H.R.4213 - Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions, and for other purposes. view all titles (9)

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  • Short: Tax Extenders Act of 2009 as introduced.
  • Official: To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to extend certain expiring provisions, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Tax Extenders Act of 2009 as passed house.
  • Short: American Workers, State, and Business Relief Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Short: Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act of 2010 as passed senate.
  • Popular: American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Com- pensation Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2010 as enacted.

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  • Comm_reply
    whywasilaidoff 07/21/2010 11:12am

    Finally, someone speaking about what I have been saying for years. No one truly represents my beliefs because they have to try and figure out what is in the middle of all the people they represent and then they have to vote with the side of the money they get from backers. Talk about outsourcing jobs. Think of the money this government could save in salaries alone! I had enough long ago with politicians saying they would do such if voted for, and turn around and do no such thing. Webster’s dictionary should change the definition of politics to bullshitting.

  • mjh 07/21/2010 6:19am

    Lordgotmilk: this is really bizarre in a way, because I have seen several posters from our state, OHio on other forum boards state (which was the case for me also last week with the rep. I spoke to) that once exhaust current tier that claimants have to call in and speak to live person because neither online version nor the automated phone system will allow us to file over phone. This is really ridiculous that they STILL CANNOT get on the same page with one another on the simplest of matters let along all the other misinformation they provide it seems, they’ve had tons of time now to get their acts together.

  • Comm_reply
    lordgotmilk 07/21/2010 6:32am

    My benefits ran out in the beginning of June and the rep had to do something in their system, but since then, I’ve used the auto phone system since to file my weeks.

  • Comm_reply
    minimoe 07/21/2010 9:19am

    I live in Florida and My benifits ran out Juen 5th (this was for tier 1) I was able to clam the two weeks after the week of June 5th even though it had run out, but since then I have not been able to claim, but it seems like everyone here is saying i should still be claiming every week even though my claim was up? but the damn system at Fluid.com (the unemployment site for FLorida) dosent let me claim them.. It says no weeks available to claim when I try..

    hmmmmmm.. any thoughts?

  • Comm_reply
    lordgotmilk 07/21/2010 12:45pm

    I’m not sure how Florida’s system works, but in Ohio, I can’t file online, but am able to using the phone system. Online it says there’s no weeks I can claim, but like I said, I am able to file by phone.

  • mjh 07/21/2010 6:21am

    And, as we all know its hard enough to get through to speak to live person, heck I even have a new 5 digit extension for current processing center dealing with and it was very hard to get in touch with her as I just kept calling about 5 times on Monday until finally got her late afternoon, figured leaving my name/soc. on her machine was useuless since they get TONS of calls per day. Guess the influx of incoming calls is going to be a problem regardless and likely in several other states also, oh well. I just refuse to wait on the line for 30 mint’s or longer like in the past, or 6 months ago.

  • Comm_reply
    lordgotmilk 07/21/2010 6:34am

    When I called Monday to check on it, I sat on hold for around 45 minutes. I’ve got a phone with speakerphone built in, so I just did that and went about submitting resume’s and such while waiting.

  • mjh 07/21/2010 6:26am

    Does anyone know if the Part-time employment exclusion/provision that allows claimants to remain on EUC rather than begin a new state claim that would decrease their payments by $100.00 or more is a NEW PROVISION that is in this new bill for first time?? Just curious cuz its’ the first Ive seen it where every state would have it, heard of some states here and there that have their own laws where claimant must earn 5-6 times more before taking smaller amount claim, but this is provision directly in the Baucus-Reid Bill which is one on the table as we speak.

  • mjh 07/21/2010 6:46am

    well, perhaps I’ll call that rep. again or this sunday maybe just try to file over the phone. Im more concerned about if will lose the FAC when start next tier up and/or if this new provision on the part-time work and remaining on EUC will allow states to revert claimants back onto parent (original) claims that were higher dollar amounts of $100.00 or more per week. This would be reals shame if it only affected new claimants but I suspect Ohio will not catch this or make the change unless claimants inform them.

