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House Posts Stimulus Bill :: H.R 1

January 26, 2009 - by David Moore

The biggest bill so far in this session of Congress has arrived and is scheduled to be introduced today: H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This is the much-anticipated House version of the massive federal stimulus bill, centerpiece of the Obama Administration’s efforts to combat the economic recession and companion to the Senate version (S.1, our most-viewed bill). This first version of the bill presents an $825 billion recovery package, developed by House Democratic leadership and the Obama Administration. House Republican leadership opposes the bill in its current form, but it is expected to be voted on and to pass the House as early as this Wed., Jan. 28th.

Over the weekend, the text of H.R. 1 was posted over at (unfortunately, as an unwieldy 647-page .pdf document), but as soon as it’s published online by the Library of Congress, we’ll have the full text available for open public review and your comments. For now, check out the OpenCongress stimulus bill page for a summary, initial news and blog coverage, and more. To speak out and give your personal vote on this stimulus bill, and to track its status in Congress, login or join OpenCongress, it’s free and easy. Of course, we’ll be covering the stimulus debate closely on our blog, and you can stay in touch with the latest developments and vote results by subscribing to our RSS feed. Lots more coverage to come on these important stimulus bills… if you’re writing about them, feel free to link to our bill page as an open-source public resource, and we hope you’ll use the “share this bill” tools at the top of the page to help spread the word that the stimulus bill is here and ready for your input.

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