H.R.2454 - American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009

To create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, reduce global warming pollution and transition to a clean energy economy. view all titles (12)

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  • Official: To create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, reduce global warming pollution and transition to a clean energy economy. as introduced.
  • Short: American Clean Energy And Security Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Short: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Short: Safe Climate Act as introduced.
  • Short: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 as reported to house.
  • Short: Safe Climate Act as passed house.
  • Short: Safe Climate Act as reported to house.
  • Short: American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 as passed house.
  • Short: Global Change Research and Data Management Act of 2009 as passed house.
  • Short: GREEN Act of 2009 as passed house.
  • Short: Green Resources for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods Act of 2009 as passed house.
  • Short: National Climate Service Act of 2009 as passed house.

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  • jbo5112 05/21/2009 11:55am

    The bill should fail for being over 10 pages long. It’s 300+ as shown here (the entire US Constitution is 20)!

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    hardhatgal 06/06/2009 2:52pm
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    r u trying to be funny?

  • snydes45 05/23/2009 11:14am

    “and grants for green jobs”
    I want to hear the politicians tout the tens of thousands of jobs “created” in the green sector and how that will offset the half million or more jobs lost in the rest of the market.
    Until someone can put a dollar value on the global warming effect of CO2 or other emissions I don’t see any need to cripple our economy.

  • Rowland 05/23/2009 6:19pm

    Obama’s Global GDP tax like England and Canada. Same tax, new PMs.

    England and Canada already know the mistake and don’t want another Obama problem.

  • DianaAmerican 05/27/2009 10:43am

    Where are the American people???? Everyone should be contacting their senators and state representatives every day opposing all this nonsense, the government is putting everyone out of work, well except for gov employees, which we pay for.
    This bill along with many others will only put more people out of work. It is bull crap, all of it!!!!!

    People better get together, unite against all this crap before it is too late? Maybe we all have busy lives, but are we going to stand by and let them continue taking over all of our Freedom and Liberty???

    The things gov is doing make me ill, literally! Is their anyone who actually believes in the US Constituion????????

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    texascav 05/29/2009 1:50pm

    Yes, Yes, Yes, come on people make a stand, and contact your government representatives, all of them, state and local. Voice your opinions and concerns. And don’t stop, keep writing, calling, emailing. And let them know they can and will be replaced if they won’t listen. Support our Freedoms and our Constitution.

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    JonathanDS 06/03/2009 12:55pm
    Look, I completely agree, but take it from me, writing your reps doesn’t work. They don’t care what we think. For two months, I wrote my representatives, literally, every single day! All you get is a mass handout entailing every single issue that they voted for, most of which, their constituents(You) told them not to. They do what their party wants. They don’t represent us. And, there is no party for the people any more! Repubs, Dems, and Libs are all different heads on the same damn beast! We need to start protesting, and, when necessary, conduct (Lawful)Civil Insurrection. Anything else will be ignored.
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  • Comm_reply
    robert912 06/15/2009 6:50pm

    Our 9-12 group has repeatedly contacted all our represenatives and have told them in no uncertain terms that supporting this bill will cost them their seat.
    Also, letter writing campaigns and email/faxes and very frank phone calls. How do you explain to people that THOUGHT they we’re going to get a tax-cut (95% lie)have tripled utility bills instead to support a hoax? All this does is turn the utility company into an arm of the IRS.

  • DianaAmerican 05/27/2009 10:50am

    Government jobs are paid for by taxpayers. Once a government job is created we pay the wages, medical & vacations of that person in that job! Well for twenty years until they retire.
    Then, we pay their retirement and someone to replace the person who retired.
    After another twenty years, we pay 2 people retirement pay and yet another person to do the job that the first 2 retired from.
    Don’t ya get it, a gov job only creates more $$ needed to run government!!

  • DianaAmerican 05/27/2009 10:58am

    A privately owned company, small business; they hire people to work and they pay their wages, not the taxpayers.
    Government regulations cause small business to go out of business, thus costing Americans jobs that are not paid by taxpayers.

    It is common sense to have privately owned small businesses. Government regulations and Union regulations have destroyed many thousands of small businesses to create huge conglomerate businesses that they can control, and they doing more of it all the time.
    DRILL HERE< DRILL NOW< Small business< Let our country, let American use the Natural resourses we have to create jobs, to strengthen our Country.

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    KD5NRH 09/13/2009 4:01am

    Excellent point, but you’re forgetting the other role of the taxpayers in this equation: as consumers, we are also the source of a business’s wages and other expenses. Thus, any added cost to a business is passed on to us as higher prices.

