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Senate Stimulus Package

February 2, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

The Senate Finance Committee has posted the Senate version of the stimulus in one giant .pdf. It’s 736 pages, in the form of a substitute amendment to H.R. 1 – the version of the stimulus that was passed by the House. This will be voted on by the Senate either tomorrow or Wednesday, with a final vote on the bill expected a few legislative days later

Dig in, and if you find anything fishy, leave it in the comments.

UPDATE: I sent this out on Twitter last week, and now that the stimulus is officially in the Senate, I figure it makes sense to put it here too:

>6 GOP Senators voted for both TARP tranches ( + How will they vote on the stimulus?

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  • JBethTitus 02/02/2009 5:42pm

    I couldn’t find anything in there about mortgage rates @4%, or expanded first time home buyer tax credit, or anything else promised to be in there. Stimulate the housing market and stimulate the economy.

  • Anonymous 02/03/2009 12:29pm

    Why isn’t some sort of housing stimulus included? For example; perhaps cash or a voucher to pump up homeowners. Perhaps, a new government lending mortgage company, or package.

    The problem began with the housing market crashing. Should it not begin with the market for housing? After all, haven’t we already given wall street bailout money?

    An American

  • Anonymous 02/05/2009 4:42pm

    This bill and this crisis demands a bipartisan effort. So, why is it being handled with a partisan approach? It is not a Republican or Democrat problem. It’s a congressional malady that has been the same for every administration for years regardless which party has the majority. Where’s the change that was promised? The end result is always the same. Congress gets the gold and the constituent gets the shaft.

  • Anonymous 02/06/2009 3:31am

    With all this insanity it’s pretty much time for a revolution. We are basically at the point (not that we have not been for quite a while) of taxation without representation. Very few of of our Senators and Congressmen are actually proposing anything of sense or value.
    All they need to do is give every tax paying American a $20k immediate tax break. To think that they even have some of these pork items in the bills is pure idiocy. These people should be shot for stupidity and greed.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 02/08/2009 6:26am

    where do i sign up for the revolution. i want to throw so tea in the harbor…taxation without representation!

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 02/10/2009 7:44am

    Gee my husband and I would love a $20K immediate tax break…IF WE HAD JOBS!!! We are college educated, hard-working, money saving, fiscally conservative democrats who purchased a house that we could afford…we’ve never over extended ourselves or taken advantage of the system in any way…how, would you say, we can get a piece of that $20K tax break if we don’t have income??? Further, how can businesses provide us with jobs? (Our former employers received plenty of corporate tax breaks, and still they handed out pink slips.) Irresponsible tax breaks and deregulation are what got us into this mess in the first place, get a grip!!!

  • Anonymous 02/06/2009 1:49pm

    Did you know that $780,000,000,000 stimulus dollars divided by 350,000,000 citizens of the united states = $2,228,571.40 for each one of us. I’m sure the only reason they won’t give it up is because most of us would quit our jobs.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 02/08/2009 10:34am

    As caught below the math is off by far. On top of that there are only 282 million U.S. Citizens (2000 Census). As the guy above stated only “tax paying Americans” should get any type of tax break of which there are only 128 million tax payers.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 02/09/2009 7:03am

    Your math is off by three zeros, its $2,228. Still a big number.

  • Anonymous 02/07/2009 8:35am

    I hope Anonymous has not given up his job yet. If you check the math it would work out as $2,228.00 for each person.

  • Anonymous 02/07/2009 2:48pm

    The are too many things in this bill that have nothing to do with recovery. There is money in there to provide funds to provisions of the welfare system, finance medical school for minorities, promote the arts, fund the “super fund” and other nonsense. This is what you get when people are out for their own political self interests. Our president only speaks of the infastructure and practical items. Who does he think he is fooling with this garbage bill.

  • Anonymous 02/08/2009 5:49am

    Does anyone in congress know how the economy works? It doesn’t work by paying banks big money. It doesn’t work by having large sums of money go to programs that only affect a small group of people or states. The only way to stimulate the economy is to a) reduce the burden of strain on the individual (ie limit interest rates on credit cards, tax deductions on durable goods and vehicles. b) provide money to business that have a long term goal (ie alternate energy, information technology, electricity) If a person cannot pay his bills (working or not) he has no incentive to purchase new goods.

  • Anonymous 02/08/2009 9:03am

    I understand that as of yesterday they reached some kind of agreement but have not seen a word as to what is in the revised bill. Has anyone seen anything? I would like to be able to read it so that I can contact my senator to tell him/her how I want him/her to vote on the package. I am becoming a congressional and senator watch dog. THe public apathy has gone on long enough.

  • Anonymous 02/10/2009 10:10am

    How does spending $650,000,000.00 on TV reception help? Why not stow the TV’s and make internet available to every US citizen? If those little kids in Africa with their plastic laptops came to rural America, they would be very disappointed. They would have no reception and if they did, they’d have to get someone to take them to McDonald’s to use it for free!!!!
    What is the big deal about television? I’ve lived for many years without TV. So did my kids. (they range in age from 33 to 21). I’m sure, if you looked around, you could find a way to have internet everywhere and 650,000,000 would go a long way towards supplying it.

  • Anonymous 02/12/2009 3:50am

    can we be anymore dumb… lets continue to help out the idiots that cannot pay for there homes.. but hey i got $13 more in my pocket from the tax cuts JUST KEEP IT!!! it seems to get any help for the goverment you have to be a complete scum.. they continue to forget the guy who pays his bills!!!!

  • Anonymous 02/13/2009 8:59am

    You have to be kidding. We as Americans are letting the government do this without revolting. Is our government made up entirley of a group of people created by Walt Disney, mainly Mickey Mouse, no offense to Mickey. Where’s the help for people who have lost their jobs and are losing all they have because they can’t find work but have worked and been a part of society all their lives ? This whole thing is a joke.

  • Anonymous 02/14/2009 8:46am

    Congress, the oppoosite of progress, does not represent the people. They represent their own parties and special intrest groups. The American people are being ripped off right in front of our eyes. How can a person morally vote on a bill they never read? How are they ensuring the American people’s needs are being taking into consideration? I am sick and tired of our “representatives” greasing their own dirty palms, while the average American gets the grease somewhere else. They have lost touch with reality with their outrageous salaries, million dollar homes and lavish lifestyles. No, they do not represent me and I plan on letting every single one of them know that this American will no longer stand for their incompetence. It is time that the people take back our country. Until we rise up and DEMAND our “representatives” start doing the right thing for the LEGAL citizens of our country, we are all going spend our time blogging about the atrocities of our government, which will not change anything. Please tell Senator Chuck Schumer that YES, we DO care about the PORK by sending him a nice email. Here is the link:
    Rise and wise up people, it is time Americans take back America.

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