negotiating with lawmakers.

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