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Read the Bill

September 30, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

The Sunlight Foundation is petitioning Congress to ask that whatever bailout bill they come back with is posted online for public review at least 72 hours before it is voted on:

>“Sunlight believes all legislation should posted online for at least 72 hours before a vote to give lawmakers and citizens sufficient time to review and debate it, and this bill is no exception,” said Ellen Miller, executive director and co-founder of the Sunlight Foundation. “The failure of the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 on Monday, September 29, 2008, is a case in point. The bill was posted online late Sunday afternoon, and voted on less than 24 hours later. That’s why we are calling on citizens to sign a petition to tell Congress to wait 72 hours between when the bill is first posted online and the actual vote.”

This is some serious legislation Congress is considering, and the taxpayers who may be paying for it deserve at least to have time to read it and take an educated position.

Click here to sign the petition.

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