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Visualize and Compare

February 9, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Two stimulating resources for visualizing and comparing the House and Senate-passed versions of the economic stimulus package:

1) The Washington Post has an incredible visualization of H.R. 1 as passed by the House. It’s helpful for understanding spending vs. tax cuts in the bill, how the stimulus money will be spent over time, and where all the money is going.

2) Josh Tauberer, the man behind the amazing, has taken the House-passed version and the Nelson-Collins amendment that the Senate passed on Monday, and placed them side by side. All title and section numbers are aligned to make the side-by-side view of all 700+ pages of the legislation extra useful.

The differences you see between the two versions of the legislation will be the subject of a joint House-Senate conference committee that will convene once the Senate officially completes their work on the bill. Their job will be to reconcile the two versions so that the House and Senate can come together and agree on a single piece of legislation for President Obama to sign into law.

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