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Narrative Explanations of Bills

May 8, 2009 - by David Moore

Bills in Congress are notoriously complicated. And while OpenCongress brings you closer to their substance by surrounding bills with helpful news analysis, blog commentary, and comments from the public, sometimes the crux of the issue remains, well, murky.

That’s where the OpenCongress Wiki comes in. The Wiki offers useful narrative explanations for some of the most newsworthy bills this session of Congress. A great example is H.R. 1 – last February’s economic stimulus package. The wiki tab for that page lays out summaries of spending, tax cuts included, votes on passage, and more.

Combined with our regular section of Hot Bills and their one-paragraph summaries, OpenCongress provides a number of ways to dive in to the heart of the weightiest bills, their context in the legislative process, and their policy implications. Speaking of the legislative process, the wiki has a tremendous resource — How Congress Works — with easy-to-follow explanations of how a bill becomes a law and House leadership. Don’t forget — anyone with a valid wiki account is encouraged to contribute cited content to the OC Wiki, so help build public knowledge about Congress — login or join “My OpenCongress”, it’s free and takes less than a minute. As always, let us know what you think::

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