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Unemployment Extension Vote Likely this Week

November 18, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

OpenCongress user Annie Fields submits this link, via Drudge, with the most recent information about what’s going to happen this week in the Senate during the lame duck session:

>Levin’s bill would provide loans with initial interest rates of 5 percent to the U.S. automakers and suppliers in exchange for a federal stake in the companies or warrants that would let the government profit from future gains. Loan applicants would have to give the government a plan for “long-term financial viability.”
>A vote on the measure – which includes an extension of jobless benefits – could come as early as Thursday. But in an acknowledgment of the long odds facing such a plan, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., also laid the groundwork for a straight up-or-down vote on the more widely supported unemployment measure, which is probably all that can pass this week.

As I speculated last week, it looks like there probably will be a clean vote in the Senate on extending unemployment benefits. The unemployment bill, H.R. 6867, has been the most-viewed bill on OpenCongress for several weeks. There’s a very active community using the comment forum on the OpenCongress bill page to organize for getting the bill passed, so if this is an issue you care about, jump in and get involved.

This was submitted to OpenCongress as a tip. If there’s something you want highlighted on this blog, send us a tip and, as long as it’s relevant, we’ll put it up.

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  • Anonymous 11/19/2008 1:39am

    I have been unemployed for almost a year now I have applied for a ton of jobs. Even as far as 40 miles from my home and still nothing my husband works in EMS (which isnt a get rich quick job! but he LOVES it he is practically killing himself with as many hours as they will give him but it is just not enough) I really could use this extention, I will still be searching for employment. I have 2 children who I have had to explain to that Santa wants to know the ONE present that means the most to them this years because he can only bring 1. Please pass this extention…Please help our economy….I want a job I need a JOB and yes I hae tried Publix and Walmart etc…….they arent even hiring!!!!!!! Please Help

  • Anonymous 11/19/2008 5:15am

    I have also been unemployed for a year. I finished my obligation to the military after serving in Iraq for three tours. I have applied for hundreds of jobs in many different industries and have only been given two interviews, one over the phone and one other in person. My benefits ran out last month and I dont know what to do. I have even tried getting back on active duty but since I am in the reserves I have to wait untill my contract is up in a year. I still continue to apply for every job I can find with no results. My wife, son and myself are now reduced to eating Rahmen noodles and hotdogs for the majority of our meals. Please pass the unemployment extension to give us a little more time. As for christmas I am just thankfull that my son is only 2 years old and dosent yet understand the concept of Santa Claus.

  • Anonymous 11/19/2008 6:30am

    Our true issue here is GETTING PEOPLE BACK TO WORK. Until that time the unemployment extension is not a want – but a true need. My husband has been looking for work for over a year – the only thing out there is temporary on call work. The economy needs this unemployment extension until the business community starts hiring. TRULY – no one is hiring, so PLEASE extend unemployment.

  • Anonymous 11/19/2008 6:32am

    Our true issue here is GETTING PEOPLE BACK TO WORK. Until that time the unemployment extension is not a want – but a true need. My husband has been looking for work for over a year – the only thing out there is temporary on call work. The economy needs this unemployment extension until the business community starts hiring. TRULY – no one is hiring, so PLEASE extend unemployment. One more thing – I tried to call the unemployment office. Their mailbox was full and they hung up – you could not even leave a message. This issue is extreme!

