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Total Shutdown

July 31, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

The debate in Congress over oil drilling has already killed a lot of bills. If neither side gives in it could do a lot worse: total government shutdown.

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Anonymous 08/01/2008 8:40am

What is needed is term limits. More Americans can serve and we’ll be what we were meant to be; Same thing with allot of those federal jobs. Term limits so more Americans can serve.

This is the future and sooner or later America will be whgat it is supposed to be; A dynamic democracy and example to the world.

Anonymous 07/31/2008 9:24pm
Well kids all good things must come to an end, I will check in from time to time as long as library’s have internet access. Washington as decided to pretend that its business as usual Nancy and the Nancy boys see no problem because the current economic situation does not effect them. remember ladies and gentlemen that congress chose to break with your futures in the balance. You, all of you, need to express your displeasure to them, actions don’t let a day go by where there is not a news story of your displeasure or they will take what little you have left. fight for your way of life America Washington is the enemy from within they will not act for you because they don’t care about you, you are an ssn number a tax statistic these people have all been in Washington far to long. Families that have bread career politicians or bored rich house wives that couldn’t balance there own budgets, so they want to mess up yours just little bit.

those of you who agree with me we need these people alive (our current batch of lifetime politicians) to answer for there crimes against the united states and its people. find ten to fifteen like minded friends that you can trust plan for things to get a lot worse and they will. buy guns buy ammo cash them in different locations pick targets carefully and prepare your children this may not be over in our lifetime they will not be happy about giving up there power. life is short what matters is how you chose to live under tyrants as there cash cow (slaves) or as my fellow free man and women in control of your own life. Tear yourselves away from the television or that will be your vote for do what you want to me. don’t let yourselves be pacified into submission stand up and fight, fight like American men and women. we are an unstoppable force if you unleash it I hope you do before its to late before you let yourselves become 3rd world. work together stick together and they cannot beat us.

Do you miss the freedom you once had, have you notice the rape of the constitution and its amendments. We have been betrayed by our politicians they have sold us out for there own gain. First print yourself copies of the constitution and bill of rights keep them close to your heart. Now take a good look around as the price of gas rises the masses become more and more isolated, expect Home Land Security to gain more and broader powers those who used to get by on a 40 hour pay check will soon be the new homeless and destitute. The American dream is about to become a nightmare, For the present time all politicians should be held accountable and face the penalty for there betrayal. The democrats and republicans are both guilty our judicial system is a joke. Our judges and lawyers have created a lottery system where the man who has a fly in his bottled water can get rich overnight but of course the real winner is the lawyer. A system where O.J. and Kennedy-Smith go free, street gangs rule the streets. Still not enough for you to take arms and take back our country well consider this a communist / socialist America if both major parties get there way, ripe with corruption that only they will benefit from and cement there positions in there eyes for all time. Think your being taxed enough well I’m afraid they will have to raise taxes to pay for our natural disasters for 2008 and well also for the aid we had to give China because they hold so much of our debt.

Ask yourself do you want your children to be slaves to foreign powers are you willing to let yourself be distracted by ufo’s aliens bunny huggers and pacifists or american idol. Are you willing to wait till they desensitize our military with overseas boarder skirmishes so they can be used against us (to keep the peace of course) We eat food that is not safe willingly, most of our food supply is not inspected.

Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is an incurable degenerative neurological disorder (brain disease) that is ultimately fatal. Among the types of transmissible spongiform encephalopathy found in humans, it is the most common.

It is recognized that a single host gene encodes the agent for scrapie, transmissible mink encephalopathy, bovine spongiform encephalopathy, kuru, GSS, Creutzfeldt-Jakob and other Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies. This gene is transcribed equally in both normal and diseased hosts.
The claim that rendered sheep offal fed to cattle was the initiator for BSE is not fully supported by the facts. Although recent revelations of the variant-CJD being possibly linked to BSE are still being debated, it is surprising considering past evidence of just such a cross species transmission.

