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"Just Click Send"

September 23, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

NYT on S.223:

>As hard as it is to believe, the Senate is still cynically mired in the dark age of paper filings. Candidates submit required reports on political money and donors via paper sheaves that wend through slow-mo typing, re-typing and mailing, ensuring that full disclosure only occurs sometime after Election Day.
>This is in contrast to the House and presidential campaigns, where candidates routinely hit the send button to the Federal Election Commission. The better for voters to search for any quid pro quos.
>A measure to have the Senate come clean and into the 21st century has the support of a majority of members. Republicans are pushing a poison-pill amendment requiring good government watchdog groups that dare to file complaints about members with the Senate Ethics Committee to disclose their donors to the Senate.


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