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"Martial law in America if we voted no"

October 8, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) made this statement on the House floor last Thursday, the night before the House reversed course and passed the bailout:

>The only way they can pass this bill is by creating and sustaining a panic atmosphere. … Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day and a couple of thousand on the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no. That’s what I call fear fear-mongering, unjustified, proven wrong. We’ve got a week, we’ve got two weeks to write a good bill. The only way to write, to pass a bad bill: keep the panic pressure on.

Needless to say, Sherman voted against the bailout.

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  • Anonymous 10/08/2008 11:28pm

    This bailout has been, in my opinion, the greatest travesty perpetrated on the American people of all time.

  • Anonymous 10/09/2008 4:42pm
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    Yes!!! Wait until we see the inflation that results from this bailout.

  • CongressCritter 10/14/2008 8:13am

    As the fireman in Simi Valley said, “we had to let the house burn down because all that water would have caused terrible soil erosion.”

    Let’s worry about inflation after we all hang on to our jobs.

    As to Sherman’s veracity, we let’s just say if you trust him then you’ll believe what he said because we’ll never know what happened behind closed doors.

    Where were you Rep. Sherman when more regulation of Fannie and Freddie was called for in 2006 ?

  • CongressCritter 10/14/2008 8:25am

    Brad Sherman should display some hubris after all he helped fuel the fire that has threatened all of us. Just read the following interview with Mr. Martial law:

    All Mr. Sherman is trying to do is steer the conversation away from his guilt/complicity.

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