Director for the Animal Resources Department and Pathology of a leading biologics manufacturer in Canada that a more plausible explanation may be a pathway failure in which one of the host body’s sophisticated production processes is interfered with. Through comparisons of pathologic lesions at an electronmicroscopic level, the author has discovered what he considers significant associated pathology that suggests mechanical destruction. The vacuolation resulting from the prion disease is not unlike many other neuropathogeneses. It may be more appropriate to evaluate prions on a cellular pathway level and thereby examine their development and spread more as a molecular epidemiology. Upon review of articles and materials involving spongiform encephalopathies, certain hypotheses were expounded in this article suggesting that far more information on this family of disease agents can be extrapolated from current knowledge. The fact that thus far, prions have been unique in the behavior suggests that accepted principles that normally are applied to other micro organisms do not adhere well in when dealing with abnormal prions.

Certain species are more prone to TSE’s than others. The high susceptibility of goats does not only apply itself to scrapie but to CJD as well. When CJD was injected into goats, the resultant disease was indistinguishable from naturally occurring scrapie either on the basis of clinical signs nor by histopathology. Whereas other species seem to rely heavily on a host-agent mechanism for determining severity and incubation period, this does not appear to be a restriction exhibited in goats.

The potential for human infection with prion disease is a distinct possibility wherever beef or dairy products are consumed and BSE exists. Since 85% of CJD cases are not familial based, there is the possibility that some of these cases as recently reported in Britain, are BSE related. A view of the CJD incidence worldwide reported in Masters? paper of 1979 overlaid against a map of the beef and dairy industries would possibly suggest that a relationship between the disease was occurring prior to this decade and that BSE may have been present earlier than its recorded date in Kent, England.

The possibility of a closer relationship in mechanism between CJD and Alzheimer?s Disease must be fully explored and identification of those cases of AD which were misdiagnosed must be done in order to acquire a more accurate knowledge of CJD incidence. If the hypothesis of prion disease being the result of an abnormal pathway resulting in human diseases such as CJD and AD, then it would be likely that the host would eventually encode the abnormality as in AD and propagate the disease in subsequent generations. Some indicator of BSE or V-CJD would arise in the present of near future in either an isolated cow or a human, respectively.

The alteration of prions as they passage through various host species would indicate that there was a common origin for prion diseases and that host specificity was a result of continued passage within the same species. This would also suggest that a genetic susceptibility or recognition process would also be achieved within the host species over time. The process of alteration would increase the opportunity for further prion dysfunction which in turn may advance the onset, severity, and transmissibility of the prion which is evident in the clinical findings of the numerous prion strains within a single species.
Such alterations could result in every mammalian species developing a prion disease specific to itself with maximized effect. The ability for different etiological agents to produce histopathological signs within the central nervous system having similar features amongst numerous mammalian species may indicate a predisposition which encourages genetic incorporation.

Sourcing of bovine material for any purpose, including consumption, manufacturing, research etc. should be from a country where CWD, scrapie and BSE are not present. In this way a level of confidence can be achieved which cannot be obtained presently with products from certain countries. The summons to take the prion situation seriously of almost a decade ago could never be more prophetic than on this threshold that we currently find ourselves upon.

Let’s look at these betrayals a little more closely from the present back under this congress we lost a variable yield nuclear warhead and sent 4 nuclear detonators (I hope they where not Z-pinch detonators) to China. Bill and co-president Hillary Clinton gave nuclear reactors to North Korea making it possible for them to make nuclear weapons not to mention the embarrassment that there presidency cost us world wide. Did you know that they single-handedly brought our military to its knees with no equipment and no funds even to keep military planes flying not to mention the manpower forced outs. The attacks of 9/11 were successful because our enemies saw weakness in Bill and Hillary Clinton (and by extension, the American people). They were successful because Clinton and his top advisers were negligent. Our enemies succeeded because Bill and Hillary Clinton defanged the CIA and FBI during his tenure in the White House. They succeeded because the U.S. military rusted under another oblivious politician who put all his faith in the hands of the United Nations. George H.W. Bush took us into Iraq with just cause, but probably didn’t trust bill Clinton to mop up pulling us back at the moment of victory. which may have avoided the current boarder skirmish there and in Pakistan. Still want to blindly follow these fools. this is no longer the country that our fathers founded. The above is the short list of our leaders betrayals if you wish to blindly follow then nothing said or stated here will stop you.

