H.R.589 - Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011

To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. view all titles (4)

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  • Official: To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Unemployment Compensation Expansion Act of 2011 as introduced.

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  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 02/14/2011 11:04am

    Is that why 43,000 American factories suddenly closed under a Republican administration?

  • Comm_reply
    fakk2 02/14/2011 11:05am

    Is what why?

  • Comm_reply
    fakk2 02/14/2011 11:32am

    Just in case the previous reply to this wasn’t understood: What are you referring to as for the reason 43,000 American factories suddenly closed? I expounded on 3 different items in the post you replied to, which one are you claiming caused the closures?

  • Comm_reply
    sclark113 02/14/2011 12:37pm

    That’s why we need a fair tax…

    fakk2 – you’re big on the constitution so try this one on for size – whatever you are taxed today is a fair tax because it is a tax that has been apportioned by our duly elected officals. Our taxes are our own fault because we elected these morons in the first place – this will not change until we stop electing morons and get people into government that match the temperament of the American people today, and I guarantee you it’s not the people that think the rich should get all the benny’s!

    Amendment XVI – The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

    Don’t like it? Change the Constitution!

  • Comm_reply
    fakk2 02/14/2011 2:27pm

    I actually agree sclark113, our tax structure has “been apportioned by our duly elected officials” and that they are “our own fault”. we do need to “stop electing morons”. I agree 100%. I think there’s a better tax structure we could have, which is literally called the “Fair Tax”. But I also agree we’re the ones who have allowed our current tax structure to be what it is.

  • WasMiddleClass 02/13/2011 1:14pm

    Look at all these videos from homeless people. Almost ALL of them are homeless because they lost their jobs! Many are videos of homeless 99ers.


    And Washington DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN!

  • Comm_reply
    sclark113 02/13/2011 2:17pm

    Hi Was, where you been the last day or two? We’ve got our work cut out for us on this bill, but I think we’ve at least got a chance if they do what they were talking about and come up with a way to offset the costs…hang in their friend – it sounds like you’ve had an even rougher time of it than normal as of late.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 02/13/2011 2:43pm

    Hi Scott,

    Between killing myself to try to make a few dollars, and being sick in bed for a day, I didn’t even turn on my computer for a while. I have to split wood tomorrow again.

    If they don’t find a good way to pay for it we will never get it passed. We’ve already been through that…a few times.

    It seems like some of our bloggers are MIA now from my searches. That’s not good.

    I see we have technical problems here again. It is taking forever to get something posted.

  • WasMiddleClass 02/14/2011 2:20am

    2011 unemployment extension for 99ers – has dozens of co-sponsors in House

    An unemployment extension for the 99ers is desperately needed as 35,000 unemployed Americans reach the end of their unemployment benefits each week. This is 140,000 people a month that fall into the newest and one of the fastest growing populations in the US. This population is the 99ers, or long term unemployed who have exhausted their benefits. This very frightening, often depression provoking new reality eventually is topped off with a feeling of hopelessness for millions.


  • WasMiddleClass 02/14/2011 2:29am

    I’ll say again that I do agree with some things from this author,

    Every once in a while it becomes necessary to attack the false left-right paradigm in order to keep the lie it represents front and center in the minds of those the propagandists seek to control. I’m sure every 99er would agree that jobs and unemployment are for the majority the number one issue in the U.S. today. However the will of the majority is subservient to the interests of the rich.

    The Demopublicans have historically sold themselves as proponents of the working man and the poor, whereas the Republicrats claim corporations and the rich as their own. The fact is they all defecate through the same hole and the American workers et.al. are spoon fed what comes out. As the fact that we are losing more jobs every day is being ignored out of hand, the one party socialist system is busy catering to their fellow filthy rich.

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 02/14/2011 2:35am

    Wouldn’t it seem that the Demopublicans and Republicrats are in complete agreement when it comes to exporting our jobs and industry for the benefit of the filthy rich?

