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By the Bills: Obama vs. McCain

August 27, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

For the first time ever, two sitting members of the Senate are running against each other as major-party candidates for the presidency. That means we have a unique opportunity to compare their recent Senate records to find solid clues about their governing styles, policy priorities, and the kinds of things they’ll likely be trying to accomplish if they win the White House. We’re analyzing the bills that each candidate has sponsored in the current session of Congress and will be posting links to our coverage on this page as new articles go up.

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Head-to-Head Comparisons

50 Key Senate Votes

Legislative Accomplishments

Barack Obama:

Obama’s Bill to Expose Big Political Fundraisers

Obama’s Plan to Reduce Global Poverty

Obama Legislation Targets Voter Intimidation

Obama and McCain on Education

John McCain:

McCain: No New Cell Phone Taxes

McCain: Destroy the FEC

McCain’s Plan to Fight Child Pornography

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