H.R.2131 - SKILLS Visa Act

To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to enhance American competitiveness through the encouragement of high-skilled immigration, and for other purposes. view all titles (3)

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  • Official: To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to enhance American competitiveness through the encouragement of high-skilled immigration, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: SKILLS Visa Act as introduced.
  • Short: Supplying Knowledge-based Immigrants and Lifting Levels of STEM Visas Act as introduced.

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  • emcee 12/08/2013 12:17pm

    READ Section 201 (and google for U.S.C.1184 bill) and weep.
    Numbers are cleverly buried.

    21st century slave trade+real life hunger games in action.

    TOTAL US SOFTWARE ENGG = 1M (155K H-1B visas/year will inc TOTAL supply by 15% EVERY YEAR)
    Wage inflation in Software profession = 0% for the last 15 years
    Unemployment > 7% (highest in engineering professions in US)
    Underemployment > 20% (many US Citizens just cannot work for slave wages)

    Have a fake hearing on how to solve unemployment in US. Great work!

    H-1B manual:
    For every H-1B visa
    Pay $30K less per H-1B visa/year (wages + insurance savings)
    Fire 4 times older US Citizens (why 4 times ? – ’cos 1 H-1B visa employee is a slave driver who drives a min of 5 to 10 slaves in 3rd world)
    Let taxpayers take care of mess
    No corp taxes to take care of mess => Irish + Dutch + Cayman

    Siphon off $3B /year by doing no work from taxpayers to Corps.
    $3B = $30K/H-1Bvisa/year * 100K visa/year

    US citizens=>u can complain to DOL :)

  • emcee 12/08/2013 1:22pm

    See all these bills one by one to APPRECIATE how cleverly the system is designed, how the #s are fudged (not just in one bill but in many bills to increase the odds of passing).
    S.744- Section 4101 (SubSection (9)(A)(ii) and (9)(A)(iii))
    H.R.2131 – SKILLS Visa Act (Read Section 201 and google for U.S.C. 1184)
    S.169 – I-Squared Act of 2013 (Read Section 101, Subsection (9)(A)(ii) and (9)(A)(iii))

    Readers/Reporters: Please search and add to above list is possible

    Most people would not object to issuing H-1B visa to foreign students who completed MS and Phd degress in STEM fields (For this u just need 20K visas/year = 50 US states * 10 univ/state * 40 foreign MS and Phd STEM students / univ)
    and this is MOSTLY GOOD for US.

    But why would anyone import H-1B slaves directly? => ’cos it is the 21st century slave trade+profitable+wall st greed

    H-1B is “real life hunger games” in US for STEM workers. Once TPP is signed behind closed doors, get ready to be in “perpetual poverty”+serfdom.

  • emcee 12/08/2013 6:33pm

    Over the last 10 years, approx. $30B to $50B is siphoned off from taxpayers to wall st, just by this single “H-1B visa scheme” or “law”. In addition, also cause massive unemployment+underemployment (permanent, long-term) in even in the well educated sections of society.

  • emcee 01/11/2014 10:52am

    The biggest joke (and the tragedy unleashed on US STEM workers) of this bill will be seen when you look at just one tech firm in the US, Hewlett Packard (which is part of the Information Technology Industry Council, now wait for it… a supporter of this bill, which should be no surprise to people who can think on their own). Just in 2013, this single firm laid off 40K full time employees. As every one in US knows, usually the lay off of contractors in these firms will be even more. So taking 60K contractors as an approx #, this firm has laid off approx. 100K people from its US STEM workforce in just one year (2013) and is trying to bring in more people on H-1B so that they can lay off their entire US STEM workforce. Truly sadistic bunch.

  • emcee 01/11/2014 11:12am

    Of course when the US STEM workers in the US are replaced with H-1Bs, this is bound to happen.


  • emcee 01/11/2014 11:41am

    It is VERY hard to create a single STEM job (not just in US but in any country). PLEASE THINK AS A BUSINESSMAN. If you need to create a US STEM worker job which pays around $100K/year, that employee would have to produce valuable stuff worth around $150K/year and then taking out the expenses, the company will make a profit of around 20% (avg US computer industry net profit margin). Producing $150K/year worth of valuable stuff is pretty hard to do. Instead of encouraging US students, politicians have decided to “sell out US STEM workers” by giving out STEM jobs like candies with H-1B. It is truly pathetic. Will a drug company invest in R&D and produce life saving drugs if there was no patent protection? Will top US students take up STEM profession if the jobs and wages are destroyed by H-1B visas due to artificial shortage cries from tech firms? This is the reason why top US students DO NOT want to pursue STEM fields. STEM is the 21st century Manufacturing industry. ALL GONE FROM US!

