H.R.3962 - Affordable Health Care for America Act

To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes. view all titles (10)

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  • Official: To provide affordable, quality health care for all Americans and reduce the growth in health care spending, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Affordable Health Care for America Act as introduced.
  • Short: Affordable Health Care for America Act as introduced.
  • Short: Indian Health Care Improvement Act Amendments of 2009 as introduced.
  • Short: Affordable Health Care for America Act as passed house.
  • Short: Indian Health Care Improvement Act Amendments of 2009 as passed house.
  • Official: An act to provide a physician payment update, to provide pension funding relief, and for other purposes. as amended by senate.
  • Short: Preservation of Access to Care for Medicare Beneficiaries and Pension Relief Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Short: Preservation of Access to Care for Medicare Beneficiaries and Pension Relief Act of 2010 as passed house.
  • Short: Preservation of Access to Care for Medicare Beneficiaries and Pension Relief Act of 2010 as enacted.

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bravo6lima 11/24/2009 11:48am

And why ARE the congress and senate exempt from this plan?Because it SUCKS ASS and they know it.

shc227 11/30/2009 7:16am
in reply to tob1303 Nov 03, 2009 6:58am

You are confusing the choices of those who will be paying for this debacle and those getting the new entitlement. Paying consumers, purchasing a product will have less choice because the coverage provided for under any plan will be dictated by our dictator. The people on the receiving end won’t have any choice either, they will get the basic plan. Problem is, we don;t know what the basic plan is until after they pass this bill. It may be that the basic plan still leaves them high and dry for most things and they will end up in the ER anyway. But the important thing is that they will have a shiny new insurance card and that should make all the libs feel warm and fuzzy with their loss of freedom and their higher taxes.

songspiritUSA 11/02/2009 7:41pm
in reply to kcelebratejc Oct 29, 2009 10:11am

There’s plenty of money to be found in fraud. If we would eliminate fraud, we could reverse all the spending and deficits inflicted upon this nation since January. Obama and his supporters, everything they say and do is fraud. That’s the fraud we, as Americans, need to eliminate. Obama speaks the truth, only the actual meaning is not being pursued. This intentional fraud on the American people is no doubt something that the statists and fascists laugh about amongst themselves, on how very clever they are in exploiting the naivete of people who still believe their statesmen could never be so very corrupt. I have no such illusions, nor did our Founders. America, fortunately, is waking up to this threat to our liberties. Come Tuesday, and then come Thursday, the country and our alleged representatives are going to get a taste of genuine Americanism.

bkrueg 11/05/2009 10:11am

11/5/2009. More than 20 thousand Americans arrived in Washington DC for a rally, called an emergency “House Call.”
Those who attended are now tracking down their elected representatives in Congress to put pressure on them to think twice about voting for the more than $1 trillion health care overhaul pushed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and for them to try and explain the pages in the bill HR-3962. They are marching in the halls of the House each carrying a page of the bill looking for their congressman. God Bless America and these loyal Americans.

deborahg6 10/29/2009 2:32pm
in reply to NotAPundit Oct 29, 2009 11:34am

Congress could care less about the Constitution….it’s all about their own perceived power. Power that will be nonexistent to them in 2010 if this bill passes.

desolation_anonymous 11/05/2009 3:26pm
in reply to independentopinion Nov 05, 2009 11:18am

Maybe a few, but I doubt it. Just like they read the stimulus package with the few days it was pushed though, right?

kcelebratejc 10/29/2009 10:11am
in reply to coloratura29 Oct 29, 2009 9:45am

Well stated! I never understood why President Obama has stated over and over that there is so much money to be found in fraud but doesn’t pursue that revenue. I’m not sure what is holding him bAck. We don’t need more spending and overloading the medical system with medical bills that are unsustainable.

bkrueg 11/05/2009 11:16am

So your point is someone else should have to pay for yours and your family’s medical bills. What makes you think HR-3962 is free medical? It’s a $ 1,200,000,000,000.00 medical bill on the heads of every man, women and child for 10 years. There are only 307,212,123 Americans. That’s $3,908,795,000.00 each American over 10 years or $390,879,500.00 each American per year. ($1,070,903.00 per day, 44,621.00 per hour, $744.00 per minute) That my fellow Americans is over-reaching. My opposition to HR-3962 is it is un-constitutional. It is a power grab by some who think the constitution is a living document and then finds powers where none was given or intended. This power grab takes away from Americans god given rights. There is nothing preventing the government from fixing the wrongs in our health care; just not an over-reaching government takeover.

bkrueg 11/05/2009 12:12pm
in reply to Activist77 Nov 05, 2009 11:53am

Look to the right Activist77 only 16% support this bill. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 42% now favor the health care plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats. That’s down from 45% a week ago.

