H.Res.333 - Impeaching Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors.

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  • Official: Impeaching Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States, for high crimes and misdemeanors. as introduced.

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calvininsf 06/02/2009 2:11pm

I believe this is entirely just and will be surprised if he is not brought before international court.

eagleriver90 05/04/2009 8:00am

Oh, give it a rest. Dick Cheney was vetted constantly by all members of Congress, including the most liberal ones, who also approved and voted for all these “high crimes” – Are you all forgetting that little important fact? EVERYONE, including Bill Clinton when he was president, believed that there were WMD in Iraq. Even before Dick Cheney took on his ‘evil persona’ after he was voted in.

You people need to get a life and pay better attention to the real events – not just listen to those who would revise history!

Lara1967 01/11/2009 6:47pm

really an impeachable offense?

Yes according to the Consitution Amendment Article 2,section 4 it states " The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

So that means Yes Impeachment is required, Most of the Congress people and Senators and the Superme Court took an Oath to protect the Constititions and abide to its laws.

Anonymous 10/04/2008 4:40pm

Cheney attended Yale University, but he flunked out. Cheney was twice prosecuted for and convicted of drunk driving. Cheney lied to former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey about the grounds for going to war in Iraq. Cheney is a pathological liar. Cheney is incompetent. Cheney would like to think that he is above the law. However, Cheney must pay for crimes against the United States and the world.

Submitted by Andrew Yu-Jen Wang
B.S., Summa Cum Laude, 1996
Messiah College, Grantham, PA

Static357 09/15/2008 12:00pm

I am pretty sure that our country has more important issues that need to be addressed right now. Kucinich is just grandtsanding for political purposes. If there was any merit to his arguments, the rancor would be deafening. No doubt Cheney made those statements, but is that really an impeachable offense?

linus 09/10/2008 10:11am
in reply to dawn Sep 10, 2008 7:07am

This is, what, the third such resolution? I’m glad to hear that Congress has solved the energy crisis and all the other important stuff to continue to beat a dead horse.

dawn 09/10/2008 7:07am

Are you kidding. This is only for show…BILL will NEVER come to be….There are higher forces in play here…LOOK how they act….DO they LOOK worried? You and I would be worried. You would be put in jail and keys hide for ever.

Anonymous 08/29/2008 6:10pm

the man is a shame to our nation, to the world.
the quicker the better. I really can’t believe anyone would be against this, of all the 300 million people of the US

gkdaw_usa 07/12/2008 9:52am

It takes only one to dig A hole but it take an ARMY to cover it up! is that a good reason for all this.

Anonymous 05/06/2008 12:30pm

It’s called ‘No Fear’ legislation, which is why everyone knew. His term was only five years and he was almost done. I think they missed an agency when they mentioned the meetings. Maybe Dick should have fired him?


Anonymous 05/06/2008 11:54am
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Why isn’t Plame in prison for treason?

marshall 03/21/2008 3:31pm

How can you give freedom – when it’s not yours to give – the founding fathers paid and give us our freedom.
Bush as others have now set the stage to become our new king on the hill – Berry Goldwater words now is to late to sound the alerts, few have voiced at the start and most will never know the cost that was paid in their crys to awalken the drug by lies…

as they watch their tv’s – dear uncle sam is hard at work stealing their future.

marshall 03/21/2008 3:16pm
in reply to Anonymous Feb 18, 2008 1:46pm

Your right about congress – but we all share that – the people need to learn that that constitution has a cost – the cost is not just yours – the children that have yet to see the world shall pay the most!

marshall 03/21/2008 3:04pm
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in reply to alex Jan 15, 2008 8:24pm

You do not understand the main point – this men will most liking never see the bars that they don’t think twice to put around you -

The point is to remove the powers that bush has put into play – when your kids steals a new toy – do you wait for that child to stop playing with it to return it – if you did – could you say that it was unharmed from that playing…

If you have this kind of mind – than this world is lost – No a good father would take that toy and stap the boys ass and explain to this child that you can not step on others just becouse…

the differnce is if your the people rule that it was a crime – then the next man in line will think about it – if you do nothing – the next man now has the toy and could then play hard ball.

Anonymous 03/20/2008 9:41pm

I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution or that have failed their purpose, or that impose on the people an unwarranted financial burden. I will not attempt to discover whether legislation is ``needed’’ before I have first determined whether it is constitutionally permissible. And if I should later be attacked for neglecting my constituents ``interests,’’ I shall reply that I was informed that their main interest is liberty and that in that cause I am doing the very best I can.
— Barry Goldwater

maderanhell 03/13/2008 3:49am
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As someone who has just recently “wakened up”, let me say that I bought the load of crap they fed us, though I still had some nagging questions as to what was really going on. Then after doing a little research (very little research) on my own and surrounding myself with others that feel the same way, I have come to realize that we are being lied to on a regular basis as a rule, not the exception.
I mader than hell! And I’m not going to take it anymore!
So yea, impeach them, impeach them all.

kenbiggs 03/12/2008 12:28pm
in reply to Anonymous Feb 18, 2008 1:46pm

I feel that those members of congress who will not support impeachment should be replaced with people who will protect the constitution.

Anonymous 02/18/2008 1:46pm
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“alex said: by alex | Jan 16, 2008(I don’t necessarily disagree, but at this point, I think there are better things to spend time on in the coming months. I doubt this will pass, and as such, why not focus on legislation that actually 1) makes a difference, and 2) is achievable. "

Yeah. Like Steroid abuse by athletes. Worse problem than some silly constitutional thing, or so one would think according to all the confressional activity there has been about it. Congress should be ashamed for ducking their constitutional duty to protect the constitution.

johnsalko 01/24/2008 10:36am

When you allow leaders to lie and deceive and get away with it, you send a message to future leaders, they can do the same and suffer no consequences. Our leaders should be held to the highest standards, otherwise the general public will follow suit.

alex 01/15/2008 8:24pm
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in reply to sbart331 Jan 14, 2008 1:06pm

I don’t necessarily disagree, but at this point, I think there are better things to spend time on in the coming months. I doubt this will pass, and as such, why not focus on legislation that actually 1) makes a difference, and 2) is achievable.

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sbart331 01/14/2008 1:06pm

There isn’t enough room to list all of the high crimes against this country that Mr. Cheney has committed and has caused his underlings (read President Bush) to commit. Our reputation in the world will be forever tarnished if we don’t do what the Founding Fathers would encourage us to do and impeach this vice president and president.

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