H.R.5749 - Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008

To provide for a program of emergency unemployment compensation. view all titles (5)

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  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as reported to house.
  • Official: To provide for a program of emergency unemployment compensation. as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as passed house.

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  • Patriots 04/18/2008 7:15pm

    OK finally got logged in. I found my confirmation email in the spam box. EVERYONE NEEDS TO LOG IN AND VOTE FOR THE BILL. You can do it on the main page for H.R5749 in the upper right hand corner.

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  • Anonymous 04/18/2008 7:16pm

    Yeah, CApe you do have a point. I am from california. Hardball comment.

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  • Comm_reply
    CApe 04/18/2008 7:23pm

    Ya, I thought about that too. Well, I’ll find the local office here and check out the environment. Make a few fliers with this site on it and see how it goes.

  • Anonymous 04/18/2008 7:21pm

    This bill WILL pass!! The current economic mess dictates it!!! It will be political suicide to vote against this crucial bill! The economic stimulus checks plus the extensions could very well end this recession. To vote against would almost be treason!

  • Patriots 04/18/2008 7:23pm

    EVERYONE go to http://www.unemployedworkers.org/april_16th_action.cfm . They are fighting for us and have a link on how to find your congressman and contact them. Lets plan this and do it right.

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  • isocareer 04/18/2008 7:26pm

    Good evening all.

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  • CApe 04/18/2008 7:29pm

    Hi ISO, just us serious folk here workin’ hard here today.

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  • Comm_reply
    CApe 04/18/2008 7:35pm

    It’s gotten quiet over there. I’m racking up comments on this side for now.

  • Anonymous 04/18/2008 7:30pm

    Somehow I must be missing something or ignorant. If Senator Reid manages to tie the bill to the War Supplemental and Bush veto’s it. You people think it will not pass in the end?. Somehow I believe we have accomplished more than what we hoped at this point. The faxes and e-mails that the Republican have ignored will be acknowledged thru Senator Reid. I think this is positive.

  • Anonymous 04/18/2008 7:31pm

    IllinoisCS, I AGREE 100%!!!! People are scared! People are desperate! America is not in the mood to wait for these insane political games between parties to iron out! WE NEED THIS HELP! AND WE HAVE NEEDED IT FOR MONTHS!!!! These people had better get something done!!! Because WE are literally starving and becoming homeless while these criminals in office give away HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS IN FOREIGN AID!!!!

  • isocareer 04/18/2008 7:31pm

    Yes, I am here for good. I have read some of the rubbish left on that site. It’s OUT of control.

  • Patriots 04/18/2008 7:33pm

    I agree IllinoisCS. I really hope it never comes to that but if you search the web and read what is really going on out there it is pretty frightening.

  • isocareer 04/18/2008 7:34pm

    I am currectly working on an actual petition on this bill. I need the latest stats:

    1. How many of us will lose their benefits by the end of the year. I think it was posted somewhere???

  • isocareer 04/18/2008 7:34pm

    I can’t find it tonight.

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  • Patriots 04/18/2008 7:36pm

    Give me a few minuets I will find it.

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  • isocareer 04/18/2008 7:37pm

    I forget who it was. But I was boiling hot when they mentioned (IAs).

  • jenniferpoore 04/18/2008 7:37pm
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    va here. i did vote for this bill and everyone else who comes to this site also needs to vote. we need to get support on this site now-we need a plan for this coming week-to contact as many reps as we possibly can. last week should prove that we can be heard!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 04/18/2008 7:37pm

    IllinoisCS, I’ll tell you what, those leeches better not be collecting unemployment while we are going hungry. I hope that this isnt true.

  • Patriots 04/18/2008 7:39pm

    HERE IT IS , http://waysandmeans.house.gov/media/pdf/110/ui.pdf

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