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$789.5 Billion

February 11, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

That’s the reported cost of the stimulus compromise worked out by the conference committee. None of the moderates crew – Nelson, Collins et al. – are official members of the conference committee, but apparently they are still wielding significant influence as the bill is still being reduced, below either of the versions passed by the House or Senate.


>Even after the Senate scaled down its version to $838 billion, approved 61-37 yesterday, the centrists continued to demand more reductions. The likely targets were reducing Obama’s “Make Work Pay” tax cut of $500 a year for most individuals and $1,000 a year for most families, paring it down to $400 and $800, respectively.
>Other reductions were likely in a $15,000 tax credit for all home purchases in the next year as well as a tax credit for the purchase of new cars, both of which were added to the Senate bill after little debate.
>House Democrats have objected to wholesale deletions from their original bill during the Senate debate, but they appeared likely to see some return of aid to states that totaled $79 billion in their plan. The Senate reduced that figure to $39 billion. Senators also zeroed out a fund that would finance school construction, another priority for which House Democrats are pushing to restore funds.

This AP article has some more specifics: state aid is being pushed up by $6 billion from the Senate version, $6 billion is being put back into school construction/modernization funding, homebuyer tax breaks are being taken out, and Obama’s “Making Work Pay” tax credit is being reduced a bit.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal reports that at least $12 billion is being restored for school construction/modernization in the conference deal.

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  • Anonymous 02/11/2009 12:53pm

    Nancy Pelosi still has her favorite pork in the bill to the tune of $30 million for Salty, the mouse. What a lying excuse for US Representative!

  • Anonymous 02/11/2009 1:03pm

    Is that true? Where can I read the product of the conference? I want to be informed because I have read H.R.1 and S.1 but I would like to see whats actually going on. Right wingers say theres pork and waistfull spending and liberals say the spending will create 4 million jobs. Not a single person I have seen has spoken in specifics. Sounds like politics as usual to me!

  • Anonymous 02/11/2009 8:16pm

    House Republican Conference Chairman Mike Pence (R-Ind.) moments ago about this latest version of Democratic “bipartisanship.” Pence told me, “I think the American people deserve to know that legislation that would comprise an amount equal to the entire discretionary budget of the United States of America is being crafted without a single House Republican in the room.”

  • Comm_reply
    DavidPhila 02/12/2009 5:51am

    The Republican Senators who wanted to work on the stimulus package had an inordinate influence on the shape of the bill.

    I can only hope that the irresponsibility of the House Republicans (and the large majority of the Senate Republicans) in this time of great national need will be noted in the next election. They continue to be the part of ideological/religious rigidity as opposed to the party of empirical facts and considered solutions.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 02/12/2009 9:54am

    You have got to be kidding me. This is a bill crafted by democrats for democrats. Why are you still trying to blame republicans for the pork and redigested beans that this bill is?

    My hope is that the irresponsibility that is noted in the next election is that of the party responsible for crafting and passing this terrible piece of legislation.

  • Anonymous 02/12/2009 9:28am

    “The $500-per-worker credit for lower- and middle-income taxpayers that Obama outlined during his presidential campaign was scaled back to $400 during bargaining by the Democratic-controlled Congress and White House. Couples would receive $800 instead of $1,000. Over two years, that move would pump about $25 billion less into the economy than had been previously planned.

    Officials estimated it would mean about $13 a week more in people’s paychecks this year when withholding tables are adjusted in late spring. Next year, the measure could yield workers about $8 a week. Critics say that’s unlikely to do much to boost consumption.

    “The most highly touted tax cut in the original proposal now translates into $7.70 a week for middle-class workers,” said Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

    Millions of people receiving Social Security benefits would get a one-time payment of $250 under the agreement, along with veterans receiving pensions, and poor people receiving Supplemental Security Income payments."

    Wow! Only $13.00 more a week in my paycheck. I guess that’s going to help the economy grow

  • Anonymous 02/12/2009 5:10pm

    anyone is mislead if they believe this pork bill will produce 3 million jobs as Obama has stated, he keeps on feeding koolaid although the election is over. This man will break America as we know it. So hold on to your hats, there is much more coming down the road, and if you listen closely, you can hear the roar and it will stomp in the ground.

