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Help Open the Senate

October 27, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Last year, the Sunlight Foundation began the Open House Project, a diverse coalition of people working together to help the House of Representatives be more open and accessible through using the internet. They’ve made incredible progress – developing a solid list of recommendations and helping the House to reform their rules so that Members can use Web services like YouTube and Twitter.

Now they’re tackling the challenges of Congress’s other chamber with the just-launched Open Senate Project.

You can follow their work on the Open Senate Project blog (RSS feed) or get more involved by joining the Google group. With a new Congress and administration just a few months away, we’re at a critical juncture for determining how government makes use of the democratizing potential of the Web. The strength of the Open Senate Project lies in the groups diversity of backgrounds and perspectives, so please join in the conversation and help open up the Senate.

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