  • Anonymous 11/19/2008 7:35am

    I too have been out of work for close to a year now. My benefits ran out about 5 weeks ago. I have put in between 60-100 resumes per week and NOTHING. It’s horrible that we can’t even find jobs that pay 7 dollars an hour. At this point ANYTHING would help. In my state which is Florida they have had several job fairs in the central florida area, one man that the news crews interviewed said that he had been in a 6 figure job and now he is looking for one that is going to pay $60-80k a year. I’m sorry but I wanted to reach through the tv and strangle him. People like that should have had savings they shouldn’t have lived so far out of their means however this has become the American way. He has only been out of work for less than a month, he has no savings no nothing. Sell the big cars get a little cheap one it’s pathetic that he has a $1000 a month car payment. That’s someones mortgage payment or at the very least it pays for all the bills but rent in most cases for many of us now. I went to school recently to become a CNA because the medical field is the only field that isn’t suffering right now. I still have to wait another 3 weeks to take my state certification test but I have a job as soon as I pass the test. The proposal for another extension should have passed when they passed the bailout. The benefits aren’t much but they help. I was receiving $750 a month thankfully I don’t have to pay rent or have a car payment. However I do have a cell phone, car insurance, credit card bills, and my health insurance. All the money I received from unemployment barely paid those bills. I couldn’t imagine being a parent right now like many of you are. Wondering how you’re going to feed your family and keep a roof over your head. You know though I can say now something that I haven’t been able to say in a very long time. I am PROUD to be an American again. I think Obama is the answer to helping this country become the America it once was. I believe he will restore positive relations with other countries and I am so glad that we are soon to have a president that cares about taking care of his own country before taking care of every other country first. I cannot believe that these republicans actually believe that those of us out of work don’t want to work, that we just want to collect unemployment. We can’t live off of what the benefits pay. In other states like up north the unemployment benefits are much more. If you made above $25k a year you get $2000 a month. In Florida the cost of living is so high and even my boyfriend was on unemployment until a few weeks ago when he finally started working remodeling homes. He was a home builder making $85k a year . . his benefits every month here in Florida were only $1150 a month. Thankfully he had savings if he hadn’t I dont know what we would have done.

    Anyway I hope the best for all of you eventually things will get better, unfortunately it’s going to get much much worse before it does get better.

    In case you all didn’t know in the month of October another 240,000 jobs were lost. It would suffice to say that by the end of this month there will have been another 300,000 or more jobs lost. Which is going to make it all the harder to find jobs =( If you can afford it or find a way to get financial aid go to a course to become a CNA usually you can find one that will take a month to complete and then you have to wait 3 weeks after you graduate to take the state test. If you don’t work in a nursing home and you do home care you can make up to $16 an hour. Nursing home care is between $7.50 – $11 an hour and if you go through an agency it’s $9 – $12 an hour. Home care you would need to put up fliers to get the business when someone uses home care if they go through the agency the agency gets paid roughly $25- $30 an hour so people would much rather pay 15 or 16.

    Just a suggestion

    Good Luck !!!!

  • Anonymous 11/19/2008 9:30am

    I been out of work since dec 07. I’m just trying to find a 10.00 hour job.
    I ve filled out apps,and I ask my references if anybody has called them.
    They don"t even check. I’m 56 years old ’I got my last unemployment check on oct 22. All I want todo is pay my bills. My 86 year old mother has been
    helping us. All I can say is thank you george bush for ruining this country. “misson accomplished”

  • threejacks 11/19/2008 10:52am

    I hope this bill passes,like a lot of other people having a hard time finding a job.Have been out of full time work for over a year now.Found a part time job but it didnt last long.Every one i talk to tell’s me the same thing they are taking applications but not doing any hiring unless someone quits or gets fired.This extension means me being able to keep food on my table and paying my bills.

  • threejacks 11/20/2008 2:37am

    Don’t know if anybody from the government bother’s to read the blogs but they really need to if they don’t.I find it amazing that the government is spending hundred’s of billions of dollars to bail out companies that have made bad financial decisions,been guilty of corporate greed and not keeping up with what the consumer really needed.The bill for extending unemployment benefits has been put on hold for political reasons and nothing else.It took no time at all to pass the bail out money for Aig and the other companies,but yet when it comes to the American worker who is out of a job we are put on the back burner.Congress get’s to go out on there two month vacation break while million’s of American’s are out of work,wondering how to pay their bill’s.Maybe it’s time the American people took a long look at how the government is run and we make some changes.

