H.R.264 - Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009

To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to comprehensively reform immigration law, and for other purposes. view all titles (2)

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  • Official: To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to comprehensively reform immigration law, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009 as introduced.

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  • myopencongress 01/30/2009 11:41am

    We do not want a bill that will automatically give citizenship to all of the people who have broken United States laws and entered the U.S.A. illegally. Nor do we want to automatically give citizenship to their children. All people who want to be in the USA need to apply for citizenship and obey the laws of this nation. If an American were to go to another country and break the laws we would not expect them to say it’s ok and provide for all our social and medical needs. Breaking the law should never be rewarded.

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    zulimartinez 03/09/2009 4:14pm
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    Where exactly do you think that your ancestors came from? If you claim to be an American, your response better be: American Indians.
    If they came from any other country, they were immigrants as much as the immigrants today!!! and therefore that makes you a descendent of an immigrant! How legal were they and you as their descendent?
    How can people be so hypocrite? This land welcomed your ancestors and you ended up taking their land, their riches and putting them in resevations…I am an American born citizen and I am proud to welcome immigrants who come to enrich my country. Most of them are hard working and honest. Actually, they perform the jobs that you will not…

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    justarius 12/08/2009 4:24am

    I agree, crime should never be rewarded or sanctioned!

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    Sxeptomaniac 12/07/2010 8:35am

    This bill would not “automatically” give citizenship. It would take some time, scrutiny, and probably a fair amount of money to get it.

    This wouldn’t be much of a reward, as it would take longer and require extra steps over the preferred method. Illegal status would still be illegal; the bill just treats it as a more minor crime, punished by community service rather than deportation.

    If you have problems with what’s being proposed, at least debate those points, rather than setting up straw men to attack.

  • Anonymous 02/03/2009 5:21pm

    It is about time that Customs & Border Protection Officers (CBP) and Border Patrol Agents (BPA) be recognized for their daily work they performed. Almost every Federal Agency has a journeyman level of GS-13 to all their officers. CBP and BPA are the front lines of this country and work hard for this country to be safe. Let all Federal Law Enforcement Officers have an equal pay status of GS-13.

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    Anonymous 02/26/2009 6:27am

    It provides a path to legaization in which four years and nine month after approval the former ILLEGAL alien can now naturalize and become an USC.
    If you boil down the elements he is correct “that will automatically give citizenship” just have to file, pay the fee and pass an simple exam.
    Why reward those who entered illegally many financing drug smugglers and terrorist with their payments to coyotes? Should we not reward those who awaited legally outside the US for their number to come up?
    What message do you want to send the world, come to the US illegally and jump in front of those who do things the legal way?

  • Anonymous 02/07/2009 7:09pm

    I was suprised to see this bill submitted by Ms. Lee. Was skeptical , but after reading the entire bill I have these comments.First it seems to be a good compromise by beefing up the Homeland Security ESPECIALLY US CUSTOMS, where moral is at an all-time low. The agencies do need to be seperated so they can focus on their areas of expertise. NO ONE can be an expert in all these varied field, Customs, Agriculture, Immigration, and Border Patrol. Since TSA was formed, Customs Inspectors whose job is signifantly more technical, have been undermanned and underpaid, almost always getting drafted daily and on days off. By raising their pay, in order to maintain their current employees and attract good quality new recruits and retain them along with getting back to the jobs they were hired to do is a great idea! Please bring this to the attention of all CBP employees and their UNION..

  • Anonymous 02/08/2009 11:54pm

    They only reason that an illegal alien does not have at least one arrest is because he has not been found yet. Illegal means just that-illegal, against the law. How can one be in good standing when the very act that brought here was against the law-illegal entry? Do we forgive that crime as long as they have managed to avoid the police? Do we give thiefs, rapists, murderers a freebie for their first crime? Why do we do it for illegal aliens?

  • beanwarrior 02/10/2009 6:23am

    Is the word Illegal not understood?
    Their first act is to enter the US and knowingly violate the law by either entering without inspection, or overstaying a visa.
    Why should the US people reward them by allowing them status because they evaded the law long enough?

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    Sxeptomaniac 12/07/2010 8:37am

    It would still be illegal. The bill just proposes treating it as a more minor crime punished by community service, rather than a felony punished by deportation.

