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Lincoln-Obama Bible Resolution

March 18, 2009 - by Donny Shaw

Here’s another of those bills in Congress that come along every once in a while and ride the line pretty heavy between church and state:

H. Con. Res. 34 – Calling upon the Capitol Preservation Commission and the Office of the Architect of the Capitol to place the Lincoln-Obama Bible on permanent display upon the Lincoln table at the Capitol Visitor Center for the benefit of all its visitors to fully understand and appreciate America’s history and Godly heritage.

On the one hand, it’s proposing the public display of a cool artifact of American history. On the other hand, it puts forth language like this for Congress’ consideration:

Whereas the Holy Bible is God’s Word;

(h/t Jonathan Turley)

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Anonymous 03/22/2009 9:24am

and, ??? Whats the question?

Nowabouthat 03/19/2009 1:20am

Crack – Obama Resolution. Dope is legal in New Mexico now. We need to work with California on the Colombia thing….

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