H.R.5351 - Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide tax incentives for the production of renewable energy and energy conservation. view all titles (3)

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  • Short: Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act of 2008 as passed house.
  • Official: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide tax incentives for the production of renewable energy and energy conservation. as introduced.

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  • moifrey 02/27/2008 4:07pm

    The facts would seem to be on the side of this bill’s sponsors and their supporters. $18 billion would go a long way toward building the alternative energy industry, and that in turn would stimulate the economy. Like many investors in this country’s energy sector, I have positions in both traditional and alternative companies. If alternative continues to grow as I hope it will, I’ll shift assets out of oil and natural gas and into solar (or whatever). I frankly don’t see a downside to this legislation.

    The Bush Administration has a point when he says it’s unfair to withdraw the manufacturing credit from JUST this industry. So, broaden the billl. In fact, let’s withdraw it from OTHER dinosaurs we don’t want this planet and the people of this country be obliged support. Any industry that continues to make profits by using up our non-renewable natural resources, should have manufacturing credit withdrawn, those revenues to be used to find renewable alternatives through responsible means.

  • dankirkd 02/28/2008 9:30am

    The final vote includes those of a number of endangered Republicans who opposed the bill until it was a foregone conclusion, and then flipped their voting to make it appear the supported it.

    So do we just ignore the 5 other votes because of that 1 vote?

    I don’t think so!

  • Anonymous 02/29/2008 9:16am

    Renewable energy is great, but all conservation possibilities should be exhausted before putting in windmills that harm wildlife and so forth. With that in mind, the link below leads to software made by Faronics, a product that controls desktop computer energy usage,


    Brooke Saunders
    Uptime Solutions
    Richmond VA 804-545-4311

  • Comm_reply
    adelie 03/12/2008 4:18pm

    I agree windmills are atrocious and destroy land for use by people and wildlife. I am much more interested in seeing solar powered sky scrapers as they have been experimenting wish, which has been increasingly more viable as we have recently blown away theories on the limits of solar power.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 03/20/2008 6:52am

    I love it. A wolf/capitalist in a sheep’s/environmentalist clothing. You go girl!!!

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 04/03/2008 11:37am

    Wind energy has NOTHING to do with harming wildlife. More birds are killed by airplanes per capita than wind turbines (and that number is very low). Show me one study that indicates otherwise! PLEASE consider the ramifications of your post!

  • Justerayw 03/03/2008 2:52am

    Some in Congress are at it again, trying to raise taxes on energy. Their latest scheme includes $18 billion in new taxes and does nothing to increase domestic production and lower overall energy costs. In fact, this new bill, HR 5351, would raise the cost of energy production, causing home energy bills and the price of gas at the pump to rise.
    In a world economy where energy resources are so important, it is foolhardy to make American companies less competitive on the world market by increasing taxes and regulations on them. Instead we should be unleashing the power of the market, and expanding domestic production to meet our energy needs.
    HR 5351 is based on the failed belief that government can create jobs. The reality is that government taxes and regulations are much better at destroying jobs than creating them. HR 5351 will no doubt create energy production jobs overseas, but will destroy them at home. In a time when we want to encourage our economy, it makes no sense to raise energy prices, squeeze family budgets, and stifle our industry’s ability to compete globally.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 03/06/2008 11:41am

    “Instead we should be unleashing the power of the market, and expanding domestic production to meet our energy needs.”

    The bill is intended to allow the renewable energy industry to provide a greater share of the nation’s energy needs. It does this by “unleashing” market power in the form of tax breaks. It is geologically impossible to expand domestic production of oil and natural gas to the point where it will meet the country’s energy demands. So renewable energy must fill the void (unless we want to want to burn more coal or increase our reliance on imported oil).

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 03/10/2008 10:29am

    What Congress is really doing is closing $18 billion in special tax breaks the oil industry doesn’t need. It is transferring those tax breaks to another industry, renewable energy, that can uses them. If big oil wants their tax breaks back they can invest their profits in renewable energy.

    Claiming the Congress is raising taxes just makes you look uninformed.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 03/12/2008 5:29pm

    Nice try chief. you are transparent.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 04/03/2008 11:46am

    NICE TRY…haha. The facts are clear. When oil companies needed tax breaks and incentives to produce more oil it was given. Now when it’s time to return the favor and provide incentives for renewable energy it’s rejected. This SHOULD be a bipartisan issue. WE AMERICANS are going to need an energy mix to provide for the ever increasing demand. We will never get there without incentives. Time for the oil companies to pony up!

  • Anonymous 03/03/2008 8:55am

    In an ideal world, we would not need government policies to steer industry toward desired outcomes; they would get there by themselves. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal world, and the idea of doing nothing for alternative energy until oil is either gone or unaffordable is ludicrous. One of the responsibilities of the government is to protect its citizens against future catastrophic events, and having no energy alternatives certainly qualifies, in my opinion. The renewable energy industry creates jobs and also allows us to employ scientists and engineers to harness energy more efficiently. Why we are not attacking this problem with the same zeal as when decided to put a man on the moon is something that I cannot understand.