The enemy is not big business or capitalism they should be encouraged and nurtured and we need to reevaluate laws on a case by case basis to eliminate the lawsuit lottery system. natural resources should be exploited and this can be done cleanly but these things can not be done under the current political climate. The dems and reps will continue to shake fingers at each other get nothing done and drive us further into a pit that there is eventually no way out of. the hour is late and time is very short Americas cancer is the body politic and we are the antibody.

In the decades yet to come thousands will die from cjd and its variants this can not be avoided but that number does not have to keep growing its up to us to institute checks and balances to protect our food system. With similar checks and balances to protect our political system. every citizen should consider themselves a protector of the constitution and a protector of there fellow citizens. There was a time when if a person saw injustice they would feel obligated to put a stop to it. In these days we live in now we turn our heads and hope they don’t bother us. We have lost our civic mindedness but it has not been forgotten we are not a nation of black white yellow we are Americans we have evolved to a point where color means nothing we must protect one another if we are to survive as a nation. The road ahead will not be easy but good things never are. religious and ethnic intolerance must be put aside to complete this task. This was and will be again the land of the free and home of the brave.

We the people can take back our country.


Anonymous 09/15/2008 11:59am

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Dem02020 08/01/2008 9:48am

In regard to what it is our Congress can do in the matter of extraordinary high oil and gas prices, this past week we saw two separate measures in the U.S. House of Representatives, both aimed at an immediate price relief at the gas pump, and both with bi-partisan support, and yet both measures came and went so fast, without any significant debate, because they both were put forward under Motions to suspend House Rules and pass the measures immediately (a Motion which requires a two-thirds super-majority).

H.R.6604, “To amend the Commodity Exchange Act to bring greater transparency and accountability to commodity markets” (which would have went a long way to discouraging the speculation in the commodities exchanges, in oil futures contracts, that is truly what has driven oil to an unbelievable $140 per barrel high), it failed to get the two-thirds super-majority Vote to pass: 61 Republicans in the House joined with 215 Democrats (that’s bi-partisan support) to pass H.R.6604, but as much support as 276 House Votes seems to be, it was still only 10 Votes short of the two-thirds super-majority required to suspend House Rules (just 10 Votes), and so we don’t get to debate the measure, and to make it a matter of public discourse and news reports, all by reason of reaching immediately for a two-thirds super-majority on a matter that had the bi-partisan support of 61 Republicans in the House, and 276 total Votes.

Likewise H.R.6578, “To provide for the sale of light grade petroleum from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and its replacement with heavy grade petroleum”, it failed to pass an immediate effort to suspend the Rules, coming up 16 Votes short, despite having 37 Republicans in the House join with 231 Democrats to support the measure, for a total of 268 Votes.

Now, if the House leadership wants to say that a two-thirds super-majority was reached for immediately on these two measures, because that’s what they’d ultimately require, in order to be passed over the President’s Veto, then fine: but they immediately polled the House on a matter with too little (almost no) debate, on two good workable practical effective measures, and came up just 10 and 16 Votes short of the super-majority of two-thirds…

In the process, all the debate and all the talk and all the reporting in the news on these two measures, all of that was scuttled; even the debate in the House was scuttled, debate that might have won over those relatively few 10 and 16 Votes.

What was the point of doing that, of reaching for the moon so fast in these two matters, and falling short by so little, despite bi-partisan support and an overwhelming majority?

And worst of all, what was the point of snuffing out the debate and public discourse that might have proved valuable (or at least educational), and might have built not only a public consensus, but a two-thirds super-majority consensus in the House?

If 61 Republicans were in bi-partisan support, then how close might be the rest of their party?

Even the 16 Democrats who Voted No on H.R.6604, it would only have taken 10 of them to see the light, to get the two-thirds super-majority: likwise with the other measure…

Why did these two good measures get the “bum’s rush” through the House, despite an overwhelming bi-partisan majority support?

Anonymous 09/15/2008 2:46pm

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