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Make the Stimulus Negotiations Public

February 10, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Republicans in the Senate and House are pushing for the stimulus package conference committee meetings to be broadcast on television.

“Given the enormous amount of taxpayer money at stake, it is critical that any and all negotiations be held to the highest standards of transparency,” said Rep. Tom Price in a press release.

The conference committee, which meets to reconcile legislation when the Senate and House pass different versions, is one of the most mysterious congressional activities. Still, much of what is accomplished in the meetings is basically pre-determined through even more mysterious, informal talks between the leadership, the Administration, lobbyists, and others. Televising these meetings wouldn’t change that, but it would bring more attention and understanding to the legislative process. And that’s always welcome.

(h/t WashingtonWatch)

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  • ritag8867 02/10/2009 12:43pm
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    We can NOT spend our way out of this problem. This so called stimulus bill is a fraud loaded up with “special interest” spending programs that have no detail or direction. This bill will enable and force the american people to become more reliant on our government precipitating a socialistic environment. As a health care worker PLEASE remove ALL medical programs in this stimulus package. They were placed there only to be hidden and voted on. They belong in an appropriations or other legislation.

  • OutofWork 02/11/2009 1:33am

    I have not heard what the requirements are to get funding from the stimulus package. I feel that if a company is to receive funding from this package, then that company must not be outsourcing the work offshore and any manufacturing material must be purchased from a US company. This should be a requirement before receiving any bailout funding.

  • OutofWork 02/11/2009 1:37am

    President Obama said that he would remove the incentive to company’s to outsource their work ofshire. I haven’t heard any more bout this effort. Is there any progress in removing these incentives. The American tax-payer should not be funding companies to layoff Americans while increasing the offshore work force. The government needs to protect our jobs and the security of our country.

  • Anonymous 02/11/2009 11:54am

    The DNC, wishes to extend its gratitude to Rep. Tom Price, for making transparency a major political issue. It is well known, that there is a high concentration of wealth among a few Republicans. “Transparency” means let me see what’s in your wallet, and if it is too much, it will need to be redistributed to those in need. Go Tom!

  • Anonymous 02/12/2009 3:05am

    This administration – which campaigned on transparency – has no intention of following through with that promise. They sneak in socialized health care during the night on Saturday. They’re sneaky about everything they do. They’re Demoncrats.

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