  • Comm_reply
    RSchlegel725 10/30/2009 3:48pm

    If even in the off-chance they read it, you know they are laughing at us. I garantee you – at 5:00 today (and any other day you care to name), they left their jobby-job. Was escorted to their 2009 Caddy’s by armed guards (rightfully so). They proceeded to their lavish million dollar homes. They were greeted by a spoiled rotten spouse & the dog (that they paid someone to care for). They sat down to steak and/or fillet mignon (prepared by a chef). They then proceeded to “relax” in front of their 72-inch plasma TV which gets 4,000 channels. Next, they will go to bed on silk sheets & tell the spouse “Honey, I had such a hard day at work…”blah blah blah! If this is not the truth, then please explain it to me! I’m missing something somewhere? Oh wait, did I forget to mention – 1.America voted for these punks and 2.Everything they have came from our tax dollars! If it’s possible to impeach a senater, I suggest we get started on a few dozen!

  • Anonymous 11/20/2008 5:30am

    If someone in congress does read this please can I send you my bills only for one month i have no unemployment or resources to pay these bills. I ran out of unemployment in sept and my savings in oct and the bill collectors call everyday wanting there money. I cant even afford to heat my home or put food on the table but soon i wont have to worry about heating my home much longer its going to be forclosed on in december. I have put in applications everywhere at least 100 a week and nothing. I think if congress can bailout the financial instuitions they can bail out the american people or a lease help extend unemployment NOW!!!!

  • Comm_reply
    RSchlegel725 10/30/2009 3:55pm

    We need unemployment help a he!! of alot more than we need to pay the Taliban to see it our way for awhile! Anyone else catch that story?

  • Anonymous 11/24/2008 11:42am

    I think it’s an outrage that the government acts so quickly to bail out banks, corporations, and wall street pirates but drags it’s feet when it comes to helping regular people by extending unemployment and food stamp benefits.
    It just goes to show you who the government really cares about. If congress can bail out financial institutions they can bail out the American people. Let’s see congress extend unemployment and food stamp benefits with the same speed with which they passed the $700 billion Wall Street bail out.

  • Anonymous 12/04/2008 10:31am

    I don’t hope this bill passes,I PRAY that it passes I was in the U.S, Army and I served my country proud.I live in Florida now and I had a damn good job I was layed off and have been out of work over a year my unemployment has long been exhausted and I have had to rely on my parents.Do you know how humiliating that is I am sick and tired of this so_called government doing nothing but blowinf a lot of hot air.I am a proud hard working man and I very seldom say what I am about to,but me and my family NEED your help Dire Straights

  • Comm_reply
    RSchlegel725 10/30/2009 3:59pm

    I was in the Air Force! I feel ya. I had a kick-a$$ job also! I admit, it was so good it make me cocky LOL. I am doing my best to not move in with my Mom. I know she’d have me, but she is 64 & not in good health these days. How can I ask a parent who is on the brink of retirement if I can move in? I know what you are saying.

  • Anonymous 12/16/2008 3:54pm

    I’ve been contacting my Congressmen about an economic stimulus idea which entails allowing Unemployment Benefits paid during 2008 to count toward the Earned Income Tax Credit for the upcoming tax season. I’ve received back some encouraging reports regarding this issue. I encourage ALL of you to e-mail or write your congressmen asking for this very thing. It would put ALOT of extra money in the pockets of those who, like myself, were unable to find work all year long. Ask them, if for this year only, to include Claimed Unemployment Benefits for 2008 as Earned Income so that we may collect the much needed tax credit which can be upwards of $5,000.00! Thank you and God bless!!!

  • Anonymous 02/01/2009 8:58am

    I too have been out of work for over a year, worked hard for years, paid my taxes gladly, voted proudly. I want to work and can’t find anything. I need a bailout too. All I can say is HELP!! Dear God Almight help. In God We Trust.