    ..Today we must fight as if our lives depended on it because they do…


  • WasMiddleClass 02/14/2011 2:47am

    When I read that Obama now wants to cut heating assistance to the poor after record numbers needed it, and it was all that kept many from freezing to death this winter, after giving FAR,FAR more money away to the “elite” in his “deal”, it certainly makes me wonder whose side he really is on.

    If I don’t drop dead from carrying 100 pound logs all day today I’ll be back later…

  • sclark113 02/14/2011 3:00am

    2011 Unemployment Extension – H.R. 589 – Beat’em to Death with the Cold Hard Facts!


  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 02/14/2011 4:41am

    Excellent article my friend!

    I may not have to split wood today after all since no one else showed up yet. I could use another day to recover…

    I’m still having problems getting the page to load here. Seeing as how long it has been going on now it makes me wonder if it is a denial of service attack from someone…

  • Comm_reply
    sclark113 02/14/2011 8:12am

    OC has been really twitchy as of late with refresh failures and the reply comment box disappearing again as of late…you ain’t the only one having trouble my friend!!!

  • wstaff 02/14/2011 5:30am

    “Hidden in the shadows” A friend of mine brought up some good point on my face book page and while I know he is correct I also know under those shadows, people will step up even if under the term anonymously. What do I mean? Americans in general do not care to make waves and we are talking the working individuals. This being said it is important to note that we need support no matter what name they choose to use. 3.8 million have not chosen of no fault of there own to become the unemployed,lightly employed or live out onto the streets. The Term, “America folding onto itself” is not however unlikely from its future. Not since the great depression have we seen the shutting of door ways when those in dire need, need it the most. Again history repeats itself and we have not learned anything since then. Higher taxes does nothing but drive businesses away from our home land to countries with lower accountability. But the product comes back to us payable by you and me in import taxes.

  • wstaff 02/14/2011 5:46am

    Referred too as the, “double whammy”. In a technical age were we should be driving other countries forward, we again have failed.No we are the country that shouts the best out of each side of our mouth, on one side doing the worlds business, on the other side scream foul ball and push our agenda even tho we know millions of our own people(who shall remain nameless)remain without anything or at best barely making it. This reality, embarrassed law makers are afraid to utter them by name. Instead lets create a pork barrel of spending ideals that make no sense when are dying few continue to live in poverty. 53 million on a new rail system, 100’s of million to be spent on our military might and other spendthrifts that could go to help our own but again lets choose not to give them a dime. Those chosen to run this country could care less and mark my words will continually see changing of seats in the years ahead and the new senators like our current will care no less then the prior.

  • wmeyer714 02/14/2011 5:54am

    The discussions here are quite an eye-opener…
    I exhausted my benifits a while back and have been hanging by a thread since. I work in Information Technology and constantly hear of “demand” for my skillset, but of the 5 or so dozen interviews I had last year all but 2 were filled by H-1b holders [and the other 2 positions were Not filled]. The employers and legislators have destroyed the market for american technology workers. The employers are hiring H-1b holders when qualified Americans are available with the required skills because they can pay them far less [with the promise of a green card ??]. The legislators are DOING NOTHING to prevent this FRAUD or police the process !!

    Now I have to wait and see if HR589 survives committee to learn if I will get any help…

    I think the republicans need to walk a mile in our shoes before they oppose this bill !!!

  • Comm_reply
    wstaff 02/14/2011 6:18am

    wmeyer714- you are exactly right. But far be it a senator come out of their comfy office to walk in our shoes. It just will not happen. Our own President
    (who I did not vote for) will never resort or face the fact the common sense
    will never be allowed to live in either house. Education they talk about giving a boost does nothing for companies that will not hire individuals with higher education to save a few bucks when they can hire individuals at a lessor rate.
    I know at 1500 resumes sent out the common reference in responding to hire me has been “Your over Qualified” another words Your to educated when we are looking for cheep labor. Warning for all, Education does not work when your meeting a labor force that only wants cheep labor.