  • mjh 07/21/2010 6:48am

    lord: I also have speaker and have gone that route numerious times on mistakes they have made payment wise but dealt that road for over 2 months straight before they developed ’the master list" when we had to call in every single monday morning to make an internal data correction in order to get paid, that was not fun, but was the past and this is the present/future.

  • brokechristine 07/21/2010 7:17am

    Well another sleepless night, but I did learn a few things thanks to Rachel Maddow and the Ed Show- I highly recommend searching their websites for 7/20/2010 and watch both!!!! Although we did get the final needed vote from the newly elected Goodwin, he is only acting as a temporary member until a November election can take place. The Dems finally have enough power to do great things with a short time to do it. There were still 60 nayes and Ben Nelson (D) who voted to let Americans starve, and lets not forget the 99’ers. Are the Dems after months and months of filibuster ready to fight, I mean roll up sleeves and fight for more? If the house is already expecting to pass another extension in Nov because they know it’s not enough why the lack of heart to begin with Trust me people- the REPUBS aren’t gonna grow new hearts in that time. The Dems’ need to be flooded with emails to keep pushing for all they can get- jobs, cobra, all the other items the Repubs made dems cut out.

  • Comm_reply
    jrhill 07/21/2010 2:06pm
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    keep in mind that at least 7 senators are UN-ELECTED…

    thanks to the legal “flaw” and “end-around” on the rule of law, the dems can break the filibusters to do whatever they want…

    we just need to start pumping out more children to pay for the massive debt..

    we need lots of little children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to pay for all of this, so we need to get busy…

  • Comm_reply
    michaeldf 07/21/2010 2:15pm
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    Hey Rush, I mean JR, I think someone called you that yesterday.
    Just open the boarders, there poping out kids right and left,
    Oh yea I forgot they dont pay taxes they use false SSN’s and just send the money back home…Got to love your pic…if it smells like and tastes like it is…

  • brokechristine 07/21/2010 7:23am

    If the Dems push now before the break- there may be enough time to get this stuff to pass. I still need CObra, a reduced rate would be great- we need all the items that were in the original bill. The Repub’s are liars, budget, deficit, my ass. There is still unused bailout money that was never used. Where are their great ideas? Yeah for senator Grayson- there is a man with pair to say it like it is. It’s not over, unless a miracle happens we’ll be here begging for more scraps again in November!!! Don’t stop emailing now!!!

  • YonkersNY 07/21/2010 7:43am

    What really hurts is that I just ran out of my unemployment benefits 2 weeks ago, I been applying to anything and only received one call. Now because I got laid off December 23rd of 2009 I don’t qualify for any extensions , is that correct? or will this bill help us in New york state that applied for Unemployment benefits after November 23rd 2009 as well?

  • Tuckster 07/21/2010 7:46am
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    What happened to the American innovative spirit? A Government should be the hand that protects not the hand that feeds.

  • Comm_reply
    jrhill 07/21/2010 2:07pm
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    The democrat party is 100% dependent on the federal government…

    and likewise

    the federal government is 100% dependent on the democrat party…

    they feed off each other like sea slugs…

  • sehall57 07/21/2010 9:09am

    Which bill got passed in the Senate yesterday (7/20/10) #4213 or #5618. It makes a difference because of the actual language of each of those bills. My EDD website is stating in a press release there will be no FED-ED extensions and there will be only benefits through tier 2.

  • Comm_reply
    minimoe 07/21/2010 9:24am

    It was #4213 that got voted yesturday sehall57.. It reinstates all FOUR tiers. Puts everything back just as it was before, just extends the deadlines through Nov 30th 2010..

    Not sure where you got that information your talking about. Its on your states unemployment website or something?