  • tollhoff 03/06/2008 4:20pm

    If we’re worried about the economy, then an all-out effort toward renewable energy is imperative. Our GDP per barrel of oil purchased is well below that of Europe and Japan. That puts our economy and standard of living at great risk.

  • Anonymous 03/09/2008 5:23am

    The bill does appear to take away 3% of the tax breaks that oil companies and such were getting for extracting, refining etc, but still allows for tax breaks for working with and towards renewable energy resources. It appears to me that there are a lot of folks that think that this is going to lead to an $18 billion dollar tax increase to the oil companies, but from what I am reading that can be recovered by further investment into renewable energy.

    If the oil companies don’t invest in research and production of renewable energy, then yes, they will have higher taxes which equate to the taxpayers spending more on gasoline, electricity and natural gas to heat their homes.

    The part that really bothers me though is the exemption of Citgo from the tax change. What purpose is a tax bill if there are exemptions? If all US oil companies are to suffer the loss of tax incentives, then why should a company in Venezuela still benefit from them?

  • heavensmagiclao 03/09/2008 7:18am

    It is very disappointing to Heaven’s Miraculous Angelic Giving Inspirational Child, Inc., that our government spends 42 million dollars on letters about a tax refund, billions in Iraq, and yet the G.I.V.E. Act struggles for acceptance.

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    If they don’t pass the G.I.V.E. Act, “We the People” will have to GIVE more of our tax money for prisons, GIVE more of our tax money for drug and alcohol abuse, GIVE more of our tax money for teenage pregnancy, and GIVE more of our tax money for welfare.

    The G.I.V.E. Act and a proactive approach seems so much more logical, supportive, and responsible.

    A vote for Service-Learning and support for Service-Learning will enrich this country, its youth, and its educators. It will also keep more money in your wallet in the long run.

    When you realize how valuable Service-Learning is, please call your representatives and persuade them to pass the G.I.V.E. Act.

    God Bless all who support the G.I.V.E. Act!

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  • Anonymous 03/11/2008 8:05am

    Why would the oil companies care. they will just pass on the 18 billion to you and me. aren’t we lucky, gas will be $10.00 a gallon in no time at all.

  • liveride 03/11/2008 1:32pm

    H.R 5351 is a small incentive towards freeing our country from dependence on foreign oil and gas. Exxon made over $40 Billion in profit last year and the effect of this bill at worst would have made their profit $39.7 Billion. In the meantime, me and my family has spent the last four decades serving in the military with the majority of combat time spent protecting Oil interests.

    Investment in Renewable energy and the Production Tax credits (PTC) provides incentives for Jobs and keeps us competitive in Renewable Energy technologies. China, Japan, and Europe are making large investments in this field while we continue to give taxpayer money to our most profitable oil corporations at the expense of our future. As a competitor I do not like to lose the race for Renewable Energy to China and Europe as our auto industry has lost to Japan and Europe.

    There is a direct correlation between the expiration of the PTC and reduced investment in Renewable Energy. Insuring the PTC are renewed maintains over 116,000 jobs and creates thousands more. In February 2008 alone the US Labor department reported the economy lost 63,000 jobs. Are member of the Senate willing to throw nearly twice that number of American under the economic bus in order to give our tax dollars to Big Oil companies? How do representatives who vote against this bill proposing to employ the thousands of service men and women returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan while domestic oil companies are profiteering on public resources?

    Wind and Solar power provide a resource for educating and employing millions of Americans in coming decades. The most effective and economical way available to us now to help this process is promote the renewal of the Energy Production Tax credit. The U.S. Department of Energy recognizes Wind and Solar energy as the most viable future sources of energy for our country. See http://www.doe.gov/energysources/index.htm and http://www.doe.gov/energysources/wind.htm We are rich in these resources and the sooner we develop them the sooner we free ourselves from exporting our money and soldiers to the Middle East. The Nobel Laureate, Richard Smalley lists Energy as the #1 of Humanities problems for the next 50 years. It is in our national interest to do all we can to develop our Renewable Energy resources.

    I paid $3.43/gal for premium gas today. Last week it was $3.37. It’s obvious that the price of gas is going up whether we do something about it or not. It’s time to be leaders and not fear to invest in our future.

  • adelie 03/12/2008 4:14pm

    Renewable energy is our inevitable future whether or not it is what is most immediately necessary. Now what we need to consider is if this is the time we need to really embrace renewable energy at the expense of higher gas prices that are certain to take place. If not only to avoid this being more difficult in the future, this is something we are ready for, as demonstrated by the votes in favor of this bill, along with mine.

  • Anonymous 03/14/2008 6:30am

    While I am in complete agreement with liveride, we need to be careful about which alternative energy source we are supporting. This bill gives tax credits to biodiesel—fuel made from food—which will additionally drive up food prices, as long as seed oils remain competitive with oil (and it will for a long time). We cannot grow our way out of an energy crisis—there is simply not enough land. We need to start talking about which of these alternative energy sources really has the potential from enviornmental, social and economic perspectives—not just from the perspective of the agro-industrial complex!