Fifty-four percent (54%) now oppose the legislative effort, up three points since last week.

justamick 11/07/2009 3:48pm
in reply to Michigander Nov 07, 2009 3:06pm

says the one who wants to relocate all individuals who disagree with them… :O

justamick 11/07/2009 4:06pm
in reply to bravo6lima Nov 07, 2009 3:29pm

That’s simple, he’s a liar, and a hypocrite. He doesn’t serve anyone but himself.

LucasFoxx 11/05/2009 5:46pm
in reply to justamick Nov 05, 2009 2:54am

It does matter. They appear to seek the same ends, but they are radically different bills.

bkrueg 11/13/2009 4:34pm
in reply to LucasFoxx Nov 13, 2009 3:10pm

ROFL-I knew I could count on you LIBERALS lucasfoxx. You liberals are so full of hate and venom you couldn’t resist. Just say the name Sarah Palin and you all crap your pants trying to belittle and besmirch her. Attack the messenger and not the message. Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin Sarah Palin lol She hasn’t said anything that hasn’t been written in this thread before yet you call her a whore for saying it. SHAME ON YOU. JUST-SAY-NO TO OBAMA/PALOSI CARE.

bkrueg 11/04/2009 6:51am
in reply to justamick Nov 04, 2009 2:51am

Submitted by LiveScience Staff
posted: 02 November 2009 08:48 am ET
Swine flu has killed at least 114 U.S. children according to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Nineteen swine flu-related pediatric deaths were reported this week, the agency stated Friday in announcing the worst week to date since the outbreak began in April.
More deaths are likely but not confirmed, the agency’s chief Thomas R. Frieden said. About two-thirds of the childhood deaths are among children with other health problems.
Here’s what’s different about swine flu, however: “In a usual flu season, 90 percent of the deaths are among people over the age of 65. In H1N1, 90 percent of the deaths are in people under the age of 65,” Frieden said.


justamick 11/11/2009 2:33am
in reply to nomadwolf Nov 09, 2009 10:49pm

No they didnt. The forbade people from purchasing coverage that includes abortion with GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES. AKA Tax payer dollars CANNOT be used to purchase coverage that includes abortion. YOU SHOULD ACTUALLY PAY ATTENTION.

justamick 11/11/2009 2:29am
in reply to Michigander Nov 07, 2009 4:53pm

It is a victory but still has to pass the Senate. Can anyone say Filibuster?

Dems dont have the votes to invoke cloture the bill will likely die in Senate.

wobles 05/18/2010 2:54pm

Extreme conservatives, why are none of you bitching about other publicly funded programs? Medicare, social security, public schools, fire departments, police? The government takes money from your paycheck every month and your state takes money for everything you buy, if you were the conservatives that you say you are you wouldn’t stop at this health care bill. The way I see extreme conservatism is that other people’s kids are not your problem, other people’s houses, cars or other property that can catch fire are not your problem. Other people’s safety is not your problem why should you pay for it? Of course its not your problem, but because they are your fellow American you put up with paying the taxes so that someday if you have to ask for help you did your part in establishing the program that can help you; its part of being a citizen of this country.

The policies that you disagree with in this bill, are they policies you’ve read about or just been told about?

justamick 11/11/2009 1:57am
in reply to LucasFoxx Nov 05, 2009 5:42pm

I dont know why I didnt see it before, but that’s a pretty ignorant comment.

wobles 05/18/2010 2:27pm
in reply to Illuminati_Hater Dec 20, 2009 11:45am


Sec. 1501. Distribution of unused residency positions. Sec. 1502. Increasing training in nonprovider settings.