  • emcee 01/11/2014 12:01pm

    In order to justify this US STEM worker sellout through H-1B visas, a spin doctor “who is not good at math or statistics but will look so due to his credentials” is brought out. This spin doctor will argue that around “30% of tech firms formed in the last 10 years were started by H-1B immigrants”. Now use logic, math and statistics and see what is wrong with the above argument. Let us say 10,000 US tech firms were created in the last 10 years, and 3,000 of those has an H-1B immigrant founder (30%). Now, Wait for it….
    What this means is that 3000 immigrants out of 1 million (100K H-1B visas/year * Last 10 years = 1 Million tech H-1B visas in last 10 years) have started a firm in the US. So, 3000/1 Million IS NOT 30%, but ONLY 0.3%. I am pretty sure the ratio of US citizens who start their own business is comparable or higher to this percentage. H-1B is a Superb money siphoning trick from US STEM workers to the top 1%. By my calculation atleast $30B per YEAR.

  • emcee 03/30/2014 6:24pm

    So H-1B jobs are for the best and brightest eh.,
    Look at the job post below and look at the wages and weep.
    The wages advertised below are 50K to 60K for an experienced Software Engineer.
    Wait a minute, I thought US firms were having difficulty finding people and hence the need for H-1B candidates.. So the best and brightest in the US will come to US on H-1B and will be paid 50K/year. Hmm.. What is that smell?
    It is $25/hour job (assuming the engineer only works 2000 hours per year) for BEST AND BRIGHTEST


    You can also go to

    and then enter “H-1B” in the search field and read the pay rates and weep.

    Even more worst things (and lower wages around $10/hour to $20/hour) can be seen at

  • emcee 03/30/2014 6:28pm

    For your viewing pleasure (These reports were filed by leading reporter many years back, but the lobbying is so strong, it is all dismissed and US STEM workers SOLD OUT)





  • emcee 03/30/2014 6:45pm
    Even more fun stuff where salary is advertised in local currencies (which have many zeroes to confuse people and hopefully the DOL :)) http://jobsearch.naukri.com/job-listings-BIW-Engineer-US-with-H1B-visa-only-Apply-V-Accurate-Management-Services-United-States-U-S—3-to-8-110314004062?xz=1_0_5&xo=&xp=35&xid=139621718112694100&qjt=&qp=H-1B&id=&f=-110314004062 Again the conversion rate of this currency to US dollar is 1 to 60. So it is job which pays, wait for it, drum roll please, $10K to $25K US dollars per year in the US!!. This is BELOW POVERTY WAGES FOR H-1B. So had your fill of BEST AND BRIGHTEST YET? How can there be no fraud in this system? Investigative journalism in the US is dead, reporters just parrot whatever everyone says instead of digging into data. When you do, you find stinkers like this.
  • emcee 03/30/2014 7:53pm

    This is another job posting for H-1B where the fee for H-1B visa processing will be paid by the employee:) Good one for laughs. Well these fees were paid by the employer of H-1B candidates because they cannot find candidates in the USA, Yes/No ?? Tragic.


    Abuse like this has been happening EVERY DAY and EVERY YEAR for the last 15 years (since the H-1B visa was introduced) and the response has been: Nothing to look here, move along bozo, we have STEM worker shortages in USA :)

    There are more H-1B visas issued over the last 15 years (100K H-1B visas * 15 years = 1.5 Million) than the TOTAL NUMBER OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERS IN THE USA!!

    If it weren’t for the fact that this is so tragic and how it has affected people’s lives, this would be laughable.

  • emcee 03/30/2014 7:58pm

    In case the links above gets removed from the above sites (they WILL BE REMOVED/REWORDED as soon as the scams are found out :)), here is the jist … but then again, since there is no investigative journalism in the USA/no one is looking/it is all a big SELL OUT, it is here for your viewing pleasure..

    Country : US

    Location : New Jersey

    Industry : IT

    Process : H1B

    Desired Profile

    The candidate should have excellent communication skill and the clients Will be like …

    We will charge Candidate $2000 for Visa Processing .

  • emcee 04/02/2014 2:11am

    Please see this info by BLS (yes Bureau of Labor Statistics)


    See the “most common professions” in the US and spend a few minutes looking at it. Let us take the retail job which is the most common and this industry employs only 4.5 Million total.

    Since US software industry employs VERY SMALL NUMBER OF PEOPLE (only 1 Million total), this is a death knell for the US STEM workers and will increase US STEM worker supply by OVER 10% to 15% EVERY YEAR of the “ENTIRE SOFTWARE WORKFORCE IN THE US”. So if supply of a product is increased by over 15% in a year AND EVERY YEAR, what will happen to the price (a.k.a salary)? Software jobs don’t fall from the sky. AND WILL NOT INCREASE 15% EVERY YEAR FOREVER.


    In last 15 years, # of H-1B issued is OVER 1.5 Million (greater than TOTAL US STEM WORKFORCE).

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