  • Anonymous 03/14/2008 11:52am

    To be honest, I have not read the “H.R. 5351” bill in it’s entirety nor really wish to read it, with all the distinctive sometimes colorful language that most of bills have. Maybe I should since the devil is always in the details. Regardless, I am in the solar industry and do wish this bill to pass – not simply to provide future growth in my industry but to create a base, or a starting point,to hopefully stear the United States into developing alternative and competitive options for energy, other than having oil as a primary (monopoly) source of power. I paid $3.72/gal. on 3/10/08 living in the San Francisco area. If the lawmakers in our country are able to at least establish a minimal starting point, an initial phase for change in terms of energy, then I can rationalize to myself that spending possibly a $4.00/gal.+ would be ok, for now. But if change is not in the forecast, then more than likely, I would have to rant to my children about stories of when “I remember gas being $5.00/gal” which by than time in the future, it would not surprise me to see the price of oil being exponentially higher than it currently is.

  • Anonymous 03/14/2008 3:29pm

    People please do yourself a favor and read the WHOLE bill and you’ll find out Rep Rangel from New York was clever to disguise getting his state a lot of money by calling this bill the Renewable Energy Bill. Please read the whole bill, please. The money will probably go to a railway system from JFK airport to Manhattan, that might burn diesel fuel also. The more the “Big 5” are taxed, the more they raise the price at the pump, the more they lay-off, and plaese check to see who your company invest your 401K money with because it will probably be with one of the “Big 5”.

  • MunchkinKF 03/15/2008 8:27pm

    Our congress is at it again and the people are too stupid to realize that this is true trash legislation. Is $3.18 a gallon for gas just not enough for you? We’re going broke just trying to buy gas to get back and forth to work and these idiots want to raise the price even more? Carter pulled this same stunt back in the ’70s the result FULL BLOWN recession and long gas lines. Pull your head out people!

  • Anonymous 03/16/2008 4:49am

    While this appear to be an incentive for domestic oil companies to search for renewable energy sources, it protects foreign oil companies, like dictator-run Citgo. So we Americans will bear the brunt two ways – first with rising gas prices due to loss of tax incentives to our American companies which they will pass the cost on to us, AND lining Hugo Chavez’s pockets with millions to use against us.

  • althedago 03/17/2008 8:18am
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    Renewable energy is a joke. Wind and solar are unreliable and require real generators to be held in spinning reserve to meet demand during the frequent periods when wind and solar are off-line. Ethanol requires more energy to produce than it can deliver, not to mention the enormous amounts of water required. The only practical, renewable energy source is nuclear. Deal with it.

  • Comm_reply
    number9 03/19/2008 6:58pm

    That’s why this is money is for development of these technologies, to make them ready for use. Thanks for offering zero evidence for your broad claims. Try reading about the new developments in solar technology:


    I agree that ethanol is crap, though.

  • Anonymous 03/17/2008 3:48pm

    Dr Pujaals This bill benefits the Venezuela Oil company own by Hugo Chavez, because our Oil companies are going to have to pay taxes but Hugos don,t.

  • Anonymous 03/17/2008 3:50pm

    Dr Pujals This bill benefits the Venezuela Oil company own by Hugo Chavez, because our Oil companies are going to have to pay taxes but Hugos don,t.

  • Anonymous 03/17/2008 4:54pm

    Why should we be supporting thugs like Hugo Chavez? Let Chavez and any other oil producing country pay taxes just like we are forced to do.

  • Anonymous 03/17/2008 4:56pm

    Why should Chavez be excused from paying taxes. Why is Chavez exempt? I oppose it.

  • Anonymous 03/18/2008 5:47pm

    Basically the writing is on the wall here. the next president who will most likely be a democrat will absolutely have a key eye towards reducing or nearly elimating importing of oil. many sensible democrats do realize that oil is a major detraction and harm to our economy and homegrown fuels, and renewable resources are absolutely the way to go. my best hope is that a democrat winds the presidency and there are good majorities of democrats in the house and senate to advance these common sense bills that rebuild our economy, offer clean jobs in renewable energy, reduce the cost of fuels and provide many alternatives to oil, and overall make the neccesary investments in america to make it a great country to live in and prosper once again. i am hoping we can as a country start beginning to undo the huge mess of a presidency and horrible legacy left by george bush. we are in absolutely horrible circumstances in every sense of the word due to his leadership. healthcare and social security are still not fixed at all after 8 years of horrible leadership and every single domestic issue has falled by the wayside, hopefully all americans will smarten up and note that voting democrat is the best chance for our country to prosper and regain its former glory. i am strongly hoping for and supporting a tidal shift in ideals and viewpoints and hope that we can begin to bring ourselves out of the darkages where president bush’s thoughts and ideals lie and become more progressive in the year 2009 and beyond. these alternative energy proposals and environmental bills will do nothing but help our economy, our trading partners economy, and create millions of jobs in new sectors for our workforce, overall it is where we need to be headed for the good of our country and the prosperity of others who rely on us.

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