  • Comm_reply
    fakk2 02/14/2011 10:11am

    Wstaff, very true. Education spending has not helped during the last 40 years. Our test scores are exactly the same as when the Department of Education was created. We should stop spending so much of that money on something that doesn’t work and reinvest it.

  • wstaff 02/14/2011 6:07am

    “My Budget Suggestion” Give incentives to the small businesses that would include tax write offs only for new hires in a span of 5 years. Bring back huge corporations with these same stipulations. After all the best turning of this economy is to get people back to work not out sourcing our work to countries why by face value are laughing at us behind closed doors. China a industry that by all accounts thriving off our backs and it will not slow down. The best thing our government can do is stop all spending and out sourcing jobs (Free Trade) when it has not worked over the last century. The pride of a country should be and I repeat taking care of its own first and understand the rewards are far grateful then continue down our current path.
    Re invest in America first and throw away the blind folds.

  • duerz 02/14/2011 6:20am

    This all just a song and dance from the democrats. Keep in mind that I too am a 99er, and need assistance. But this bill does NOT have a means for offset; therefore it is useless. Haven’t we been here before – with Stabenow? She introduced her bill, and then didn’t not even get the bill out of committee. They will not pass this bill because it would greatly increase the unemployment rate – thus making both democrats and republicans look bad. And why in the world haven’t the democrats learned there lesson yet – with spending? The republicans will not allow this bill to pass anyways. This bill is nothing but False hopes. I’m not even excited to hear about this bill. I’m going back to my job hunting…

  • Abaratarrr 02/14/2011 7:24am

    Just a thought, being that the unemployment rate amongst the veterans of the wars in Irac and Afghanistan is over 14% maybe they could title an unemployment bill “the helping those that fought for our freedom act” No republican could vote no to that, just re title 589 and attach it to the FAA Authorization bill, that is guaranteed to pass, as an amendment.

  • Comm_reply
    wstaff 02/14/2011 7:37am

    We can only hope. I am a veteran that goes back 11 years and it has done very little to me now. In fact those of the 50 years or older have been slapped in the face when it comes to honoring its vets. Here is a slip of paper that says thank you now go away and expect nothing else from us. But remember we love those that have served and given of there life so that we all can keep the freedoms (cough cough) we justly can not find the words for in our current state of economic times. “Ask what you can do for your country, but dare not ask anything in return”.

  • wstaff 02/14/2011 7:53am

    A lie detector test while running for office. It will never happen. Any Senator or Counsel considered for office will never face truth with inept lies. There platform would not exist unless it can be based on falsehoods. Give it to them good and hard and let the chips fall once in office. It has been this way for years.(FACT). I do not want a smaller government if it means we cut our base to just smaller lairs who will do anything to get into office. Agenda ? They all have one and part of it is walk with blind folds and never acknowledge anything that seems out of the box. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it must be a pig. We can never allow ducks in our glass homes with white picket fences, what would our neighbors say.

  • sclark113 02/14/2011 8:09am

    New unemployment extension bill for 99ers gains cosponsors


  • sclark113 02/14/2011 8:09am

    New unemployment extension bill for 99ers gains cosponsors


  • WasMiddleClass 02/14/2011 9:04am

    I was thinking about the people of Egypt, and what they accomplished, and I know one of the main reasons they protested was high unemployment. I decided to research what their unemployment rate is. After hearing some on our news talk about their terribly high unemployment rate I expected it to be around 25 to 30% at least.

    I was shocked to find out that it was only 8.4% in 2009 and 9.4% in 2010.

    That was enough for them to kick their (dictatorship) government to the curb…

  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 02/14/2011 9:05am

    Here is the data,


  • wmeyer714 02/14/2011 9:21am

    I would have thought it much higher in Egypt too !
    In our case “The fabric of Liberty must be cleansed in the blood of revolutionaries . . .”

    I’ve been reading about all the crap the government has pulled with the immigration and “guest” worker issues and think we may be long overdue ?

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