  • Anonymous 02/24/2009 12:57pm

    Too bad Obama did not put extensions in the stimulus package. He campaigned and vowed that he would, but he didn’t. All he did was push up the date people can use up the extensions Bush already gave. In my city there are ALOT of long time unemployed, whos last extensions will run out in April. With an unemployment rate near 9.5%, these people will soon be homeless. There are simply no jobs. No one is hiring. The Walmart greeter is a college graduate and McDonalds isn’t even hiring anymore. Too bad Obama didn’t keep his word. This is not the change people were hoping for.

  • ColbyE 03/26/2009 8:16pm

    It’s good news for those job seekers who remained unemployed for long time. Or for those who are discharged from work..Layoffs are no laughing matter, as it consigns people to unemployment and a loss of income, but it didn’t stop anyone from creating the Layoff Game. The Layoff Game is similar to Bejeweled, where lining up three of the same types of employees in a row gets them laid off and you save the company money. It is doubtless in poor taste. People that really are unemployed have enough struggles. They can’t even get payday loans if they need them. Some dark humor is ok, but with so many people getting laid off these days, playing the layoff game just doesn’t seem that funny..

  • zennis 10/03/2009 12:28pm

    I have been out of work since Oct. 2007.. I was in mortgage with GMAC which got hit first. Have not been able to find work even @ $8.00 an hour. I am 60 years old a Chrysler Retiree and scared for my small pension with a company thats sinking. I have always worked to supplement the pension but now cannot… the unemployment was helping makes ends meet since I lost my house and filed BK last year. Can it get any worse please help and pass the extension… I am in Riverside County California and ther are NO jobs….

  • scapper58 10/22/2009 12:25am

    I am a single parent responsible to house myself and two others as well as to have a place for my daughter to come back to when she finishes her tour in Afghanistan. I’ve been out of work since September 2008 and I have two weeks left of benefits due to a two month temp job I was able to pick up. I too have applied to hundreds of jobs, many $8.00 to $10.00 less an hour than Iive made in the last fifteen years. Instead of being able to focus on my daughter overseas, I have to worry about all of us being homeless. My father just let his house go into foreclosure after 28 years. That was the only place we would have had to go in an emergency. This has been the most stressfull, depressing time of my life and delaying this extension is just making me physically ill. It is obviously needed and warranted. I have always paid my way for myself and my family. My family has the government’s back and they need to have ours.

  • Anonymous 10/22/2009 12:02pm

    I am A Trucker living in California I live in a small area north of Los Angeles I have been unemployed since oct 2008 now that benifits have run out I dont know what there is to do .No local work is available and going to LA is to expensive on gas ect.

  • Anonymous 10/29/2009 2:24pm

    I have been out of work since May 08. I worked for a company for 16 years and it closed and moved to China. My benefits ran out the 1st of July, they even shorted me 5 weeks just because when I filed it was in the middle of a quarter so the amount I made wasnt enough to pay me the full 13 week extension. So I probably will not get the full 14 weeks this time, which sucks because I had no control over when my factory closed but I was still punished for it, but it will be better than nothin. I havent been able to find a job this entire time, I live in Arkansas and no one is hiring here either. I hope this passes soon because if not for family and friends I would be out on the street right now after working for 16 years in a very respectable company, all for nothing.

  • RSchlegel725 10/29/2009 3:29pm

    I have been unemployed since Jan 6, 2009. I always see people who have exhausted their benefits in like…June, July etc! My question is this – how have they survived to this point? What is their means of income? I need this for future reference. I must also add this comment – Back in 1776, the Constitution! It was supposed to be that our government served the people! Seems after the great depression in the 1920’s, it became the people serve the government! What went wrong? We have, literally, become “Communism gone bad”. At least under Communism, everyone had a job no matter what! I do not have the means to go to Mexico to re-claim my job! Anyone else see something wrong with this picture? And to add to it, we have a Muslim President! Hello?

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