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Another Blank Spot in McCain's Legislative Record

September 25, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

The Hill on McCain and Obama’s legislation related to the financial crisis:

>Republican presidential nominee John McCain has not introduced any banking or housing bills in the 110th Congress, while Democratic rival Barack Obama has proposed five.

I looked at the candidates’ education bills a couple weeks ago and found the same thing:

>As I began looking through the bills each candidate has sponsored this session (Obama’s, McCain’s), it was instantly clear that education policy marks a stark contrast in the candidates legislative records this session – while Barack Obama has proposed 11 bills directly related to education, John McCain has introduced zero.

For more information the bills Obama and McCain have been pushing in Congress, see my series analyzing their legislation this session.

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Anonymous 09/27/2008 8:00pm

Why should the federal government be involved at all in education? It’s a state issue. The fact that Obama is proposing 11 education bills tells me he doesn’t understand, or is deliberately ignoring the constitution (not that McCain even knows what the constitution is).

The only education bill I want to see in front of the Senate or Congress is the one that eliminates the Federal Dept of Education.

Anonymous 09/27/2008 3:40am

It’s Spelled Pelosi, and Reid.

And it’s the Bush Interior Dept in bed with the Oil Companies.

Anonymous 09/26/2008 4:54pm

Senator McCain,
Senator Obama continues to try to tie you to George Bush. I think Geoerge Bush has done an exceptional job in the White House with decency and honor. Why not tie him to the two most bitter people in the nation… Speaker Pelosey and Senator Harry Reed. They are so intent on winning back the White House and trying to make Repulicans look bad… They can’t make any decisions for the country… They just sit around spewing bitterness at everyone. They are scared of John McCain! Tie them together! The whole nation needs to understand how much in bed these guys are with each other!

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