S.1647 - Assistance for Unemployed Workers Extension Act

A bill to provide for additional emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. view all titles (2)

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  • Official: A bill to provide for additional emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Assistance for Unemployed Workers Extension Act as introduced.

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  • ca23 09/29/2009 1:01pm

    So S1647 is still with the finance committee awaiting changes before it goes to the Senate for vote. The process could take up to a couple of weeks. So we all need to put pressure on our senators to urge passage of this bill.

    Here is article link which has number to Harry Reid
    ’s Office

  • ca23 09/30/2009 10:47am

    I called the Senate Finance Committee to find out status. It will go to a vote soon maybe next week. Senator Baucus from has suggested an additional 4 weeks be added which would make it a 17 week extension. This would be great but it will then have to go to a vote in the house again for passage. President is at IOC so even if it passes this week it wouldn’t be signed until next week.

    Please call your senators and Senate Finance Committee @ 202-224-4515. We need to keep the pressure on!!!! The more pressure will help send this from committee to a vote on the Senate floor.

    check Washingtonwatch.com

  • ca23 09/30/2009 12:50pm

    Other numbers to call to urge them to prioritze passage of S1647 on Finance Committee:
    Senator Lindsay Graham-Washington Office-(202) 224-5972; Pee Dee Regional Office-(843) 669-1505
    Senator DeMint-Washington Office-(202) 224-6121; Charleston Office-(843) 727-4525
    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid-Washington Office-(202) 224-3542
    Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus-Washington Office-(202) 224-4515( Senator Baucus is advocating making the extension 17 weeks). Call

  • Vowel_Movement 10/01/2009 8:39am

    If it is good for one, it should be good for all. That is the latest rub.


  • ca23 10/01/2009 10:44am

    abc news is asking for unemployment stories
    here is the link…


    please share your story and keep the pressure on…

    fyi info from unemployed friends forum

  • ca23 10/01/2009 3:21pm

    Please go to washington watch and vote for S1647. Right now site is showing 46% for and 54% against… please pass on we need to show that there is support for this bill and keep the pressure on. They do have staff check websites.

    link http://www.washingtonwatch.com/bills/show/111_SN_1699.html

  • ca23 10/01/2009 3:34pm

    Senators sent letter 9/30 reHR 3548 feeling it left out 22 other states that did not meet the 8.5% requirement to senate finance committee news release shown on unemployment friends forum

    link: http://unemployed-friends.forumotion.com/unemployment-news-f54/news-release-senators-letter-to-finance-committee-include-all-states-t333.htm

    It will be good to include other states but this will likely delay passage so keep up those calls…

  • ca23 10/01/2009 4:01pm

    NELP has a press release today 10/1/09
    re: s1647(S1699)
    link: http://www.nelp.org/page/-/UI/PR.Senate.10.01.pdf?nocdn=1

    Senator Baucus introduced legislation to extend jobless benefits to all states… 4 weeks more to workers in all states and those with high unemployment 8.5% or higher 13 more weeks, total 17 weeks. This is also paid for by extending an unemployment surtax on employers that has been there for past 30 yrs..

    So we need to keep the pressure on and have them pass this quickly. Thank you Senator Baucus for understanding the plight of jobless Americans.

  • Comm_reply
    Momoftwo 10/01/2009 4:18pm

    All should be able to have an extension, true, but having exhausted all my benefits and the mom of two young girls (as many are in the same situation I’m sure), living in a state with a higher unemployment rate does realistically mean that for every job you apply to, you are competing with even more applicants. My state is at 9.1% at last report. I wish they could pass bill as is, and negotiate a seperate bill for states under 8.5%. All this back and forth is wasting time for those of us wondering will we still be without gas heat this winter. Senators should have been pushing for this to include all states way before this. What’s to figure out really Senators, stop looking at “projections” “advisors” “long-term outlooks” and look at reality: no job, no money, no home, more foreclosures, no bills being paid again, more people draining on public assistance for utilities, costing more than an extension in the end, that’s the real projection if they don’t pass this soon!

  • ca23 10/02/2009 9:19am

    Just called Senate Finace Committee and the bill is now with Harry Reid’s office, which may mean that after a few more changes it will go to vote. Senate is in recess today, so it won’t happen until next week. Keep the pressure on call Senator Reid’s office and your senators to urge swift passage.

  • Comm_reply
    kathwade 10/02/2009 9:59am

    Yes. Keep the pressure on. I contacted both my senators and Harry Reid’s office. You can also go the U.S. Senate page and send e-mails to your senator’s and Harry Reid. Flood them with calls and e-mails.

  • ca23 10/02/2009 2:10pm

    The White House is also negotiating with congress to see that an extension of unemployment benefits so that those who loose jobs up to Dec 31 would getfull expanded 79 weeks of benefits. Other additions to the bill, tax credits that would maintain health insurance by paying 65% of Cobra through tax credits, increasing food stamps … this will increase legislative discussion. So this may take more time… and also make passage more difficult. I hope this doesn’t stall the legislation further. The Senate was set to vote next week.
    See article from Wall Street Journal

  • ca23 10/05/2009 3:02pm

    I called Senator Reid’s office today and his staff person said that their should be a vote this week.
    I also called Senate Finance Committee, Senator Baucus amended the bill to give 17 weeks to states at 8.5% or above but Senator Sheehan is also amending the bill to add an additional weeks for all states(4 more weeks?). Technically, the bill has moved out of committee but that they are waiting for unanimous consent to move the bill to the Senate floor for full votes. She says that potentially the full Senate vote could happen this week.

  • ca23 10/06/2009 2:54pm

    Article Crowdsourcing Unemployment Benefits at Opencongress.org by Avelino Maestas

    Open Congress is trying to have a Benefit Wiki Project where users can access info on State unemployment benefits and also add information.


  • Rlukas 10/27/2009 4:39pm

    whats up with this bill, extending the decemebr 31, 2009 deadline for Tiers I and II are very important

  • Rlukas 11/06/2009 4:12pm

    whats up with this bill, extending the decemebr 31, 2009 deadline for Tiers I and II are very important.

  • Doingtherightthing 11/23/2009 6:06pm

    Anybody have a link to any information regarding moving the extension deadlines past Dec,2009.

  • putusback2work 12/16/2009 12:08pm

    I voted to support this bill. Also, we need to get affordable healthcare for all those who need it. I’m waiting on that one. Have a temp job now with no healthcare benefits because of this turmoil.

  • Bonhoeffer 04/22/2010 1:42pm

    My mind says thank you Senator Graham

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