  • DianaAmerican 05/27/2009 11:04am

    The Grid to control your use of energy in your own home?

    Have you ever been to Russia? Their government controls their heat, it gets turned on the same day every year, whether it gets cold earlier or stays hot later is not govs concern.
    It also gets turned off same day every year, so if it gets warm earlier or stays cold later is also not govs concern.

    Example: lets say it’s still 35 degrees outside, but the day comes when it’s time for heat to be shut off……… too too bad, just freeze then.

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    texascav 05/29/2009 1:43pm

    Not just Russia. When I was in Italy in 1968 and Germany in 1969 it was controlled. You had to wear a sweater or jacket in your home to keep warm in the winter cause it was regulated and just barley enough to break the chill.

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    hardhatgal 06/06/2009 3:04pm
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    Again it is because it was an old existing system, they did not have hot water heaters back then. So the city tried to provide the heat the best they knew how at the time… those old systems were probably put in place more then 50 years ago when they did not manufacture Hot water heaters like they do now.

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    hardhatgal 06/06/2009 3:02pm
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    Geesh more fear mongering I see… It only appears like Russia is controlling the heat because in many European and Russian cities they have not updated their plumbing and mechanical systems. Some old cities still have a local coal plant that provides hot water heat to the whole city via a network of underground pipes. Those are very old systems and costly to replace. They did not have hot water heaters in the old days. Those are old existing systems and need updating… its not about controlling the people.

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    MoCroft 07/02/2010 6:32pm

    I lived in Siberia for 2 years – the way we controlled the temp in our flat was to open the window. The heater really pumped out the heat – no thermostat or shutoff, just let out the heat if it’s too hot. We usually had all the windows WIDE OPEN even in -20 weather! Get ready to experience the genius of a centrally planned economy…

  • irf01 05/28/2009 5:42am

    How many NON GREEN jobs will be lost if this bill is pasted? How much more will we pay in higher energy cost and taxes?

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    ksavage 08/24/2009 9:40am

    So…instead of trying to bring those jobs back to the USA, we should pass a bill that raises taxes on the decreasing number of working people?

  • MinnesotaMama 05/28/2009 9:11am

    Cap and Trade is a tax, and it’s a great big one. Even democrat Chairman Emeritus of Energy and Commerce Committee John Dingell says this. Everyone in Congress knows this is a tax on the American people.

    Imposing such a tax during a recession is economic suicide.

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  • texascav 05/29/2009 1:40pm

    Oh yes, just what we need another tax. This is one of the dumbest yet. What is our government trying to do, DESTROY us. This will increase the cost of everything we buy, use, and consume. And it won’t change global warming at all. What were all the predictions on the first Earth Day? Google it…. not one came true. If those predictions had come true we wouldn’t be here today. Come on people, wake up write your Congresmen and Senators, let them know that this is a bunch of bull. Oh yes, we need to tax cattle also ( methane gas).

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  • quanez 05/30/2009 5:34am

    Cut Spending!!!! We don’t need more taxes and bigger government. Wake up America…

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  • Comm_reply
    ksavage 08/24/2009 9:42am

    The bad news is that you’re looking for a political party that cares about people.

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    ClaudeLemieux 10/08/2009 5:20am

    The good news is there is one, one that promotes healthcare for its citizens, one that wanted America out of a costly war that damaged our economy, one that did not pimp us out to the Chinese, one that promotes civil rights, one that cares about ordinary citizens and does not cut taxes for it’s super rich friends, one that does not have our phone conversations recorded and scare the American Public into allowing their civil liberties breached under the misnomer “Patriot Act”. In case you didn’t know, I am talking about the Democrats, facts are facts.

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    bbkenn92 09/15/2009 7:59pm

    We pay the lowest taxes of any first world country. Our infrastructure is falling apart, and more and more of our citizens are unable to afford health care…it could happen to you. This is as a result of 8 years of uncontrolled spending.. were you protesting then? I bet not, because the last 8 years one would be called unpatriotic or unamerican for protesting President Bush. These are the same people protesting “bigger government” and more taxes. We DO need more taxes to pay for Iraq, a war WE started and did not pay for because Bush borrowed money from China to pay for it, and lowered our taxes…you are nuts to think that our taxes should be even lower, and government should get out of the way. How will you survive without Medicare and Social Security? If you really wanted big government out of your life,you should opt out of both.

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