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    Anonymous 02/26/2009 6:33am

    Why would you give it to anyone without US ties.
    Would I also be eligible for legaization should I have entered legally and then overstayed for five years of worked without the proper permission for five years after a leagal entry into the US?

    This too would constitute illegal behavior and a disregard for all US law!

    What dreams would it save, the dream to pay taxes and have less money to send back to my home country? What most are proud of is getting over on safely committing a crime and being rewarded for it while raping and pillaging the GREAT US!

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    JimmyDean 03/02/2009 9:16am

    The people who enter the USA illegaly have broken the law of this land and therefore have a criminal history. Illegal is not within the law

  • Anonymous 02/13/2009 8:35am
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    The point is there is many kids that coming over here with the family and geting turned down by immgration becouse of over age but can some one tell the difference betvin 19,20,or 21 year old? My freand came here when he was 20 and he got turned down becouse I turned 21 in the proces and he made a chose to stay with his family. And now he also afraid to go back becouse there is 10 years bar for reentry.

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    Anonymous 02/26/2009 6:35am
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    Why would you turning 21 effect your friend in any way.

    There are always provisions for families and even after 21 applications can be filed for children, parents and siblings just have to file and pay (and have entered legally!).

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    Innoc275 03/01/2009 6:54pm
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    Hopefully the English test will make you learn better English.

  • Anonymous 02/13/2009 8:35am
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    The point is there is many kids that coming over here with the family and geting turned down by immgration becouse of over age but can some one tell the difference betvin 19,20,or 21 year old? My freand came here when he was 20 and he got turned down becouse I turned 21 in the proces and he made a chose to stay with his family. And now he also afraid to go back becouse there is 10 years bar for reentry.

  • simplyfairness 02/15/2009 5:08am

    USA Immigration (My Own Story) (heartbroken):
    Just to clarify (I am here legally and I am still legal), but here is my story
    I came into the USA in 1994 (Legally), to meet my mother who was here (illegally).
    Once I arrived my mother helped me (financially) convert to an international student Visa so I could remain Legal.

    I then went on to an English Language School for one year and gone on to passed the TOEFL exam and was accepted into a private college, after 4 years I graduated

    with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, all the while I was being supported financially by my mother.

    I worked at FastFood restaurants, and did few odd jobs just to ease the financial burden I was on my mother. in the meantime my brother came into the country

    illegally in 1996. we both were being supported by her.

    THen in 1998 my mother wins the greencard lottery, so she files to adjust her status and paid a fine for being here illegally, she also filed me and my brother due to the

    fact that we are immediate relatives (sons of her).

    My mother paid an immigration lawyer just to make sure all was done right.
    So the INS accepted the applications but took considerable time to process it, then one day we recieved a letter for the interview we were all

    excited, but once I got to their office, the Immigration officer excluded me from the interview and gave me backk all my supporting documents,the reason?, I turned 21

    years old just about 2 months prior!!!. I was like what!!!??, but, but when all this was filed I wasnt 21 and they took longer than usual to process the case, if it was

    done on a timely fashion then I wouldnt be in the situation, of course ( I was talking to myself ), because by this time my brother and mother came out of the interview

    room and got their applications approved! green (I was very happy for them super happy actually), because I knew that we were all here legally now, although I didnt

    have a greencard at least I didnt break the law and could have a chance to adjust status later.

    That was a devastating disappointement in my life at that time, it dashed many dreams that I had, but then I thought I could live to fight another day, after all I was

    still legal and other opportunities may present themselves.
    in the meantime, i had friends who were here as illegals but got married to US citizens and once they got their greencards divorced their wives etc…, really horrible

    things, but in any case I never wanted to take that route, couldnt live with myself doing that.

    fast track to july 1999 I graduate from University, my college became a University), and I had a Bachelor of science in Information Systems.
    right after I graduated I get hired by a contracting Firm to work on a government project (yes back in 99 (pre-911) there were no such things as security clearance at

    least it wasnt widely required to work on some US government Networks, so in any case I was hired to work as a Systems engineer to work on a US government

    project where I traveled (weekly) in at least 10 locations throught 6 states to install emailing systems software Upgrades and Data backup and management, it was an

    exciting time for me, I learned a lot and met many people and had a chance to finally discover other parts of the country.

