H.R.4314 - To permit continued financing of Government operations.

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  • Official: To permit continued financing of Government operations. as introduced.

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  • BenjaWiz 12/17/2009 8:39pm

    I am opposed to this bill as it only drives up the debt and continues the 2005 Republican spending spree.

  • BenjaWiz 12/17/2009 8:40pm

    No more taxes, No More Spending, and No more runaway government.

  • ryandsmith 12/20/2009 6:01pm

    All we are doing with this bill is raising the debt even higher. We must make cuts to the budget first, only then can we consider spending.

  • wgkeaton 12/24/2009 6:45am

    I think that it is irresponsible of our government to create a such a massive debt, but we don’t play around with the debt ceiling. If we don’t raise the debt ceiling then our government would stop operating entirely, even worse than if we failed to pass a budget. We need to make cuts but messing with the debt ceiling is not the way to do it.

  • Mazeman 12/26/2009 3:00pm

    Ever expanding government and exponential increase of debt, an equation for doom.

  • right2descent 12/28/2009 4:25am

    The Federal Government has no money but what it steals from you and I. The States must side with the Citizens to withhold all money and starve the oppressive Fed.

  • nfarrow 12/28/2009 4:35am

    It also included short extensions of the USA Patriot Act.


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