H.R.2751 - FDA Food Safety Modernization Act

To accelerate motor fuel savings nationwide and provide incentives to registered owners of high polluting automobiles to replace such automobiles with new fuel efficient and less polluting automobiles. view all titles (7)

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  • Short: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act as enacted.
  • Popular: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act as introduced.
  • Short: Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act as introduced.
  • Official: To accelerate motor fuel savings nationwide and provide incentives to registered owners of high polluting automobiles to replace such automobiles with new fuel efficient and less polluting automobiles. as introduced.
  • Short: Consumer Assistance to Recycle and Save Act as passed house.
  • Official: An act to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act with respect to the safety of the food supply. as amended by senate.
  • Short: FDA Food Safety Modernization Act as passed senate.

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  • wendroffcpa 06/16/2009 3:53am

    We’ve posted this story and we’re tracking this issue at www.wendroffcpa.com. It’s an interesting topic, amazing how something so seemingly great for tax payers also has major reprecussions. I do agree with the Feinstein-Collins-Schumer Proposal to bring even more fuel effecient vehicles on the road because people always find a way to work the system, and I’d rather have 39 mpg cars out there than 29 mpg.

    To track what our visitors are saying about the issue, check us out at www.wendroffcpa.com. The story’s right on the home page.

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  • yehaf2009 06/17/2009 6:45am
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    I agree with earlier post"waiting2trade" and am in a similar situation with a 14 year old SUV. There are numerous benefits to this related to the economics and considerations for energy conservation. The Senate should proceed with all due speed on 2751!

  • sondy1 06/17/2009 9:54am

    Have you not considered that there are people who don’t support the global warming nonsense and wouldn’t want their tax money going to subsidize this?

  • Whackamole 06/21/2009 8:56am

    First, a government take over of the Car Industry being hard pressed by the Cap & Trade [EPA & all the other global warming lies & misrepresentations] Americans were opposed to this & did not want to become shareholders of the Auto Industry. How convenient they now suddenly turn around & manipulate the public into a buying THEIR newer cars. I will never buy another GM or Chrysler car as long as I live. Secondly, they derailed our Court system by manipulating our Bankruptcy Courts & by usurping the shareholders by placing the Unions above them in ownership and entitlement. Third, American citizens lost & are still losing jobs over this only to have them be granted to the Chinese in their deal in the purchase. I will not lease a government car & neither would I rent one for a road trip! You can go to Youtube & see the video spoof of Pelosi’s new car. This is about “Forcing” the American people into their Global Green World & I am referring to their money & environment.

  • Waiting2Trade 06/22/2009 11:17pm

    I want to thank all the tax payers for buying my “clunker”, now I can get that camaro (V6=29mpg highway,V8=25mpg) I’ve had my eye own. ;) O’yea I get to claim the taxes I paid for it at year end too, lol.

  • Anonymous 06/24/2009 1:54pm

    I think this just hurts the poor even worse , but then do you care !

  • mojaverat 07/05/2009 12:37pm

    This bill just shows how ignorant politicians are and how little they care for those who sent in the $4500 per transaction. The government’s only source of “revenue” is through the money they take from people. In this instance, they are redistributing the from one person to another person to entice them to buy a new car. If government is by, of and for the people, here is the test you can always apply to a bill to determine if it should be supported, applied to this ignorant, stupid person vote-buying bill:

    Would you have the ability to go to your neighbor to the left and demand that they give you $4500, so you could then give it to your neighbor to the right who bought a newer, more fuel efficient vehicle? If you answer is “no”, then you understand how this vote should go down according to the founding documents of this country.

  • Ocyris 08/06/2009 4:27pm

    Why this is bad

    1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parable_of_the_broken_window
    2. Any arguments that this is for the environment are moot because the impact manufacture of the new vehicle is much more significant then the continued use of the old one.
    3. The poor are the ones that would have bought these “Clunkers”
    4. This directly reduces the supply for Used car dealers, like the ones that started up when they we’re dropped by GM and such?
    5. This results in a drop off in the donation of such cars to charity organizations, Why give away a car when you can get 4500 for a junker.

  • mazdastuff 08/10/2009 1:36pm

    This is typical of government…does not matter what side you lean towards. Let’s just throw a few BILLION DOLLARS at the problem. Car dealers have a great 4-6 weeks of sales. Then what Skippy. Could have simply given everyone 21 years or older $25,000 to spend. (had to have held a job or going to school within the last five years) This way all avenues of business would have benefited.

  • fortermlimits 08/15/2009 9:01am

    this hasn’t PASSED the Senate and become a bill. doesn’t it have to be passed by all?

  • cwheintzelman 08/25/2009 3:38pm

    I have stated this in the bill but, I am a 23 year old “broke” college grad with no job opportunities heading to graduate school (Thank’s again Obama for making it easier to take out college money) I traded in my ’96 SUV (13 – site says 16… its 13) worth absolutely nothing on its last leg. With incentive offers from dealer (college grad, financing, dealer folly) I bagged myself a brand new loaded 2010 Toyota Corolla with extended warranty for 9,200 dollars financed over 5 years I believe roughly around 130 a month… absolutely unheard of and very do-able… without this program I would be cycling through a rotation of “clunkers” for the next 20 years, ultimately stuck in the 18-22 MPG range. Instead I have security and comfort of knowing I have a reliable ride to come with 34 MPG. Helped me.

  • Senate101 02/21/2010 5:18am

    It’s helping our world, don’t you understand?!

  • ckemp07 12/21/2010 8:23am

    regarding 2751 Our So called Reps are not representing the American People, they are representing their Puppet master. the Elected officials we hired are not standing for the American People, they have turned their Backs on us and the Constitution, it is time to fire these bozos.

  • Lexworth 12/23/2010 4:10pm

    This sickens me, our leaders selling us out… again! Get your passports ready!

  • SeanRamey 08/11/2012 4:08pm

    Why do the Democrats and Republicans completely disagree about this bill? And why do only 20% of people support this? And why is everybody talking about cars and stuff if this bill is about “Food Safety Modernization”? What are they doing?!?

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