    After about 5 months the prject was completed and the contract Done!. It took me about a month to get another Job with a major US telecom company and they

    aggreed to sponsor me through the H-1B visa, there was a boom and bust in dot-com, but I managed to survive it.
    Then in 2000 I finally was able to travel to my home country and marry, in 2001 I brought my wife (legally) as a depandant of an H-1B visa holder, but she is not

    allowed to work.

    in December 2001, my life changed! for the better of course, my son was born, I tend to tear up thinking about it back then, how young I was and petrified I was at

    the thought of having to be responsible for one’s soul and care, I was also happy that he was born in this Country which gave me SO MCUH, and to which I owe

    everything after God and my mother.
    -————— Interlude—————
    in the meantime my company now aggrees to apply for a greencard for me (yupiiiiiii!), BUT! it’s a lengthy process here are the steps
    [Immigration through Employement] Steps.
    1A- Labor certification application(to make sure the job is advertised to the public and make sure that I am not taking the job from any american)
    1B- I-140 phase ( verify that I have the experience that I mentioned in the labor certification )
    1C- then apply to adjust status from H-1B to greencard!
    1D- Then greencard! (then after about 3 or 5 years citisenship) Right!?
    (I will get back to this later and it will make sense then)
    -———— end of Interlude———

    in 2003 God has blessed me again with a wonderful baby daughter, my heart fills up again with emotions writing this, because since they were born my kids are the

    center of my universe.
    since our family started growing, and and appartment was becomign 2 crowded for us, in 2005 we decided to buy a house, (2005*!? House*!? Subprime*!?)
    but we still live in our house making payments are tough but we manage, my kids are now 7 and 3 &1/2. We love where we live. My kids are as american as american

    kids can be. My son loves football , the Jonas brothers Hanna Montana, and all the kids gibrish stuff (by the way I know all those names by listenning to their kids talk).

    Back to Immigration.

    Unfortunately my immigration dream is about to hit a major snag and may turn out for the worst!.
    - see in the section [immigration through employment] section mentioned above, [1A – Labor certification] was supposed to take at the most 6 months to process back

    in 2001, but it took 7 (Seven) years before ti was approved due tot BackLogs so it was only in July 2007 that I was able to file for the next step. I am just speechless

    about this, I dont even know what to say about it, I cant be upset about it anymore because for seven years many things happened and I have been upset throughout

    but what can I say, the fact that it took 7 years for my labor certification to clear is out of my control)

    - Now I am at the I-140 Stage and the USCIS is asking me proof that I have the experience mentioned in the Labor certification.
    but the company that I was contracting for that had me go around the country installing Entreprise email and data backup application on government systems, that

    Company is now Sold! to another Company which itself was sold to another company!, and they dont want to give me experince letters.

    To make matters worst, on my labor certifications I made few errors in filling out my previous employment dates, I was really reckless in filling out the dates, since I

    didnt remember the employement dates, I put approximate months and year for 3 of the previous companies I worked for, and now my lawyer is saying that I could be

    found guilty of Fraud or misrepresentation of facts on a immigration form, if found guilty I could be deported, and forget about ever coming back to the USA I wont be

    eligible for anything! anymore!.

    Basically if the application is denied at this point I will have to not only lose my current Job, but have to figure a way out to sell my house and hand it over to the bank,
    Figure where to immigrate, because I am not ready to go back to my home country (i have been ion the USA longer than I have been in my home country, my kids(us

    citizens only know the USA, and dont know any other system), I would have to eventually yank my kids out of school.
    Basically I would have to go back to square one! in my life and maybe immigrate to Canada (which is not guaranteed).

    SO there is my immigration experience I hope I didnt bore you too much.

    My email is lyfelong33@gmail.com
    I hope I didnt bore you to death, if you have anny suggestion they are welcomed, as I am petrified with terror at the thought of just having to redo everything all over

    and having to put my kids through the anguish!.

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    Anonymous 02/26/2009 6:45am
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    As you applaud yourself for doing things legally, if we really wanted good laws in the country the funds your mother earned to put you through school would have been confiscated just like we do with drug dealers.

