H.J.Res.5 - Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President.

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  • Official: Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States to repeal the twenty-second article of amendment, thereby removing the limitation on the number of terms an individual may serve as President. as introduced.

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  • DJEidson 03/02/2009 7:23pm

    I am a true traditionalist. President Washington set the standard that has been followed by all following presidents up until FDR, not by lack of trying though, I might add. The reason Washington started this trend was the main reason he commanded the armies against the British, to establish a leadership that acted on behalf of the citizens and not for political entrenchment. In his Farwell Address, he adamently oppossed the rising party affiliations, and the threat of politicians extending their role beyond that of a stuard, and developing a quasi-monarcy. Let’s continue on with what our Fore Fathers truly meant for this country, and that is the right of all her citizens to collectively rule themselves, without threat of an overbearing totalitarianship. This is just an attempt by the Democratically controlled Congress to ontinue on with their socialist ideas.

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    kenj0418 03/03/2009 11:03pm
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    (Thank you — this appears to be the first intelligent post in opposition I’ve seen here.)

    I agree that two terms is a good stopping point in most cases. I just don’t think the American people should be prevented from reelecting a leader they want. I think the two-term limit should be imposed by people refusing to elect anyone for a third term — unless they feel the need to do so.

    I think term-limits try to hedge against democracy, and assume that people can’t be trusted to be capable enough of choosing their own leaders. I don’t agree.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 04/07/2009 3:03pm

    Change is what the voter’s want. The Conservative ideals have been proven to be a failure, time and again. Just because you don’t like the direction America is headed does not make it a bad thing. It just means your philosophy is no longer considered valid. Adjust for that.

  • Anonymous 03/03/2009 6:58am

    It really takes a lot of nerve to propose an amendment like this.

    I’ll make sure to tell all my friends in NY never to reelect Serrano after this particular stunt. I work there. :)

  • lna747 03/04/2009 3:08am

    I DO think Term Limits are a GOOD thing.I also agree with a previous comment on Term limits and Salary Caps on Congress.The Media manipulates what is seen and heard,via their spin.Just look at the last election. If term limits aren’t GOOD, they could be repealed at a later date and go back to the old system.Look what it has gotten us so far..a locked up democracy, polarized with each Crackpot(senator/rep) with their own agenda or only voting Part Line. It’s only when 1 party or the other has a Majority or they brokeer some back door deal to get something Passed.What has Kennedy,Byrd,or any of the other Living Fossils done for Democracy in My lifetime…and why is it we should pay them a pension for PUBLIC SERVICE? How about we terminate their pensions and give them 401k’s,and freeze their wages or give them pay cuts… but i digress…sorry

  • Anonymous 03/04/2009 9:53am

    I have heard a few people say that the next thing for the “saviour” of the world to do is to ensure his seat in power! ARE WE GOING TO STAND FOR THIS? THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY, THIS IS COMMUNISM and DICTATORSHIP! Let’s see, other countries that have had no limits on their leaders…Cuba, Venazuela, Russia, Irag, Iran… is this the way you people want to live…If so, move there, get the hell out of my country!

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 04/07/2009 3:04pm

    The majority disagrees with you, so you get to leave.

  • senyushkin 03/05/2009 8:55am

    How stupid do you have to be? Why do these people take the oath of office, and then try and make changes to the constitution? Am I the only one that sees a serious problem with our representatives? Here’s a good bill: Remove all pay and incentives for all congress members. Our representatives need to represent the people, and not their paycheck.

  • IDPatriot1 03/05/2009 3:15pm

    Not just no – HELL NO; and we should add limits to senate and house seats.

  • Quantabella 03/05/2009 5:42pm

    If this passed, we would effectively have KINGS in this country. We have to watch these people like hawks! If we give them any sort of slack they have proven that they will use it to hang us!

  • Quantabella 03/05/2009 5:57pm

    Let’s amend the Constitutions to incorporate term limits for Congress too!

  • mmcdonald2k 03/06/2009 9:03am

    Can anyone say “Nazi Germany”? Open ended control is insane. This must not go through.

  • Comm_reply
    kenj0418 03/06/2009 7:43pm

    Sorry but you lose the discussion due to Godwin’s law: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Godwin%27s_law

  • zepickens 03/06/2009 11:13am

    I think José Serrano has contracted Bloomberg Fever…

  • MCFergy 03/08/2009 9:10am

    Eliminating term-limits in our democracy would be a grave mistake, as we have all witnessed the consequences of unlimited public service in the U.S. Congress. A lengthy career in Congress breeds narcissism, corruption and apathy toward their constituencies. The same would hold true for the office of the presidency.

    To abolish term-limits for the presidency would invite behavior such a Hugo Chavez, Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro and Jean-Claude ‘Baby-Doc’ Duvalier. The Land of the Free would disappear and cease to exist.

