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Biden's Replacement

November 24, 2008 - by Donny Shaw

Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner, a Democrat, today announced Vice President-elect Joe Binden’s replacement in the Senate until 2010 – former Biden aide Ted Kaufman.

The Wilmington News Journal:

>The selection of Ted Kaufman, a senior adviser to Biden’s 2008 presidential and vice presidential campaigns, was viewed by some as protecting Attorney General Beau Biden’s chances in any race to succeed his father in the Senate seat that Joe Biden has held since 1972.
>Kaufman, 69, will take the job early next year, after Biden takes the oath for a historic seventh term on Jan. 6, then resigns for an equally historic assumption of the vice presidency on Jan. 20.
>“I believe Ted Kaufman meets every test I set for this office,” Minner said today. “His political views are close to Sen. Biden’s, and he has agreed to focus solely on doing the people’s work, not seeking re-election.”

Read Biden’s full statement on the pick here.

UPDATE: via Politico, more on the blowback this pick has caused in Delaware:

>But if Carney had been appointed, it likely would have given him an advantage in a 2010 Democratic primary over Beau Biden, who is widely assumed to be interested in his father’s Senate seat. Now, Carney will now have to challenge the perceived heir-apparent in two years, an uphill race some doubt he will want to run.
>A state Democrat close to Carney said that after losing his gubernatorial bid “the better part of the Democratic party in the state was rooting for John” to get the appointment in the event Biden became vice president.

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