    You stated your worked while in the US did you have work authorization because those on student visas cannot work in the US unless on OPT and that would not be odd jobs just jobs in relation to you education.

    But look at the good side if amnesty does not work in your favor your wonderful USC children can apply for you once they become 18.

    (Or you can tell your company to give you the letter if not you will report them to ICE for hiring you in the first place!)

  • Anonymous 02/15/2009 7:45am

    Long story “simplyfairness” but you are a good example for all “legal aliens” (not permanent resident aliens) in the US that struggle to maintain legal status, spending thousands of dollars on immigration lawyers and plane tickets for visa stamp renewals. I’m a legal “alien” myself, living in the country since 2003, I’m paying my taxes have never had a problem with the law and I’m teaching american students, yet somehow there seems to no way for me to gain the right for permanent residence (green card). I welcome the plan to grant permant residence to all legal aliens that lived in the US for at least 5 years. I will truly loose my faith in the US immigration system though, if they will start to legalize all illegal immigrants without helping all legal immigrants first that are stuck here in a web of bureaucracy and back log nightmare immigration law…..

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    Anonymous 02/26/2009 6:50am

    Can I question you on one thing, where do you come from? In most countries on this planet I will not have the chance to legalize. I will have the obligation to pay taxes if I earn an income but I will have no rights to become a part of that country.

    Why should the US of A be different than most every country in this world by allowing the world to enter.

    If you are wmployed legally since 2003, why have you not asked your company to apply for you. The cost of the non-immigrant visas would have paid for the Immigrant visa and all that is needed to obtain that Immigrant visa. If a Brazilian friend of mine obtain his legal resident status by delivering pizzas why can’t you get it by teashing our children?

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    justarius 12/08/2009 4:44am

    I’m glad that you came here legally, and as long as you can remain here in legal status and a contributing member of society I hope that you will be granted your citizenship. Keep working for it.

  • Anonymous 02/15/2009 2:05pm

    some of you are not getting the point to the visas you came here on. none of the visas you have are immigrant visas. you got the visa knowing you were going to go home and that eventually you would be asked to leave. just because this country chooses to invite a few of you to leave does not give you the right to expect the right to remain here. you came expecting to stay, the disappointment is your own fault.

  • Anonymous 02/16/2009 12:21pm

    Well, given our present economy – if this bill goes through creating such a path to lawful permanent residence and of course citizenship following that, how are we going to prepare for what may or may not be left of our social security system? We have millions of illegals living in this country working to make money they don’t even put back into our economy – - they send it back HOME! Check Western Union, the numbers don’t lie. The ones that have come to live in this country illegally have totally burdened our school systems, medical systems, criminal justice systems, etc… Unless these individuals are willing or forced to make up for all they have taken away from our economy for years…. yes all the years they have committed such thievery, I don’t see this being able to work for us or being any kind of a benefit to this country. The only good thing about our bad economy is that these people are going back to their home countries. Thank you very much!

  • Anonymous 02/18/2009 9:00am

    It is so embarrassing. People who are illegal here for more than 5 years will get green card but people who are legally here for 4 years gets nothing.

    Is this what you get when you follow rules? What the heck is wrong with policy makers.

  • Anonymous 02/18/2009 10:26am

    Hi We(me and my husband) came here in 2001 after we just got maaried legally. After an year his company filed for green card. The labor certification process took more than 5 years. Then we filed I-145,I-485(different stages of green card process),cleared I-140 .waiting for clearing 485 for the past 2 years.Now all together we stayed here legally-8 years. In between we had two kids(both us citizens),Wife did her Phd from one of the reputed university,we bought a house ,still no green card! Also I started a business parallely in my home country employing 20 engineers,wanted to start here ,but not that promising without greencard.This is our story. In my whole 8.5 yrs I was with the same employer ,not much increment.but my wife started working ,that is y we are surviving…….;;;;;

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    Anonymous 02/26/2009 6:54am

    Depending on your investment into starting a company in the US, location and how many you were willing to employ you could have received residence status from that. Two years conditional then permanent!

    Why did you not ask your attorney to set you in that direction?

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