  • Anonymous 02/13/2009 7:21am

    From reading many of the comments here, the American people are sick of Politians!!! The government is supposed to work for us. We don’t have a dog in the hunt on this spendulus package. All of us need to wake up and quit holding our hands out and put our fists in the air and let the politicians know we want our country back in the hands of the people. They are playing Monopoly with our future!!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!

  • DJJ 02/14/2009 8:17pm

    It’s time to foreclose, pay the “piper” and start over, and be accountable for our poor stewartship. Maybe we can clean it up before our children are left holding the bag.

    The other matter: Read information I found on the below websites. Is thias true? If it is how can we trust Mr. Obama and you guys(SCOTUS, House, Senate, FBI,CIA, etc) with something as massive as this when you and he can’t cleanup simple matters from like simply providing a righteous response for a simple request to confirm Mr. Obama’s natural born US citizenship status. Ratherthan simply put this to rest by sending the information requested, I understand Mr. Obama and others named in lawsuits around the country have hired several powerful law firms requesting dismissal and to seal access to all of Mr. Obama’s records(vault copy of BC, college records, immigration records, medical records, ect.). I bet that costs lots money. Why not spend a few bucks and just provide the information? Would that clear the matter up amnd build trust in everyone.

    Before you say it, let me ask: Since when was “” Appointed offical vetting agency for the election process?

    In Texas, I understand the plaintiff’s request for dismissal used was that they have “Official Immunity.”

    This gives me great faith and trust in my President & everyone that did not demand his accountability!

    I understand Pelosi, Howard Dean and the DNC are responsible to make sure these matters are properly perfomed? HAs anyone asked them? I also understand a Phil Berg of the Democratic Party advised Mr. Obaqma he was not elligible way back when he first considered entering the race? Then why are there still lawsuits and hush by the Mainstream media? And the Subpoena from Occidental(see below)?

    Mr. Obama can very simply put this to rest as he did the concerns of Rev. Wright. He didn’t get attorny’s to resolve that matters? Is he hiding something?

    A new lawsuit is being prepared by a California attorney who already has four cases pending over the issue of President Barack Obama’s eligibility to occupy to Oval Office, and this one will include a demand from state lawmakers who forward state funds to Washington for documentation of his qualifications.

    Orly Taitz told WND today that she’s preparing the complaint but is holding onto it and will file it shortly to give state legislators a chance to join the action as plaintiffs.

    Four already have signed up, including state Rep. Eric Swafford of Tennessee, who agreed to be a plaintiff “for a Writ of Mandamus to obtain original birth certificate, immigration records, passports and other vital records for Barry Soetero aka Barack Hussein Obama.”

    Taitz told WND the case also probably will include members of the military as plaintiffs, since both state lawmakers and military officers are obliged to follow orders from the president of the United States and both have a need to know those orders are legitimate.

    “In the military, those would be unlawful orders, and [following them] would subject the officers to courts-martial,” she said. “In the legislatures, they cannot follow any of his bills or orders … they don’t know who he is.

    “As far as we know he is a foreign national … Why should state legislators send any funds from the state to a foreign national?” she said.

    “While we are working on the complaint, I’m gathering support from different states,” she said.

    Other sites with information:

  • Gripe about the stilulus bill all you wish. You republicans are the sole cause of this nation’s economic devastation. Allowing your boy George Bush to destroy the economy as a borrow (from China, Japan, Saudi Arabia to the tune of $10 trillilon while you gripe about our descendants being saddled with the debt from the present stimulus bill which will be nothing compared with Bush’s-induced debts to those nations) and spend con without correcting him about it was your first blow on America’s economy. You and he figured on driving the economy just barely to the brink (backfired didn’t it?) of no return to create the excuse to dump all social programs which are now more necessary than ever due to your putting prosperity beyond the reach of the average citizen in favor of the small knot of very rich cretins that infect this nation.


    Wake up people, the enemy is present among us — republican politicians.
    Thier treatment of these 2 stimulus bailouts clearly proves that the only people they care for are the 2% rich. These are the people that owns the total loyalty of the republican politicians. The average American now suffers from this republican-induced economic holocaust while the Wall St super-rich thieves have never had it so good since the “Robber Barons” of the latter 19th century.

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