  • brokechristine 07/21/2010 9:20am

    “What happened to the American innovative spirit?” Well I tell ya- "they squashed it right out of the common man- shipped it over seas- promised plenty and then forclosed on it. I do agree that the Govt should have been there to protect “The People” from those crooked, lying, bastards at GM and Goldman-Sachs but they (Bush and friends) were to busy making money from crushed innovative American Spirit. No one was watching and no one could touch them- thank God that will be different now. If they hadn’t given my job away with trade agreements, I could feed, clothe and feed myself. But maybe your right, the 60 hours I worked for 40 hours pay was me sitting on my ass- right before my dealership hit the GM hit list and closed, when you ask did that happen….right after GM got my tax dollar bailout. The rich intend to stay that way at the expense of people like us. We are but pawns to the 60 naye sayers- afterall,I am not nearly as important as a wallstreet bank. I’m just some American

  • mikeqhawaii 07/21/2010 10:38am

    you know, prior to all this i was very much an independent. now i just don’t know…..these republicans are like spoiled children in a grocery store. i’m amazed i haven’t turned on c-span to see them rolling around on the floor, kicking, screaming, holding their breath until they turn blue in the face because they can’t have something they asked for. what will they possibly gain by stalling the vote until 9:00 pm this evening? it’s not going to get them anything. it’s only going to hurt the people who need this aid who aren’t caught up in the power struggle.

    what’s worse is what i feel will happen next. no matter what happens in november, the democrats will still hold enough seats to do exactly what the republicans are doing right now. translation. nothing gets done. at a time when we need the house and congress to move and make decisions there will be another clot in the system. i’m beyond frustrated with my government….and ashamed.

  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 07/21/2010 3:44pm
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    that was never true, that was a lie that was repeated over and over

  • sniperxess 07/21/2010 11:24am

    Im in NC and i really dont know what or if i will get some more unemployment. Truthfully, DOES anyone know when we will see the money? 2 weeks 3 weeks? how long will it take to reach the people?

  • bcmky 07/21/2010 11:59am

    As a 99er I am happy to see that you all got the much deserved relief coming. Keep in mind this economy will not be fixed in another 99 weeks.
    What I would like to know is when they quit talking about a Tier V? I guess, waiting for another round of foreclosures? I have never seen so much BS in my 50 yrs. Our Jobs and the US money in China. I think we better take a language class. I have made myself a promise I will at least survive until November and will be voting.

  • minimoe 07/21/2010 12:05pm

    Does anyone understand what it is they are actually voting on now (cspan2) the vote is about our HR 4213 bill, but it says this on the bottom of the screen..


  • Comm_reply
    whywasilaidoff 07/21/2010 12:12pm

    The Republicans are not letting the vote happen untill 30 hours have passed since the cloture vote. I do not completely understand the process but there are up to 30 hours to revote on a bill. It’s all crap! The Democrats are giving the Repugs hell.

  • Comm_reply
    satdog50 07/21/2010 12:48pm

    They are going to drag this on for hours. Because they stripped this bill with nothing in it now and only a few getting deadline extention next week everything will look great in the unemployemnt figures because there are more who exhausted than who were kick off of the systems. The was a major mistake done in this Bill and I am afraid the few are going to pay like the Millions and millions who exhausted their benefits. Good luck to ALL Unemployed

  • Comm_reply
    jrhill 07/21/2010 2:10pm
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    i don’t know why they just dont extend it to 5 years…

    they will be long gone by the time we have to pay for it…

    look your kids in the eyes.. they will be stuck with the bill. them and their children… children not even born yet. They will be the ones who will feel the pain and not be able to keep much of what they earn…

    but, if we are all good liberals and just stick to the “Not in my back yard” theory.. we’ll all be dead and gone so who gives a crap?


    gotta love it!!

    we need to keep voting in democrats as much as possible so we can get as many government handouts as we can before we die.. leave it to the suckers to come to pay for it..


    stupid repugnicans.. can you believe they actually want to pay for stuff?? lol all we need to do is just run up the debt and print more money… when will they get it??


  • Comm_reply
    Abaratarrr 07/21/2010 3:43pm
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    that was never true, that was bad reporting from last night that got repeated over and over by other media outlets.

  • Comm_reply
    Jonascord 07/21/2010 3:26pm

    They are voting on ANOTHER Republican amendment to the bill, which, since cloture has already been voted, requires a 2/3 majority to be approved. I WAS a republican until this started. Now I’m not so sure.

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