By the way there isn’t a Sec. 1512.

wobles 05/18/2010 2:23pm
in reply to WEMasters Dec 20, 2009 7:34am

This site has the full bill available, why try to post this bullshit here? I checked out the site and checked its source, the source doesn’t exist in the bill. The author of that website means to reference SEC. 2571. NATIONAL MEDICAL DEVICE REGISTRY. Please check out the section of the bill for yourself, no where in it does it say that everyone will be implanted or kids will be implanted when they are born. There is no program called CHIP in this bill and we are not going to be tracked like slaves. Your paranoia is unfounded, there are no death panels (SEC. 223. HEALTH BENEFITS ADVISORY COMMITTEE.), the government isn’t going to pull the plug on granny, and you are not going to be micro chipped.

kbenskin 11/10/2009 5:49am

80% oppose this bill so why did the bill pass? Government is suppose to be for the people. Passing a bill against the people’s interest is not representing the will of the people.

How can we stop this bill?

Anonymous 02/20/2010 6:16am

REVERSE THE PATRIOT ACT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Textoknow 01/01/2010 4:24pm
in reply to RWBerg413 Nov 23, 2009 7:51am

I understand that we will all be required to purchase health care or be fined and/or serve jail time if we do not. I have heard that one of the criteria for purchasing health care would be proof that everyones vaccinations were up to date, including the H1N1 shot. Does this not constitute mandatory forced vacinations on the citizens by the government? Is this the truth?
What if I do not want to have a swine flu shot due to the inability of anyone to really explain what is in the shot, as well as why so many people are dying from these shots in other countries right now. They are dropping left in right in the Ukraine under their forced mandatory vaccinations.
Is this just another step ny the Bilderberg Group to control the population growth in the new world order? No one should be forced to take a shot they do not want. Does anyone know if this is in the bill, as I heard it was!

brianmessinaart 11/09/2009 7:07pm

Paranoia is in bloom here…

bkrueg 11/02/2009 7:08am
in reply to LucasFoxx Oct 30, 2009 5:30pm

Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) health care plan presumes that about 8-to-14-million American workers will pay fines rather than buy health insurance. Unless they do, there’s a $167-billion hole in her financing plan and everything falls apart.

Like the rest of us, this group would face higher-than-ever insurance prices under Pelosi’s proposed bill.

Speaker Pelosi, President Obama and others claim they will make coverage cheaper, yet the official projection relies upon millions who would prefer to pay fines rather than join their system. In some cases the individuals would pay the penalty; in others their employers would pay; and sometimes both.

The estimate of 8-to-14 million who would be fined is based on the official projections made by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

justamick 11/05/2009 2:57am
in reply to justamick Nov 05, 2009 2:54am

Frivolous spending is frivolous spending no matter how you look at it.

bkrueg 11/04/2009 4:20pm
in reply to LucasFoxx Nov 04, 2009 3:26pm

Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus criticize the Democratic President Obama and his administration on illegal’s receiving taxpayer dollars in HR-3692 and it is reported in USA TODAY. lucasfoxx-what is it you do not believe?

TSpringer59 10/31/2009 11:20am
in reply to bkrueg Oct 30, 2009 1:05pm

You are helping to propogate the H1N1 “urgency”. Have you not read all the actual research on the fact that vaccines no not work anyway? It is a ploy to instill fear in the public in order that they can take more control over our lives! See this (http://www.naturalnews.com/027364_internet_pandemic_traffic.html) If we all beleive that they will take care of us, then we will allow them to do it. More than 36,000 people die every year from the seansonal flu. Why the call for a “National Emergency” for this particular strand? The second leading cause of death in America today is perscription drugs! Do more research and wake up.

LucasFoxx 11/04/2009 3:29pm
in reply to devlin Nov 04, 2009 12:34pm

You’re options won’t be any better when you end up stuck between BCBS and Wellstone.

dihayden29 07/22/2010 4:07pm
in reply to LucasFoxx Nov 02, 2009 2:01pm

Nancy Pelosi is a joke and another one of Obama’s croonies, that I wouldnt vote for or wish on my worst enemy! Flush out Washington and get people in Congress who care and will LISTEN to the People and the Constitution!!

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