    The longevity of a career in politics should have no greater length than individuals in the private sector. The term-limit of the president, as state in the Constitution, should stand as penned. At the maximum, members of the House of Representatives should be limited to fourteen two-year terms and members of the Senate should be limited to seven four-year terms. Furthermore, Supreme Court Justices should be limited to thirty-years of service on the bench.

  • sethrum 03/08/2009 7:20pm

    Much attention for a bill that will never see the light of day. Let’s move along. This one is dead.

  • smwbugging 03/11/2009 3:41pm

    This country isn’t to have a “King”. The Founding Fathers did not want a King to run the USA. We are to elect our President for 2 terms and it should stay that way. Why do you think this was done after FDR? There should be term limits on all offices Senate on down. There a too many who are career party puppets, they have lost the ability to do what is right for this country.

  • ddrrjj1122 03/11/2009 6:35pm

    The term limit on any office in the Unites States in a hindrance to the Democratic process. The reason for elections as often as they occur in the United States is to keep the politics of this nation in motion, fluid. On the same token, experience is vitally important in all positions of government, and by placing term limits on Congress and the President, there is a forced removal of experience. Also, there would be no continuity of government if there were strict term limits placed on all elected officials, the government would move quickly, too quickly, in some cases, for policies that were enacted by one set of officials to be fully realized because the next set may screw with the policies. Basically, term limits would restrict the ability for this country to grow and flourish because of the lack of experience by all elected officials every few terms.

  • islwayn 03/16/2009 6:35am

    Not only no, but HELL NO… A complete revamp of our political system is in dire need! Term limits for Congress/Senate, salaries lowered to respectable levels, control of these salaries by the people ONLY!, NO MORE LOBBY crap! NO more having your family on the payrolls of large corporations for favors to be given!! ARE YOU LISTENING CONGRESSMEN? We need to get the United States Government back on track, “By the People, For the People”… Get rid of this ludicrous idea that these politicians have come up with that is ’by the congress and for the congress"…. Get them ALL the hell out of office!!!!!

  • radams463 03/16/2009 8:35am

    Holy crap, could anyone imagine 4 more years of Brainless Bush? To the person who made the Kennedy comment, you are welcome to your opinion but if anybody should have been banned from Breeding it should have been George Bush, then we would not have had his son in office as the perpetual puppet for the past 8 years.

  • jag_fisch 03/16/2009 5:10pm

    Timing of the introduction of this bill is highly suspect?! I believe the current presidential term limit is fair. We have the opportunity to re-elect for an additional term if the country feels it’s warranted, or to elect a new president to prevent stagnation. This position has become pretty omnipotent in the last 2 months. I can’t even imagine what the next step would be if this bill were passed – an amendment to the bill indicating a ‘life term’?!

  • ddrrjj1122 03/16/2009 7:18pm

    Look at the history of Rep. Serrano has introduced this exact bill since 1997. This is nothing new… it’s merely another attempt by him to get the 22nd Amendment removed. The timing of this is not highly suspect at all.

  • vminch 03/17/2009 7:17am

    The Democratic congress supported the 22nd Amendment after FDR because they saw the possibility of abuse if term limits were not placed on the Presidency. Term limits protect us from elected officials who often rely on the “cemetery vote” to continue their time in office. We do need term limits not only for the presidency but also for congressmen as well. It was not the intent of our founding fathers to create a class of ruling nobility which our elected officials seem to think they are.

  • btmtyme 03/23/2009 4:54am

    Is this America or another communist country? Term limit would have kept us out of the situation we are in now.
    It looks like the democrats are trying to start our countries second civil war in order to protect their status quo.

  • gadsitt 03/24/2009 7:52pm

    Obama will only last four years, when people find out how incompetent he is and how he pulled the wool over the eyes of a whole bunch of people. He will be a one trick pony…

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 04/07/2009 3:08pm
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    Repeating a lie will not make it a truth. The majority of Americans approve of the way our President is leading our country, and the minority that lost two straight elections will never approve. Get used to losing – Republicans damage, Democrats repair.

    Note – see history.

  • ZAPEM 03/25/2009 2:25pm

    Impeach Serrano! And take names of any co-sponsors that show up.

  • Comm_reply
    Theultimateg 03/27/2009 9:11am

    AMEN to that!!!!!

  • Theultimateg 03/27/2009 9:10am

    this crap passes and we can change Americas slogan of "Land of the free, home of the brave " to “Long hail the King”.

  • drktalley 04/01/2009 1:54am
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    No Term limit, the people should handle that at election polls, also no salary at all. Being the a representative of the people of the US, should be an honor. Pay mortgage on primary residence, autos. household bills, small salary of spending money basically. Apt in Capital, etc… if there’s no way to profit off the people, less greed and corruption.

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