H.R.235 - Social Security Fairness Act of 2009

To amend title II of the Social Security Act to repeal the Government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions. view all titles (2)

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  • Official: To amend title II of the Social Security Act to repeal the Government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions. as introduced.
  • Short: Social Security Fairness Act of 2009 as introduced.

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  • Anonymous 01/14/2009 6:59am

    HR 235 is a bill that should be passed or congress should remove the requirement that these retirees pay into the SS system where no benefit is expected to be realized.

  • smsgt_usaf 01/16/2009 7:32am

    Long overdue. If funding is a problem, take it out of the stimulus package. This bill is more deserving than most other programs.

  • smsgt_usaf 01/16/2009 7:33am

    Long overdue. If funding is a problem, take it out of the stimulus package. This bill is more deserving than most other programs.

  • Anonymous 01/18/2009 2:00am

    This bill needs to be passed now! I am a retired/widowed female and receive $788 month in Social Security. My government pension would have helped a lot but when I found that my Social Security will be penalized so much, I decided not to take it. Sadly, I will be much further ahead by applying for food stamps, HEAP, HUD, subsidized Medicare and whatever other freebie government give-away is available to me. My government pension can go to my children after I am dead.

  • smsgt 01/21/2009 5:17am

    At this time of financial problems for so many people, I would like to go on record supporting this bill. It would repeal the Government pension offset and windfall elimination provisions for over 60,000 members. It is only fair that they be allowed to get the full Social Security benefits they have paid for.

    As a retired military member, I have paid social security for over 20 years, All of those years are called substantial and count as credit toward social security. I retired a second time from the Louisiana State Employees Retirement System (LASERS). I had heard about the offset law and efforts to repeal it at that time. Since this law was so discriminatory, I felt sure it would have no problems being repealed. I was wrong.

    I chose to serve this great country both in the military and as a State Civil Servant. I never thought the Federal Government would deny me, my wife, and many others like us the few dollars we have earned for our old age.
  • Anonymous 01/21/2009 9:20am

    I fully believe that the WEP and GPO offsets should be repealed immediately. I lost my Federal Government job due to the Base
    Closures in 1995. I was unfortunate to get another job thru the
    Priority Placement System and was forced to take a reduced CSRS
    annuity. I was 45 years old at the time and my CSRS pension was
    reduced by 20% or approx $4000 per year. Now I am going to lose
    up to 50% or $372 monthly from my entitled Social Sercurity benefit
    due to WEP. Please repeal these SS offsets

  • jbrhode 01/28/2009 4:50am

    Most of us joined federal service before WEP and GPO were enacted. We made career decisions based on the rules at the time. We had faith that our government would treat us like many others, including members of Congress, are treated and not penalize us for working hard at two careers. Please repeal these unfair laws.

  • Anonymous 01/29/2009 9:31am

    Please act now to repeal the GPO and WEP provisions. It is unfair to penalize the people in 15 states while the people in the remaining states are collecting the benefits they have earned.

  • 1234 01/30/2009 10:22am

    Please repeal the GPO and WEP provisions. I was a teacher in Missouri for 28 years. My husband died shortly after I retired. He had earned over $35,000 in social security benefits during his working years and died at the age of 62. My pension was reduced a year or two after his death and then I received nothing since then. I don’t think this is fair considering the amount he contributed over his life time. I think this is unfair to women and should be repealed for that reason only

  • Anonymous 02/07/2009 8:07am

    My Social Security benefits were offset even though I am already at poverty level. Single women are affected by the unfair practice the most.

  • Anonymous 02/11/2009 3:56am

    Repeal of the GPO and WEP would be a stimulus package all to itself as the retirees would spend this money. For me, the amount of WEP elimination is about $400 per month and I imagine it is larger for others. Backdating the elimination is not necessary, just set a date when WEP and GPO no longer applies.

  • Anonymous 02/12/2009 6:10pm

    I thought surely this would be part of the stimulus package, but I have seen no evidence of it thus far. I worked a part-time job for 22 years at the same place while teaching full-time and paid social security for that time at my part-time job. I am 62 and should get about $216 in Social Security benefits a month if I apply, but if I calculate correctly, I would get about $80 a month due to the WEP. At this rate, I don’t even think I will make enough from SS to pay for my medicare insurance at age 65. This would truly be a stimulus for me that I can benefit from.

  • Anonymous 02/13/2009 7:31am

    I taught 30 years in the public school system before retiring to take care of my father who has Alzheimer’s Disease. I retired from a system that did not pay Social Security even though I have accumulated the required number of quarters to qualify. I though sure that this would be part of the stimulus package—giving retirees more money to spend (which they have rightfully earned!). Please consider how many people would be helped by repealing these unfair provisions. This would also put more money back in circuluation!

  • Anonymous 02/13/2009 11:14am

    This Bill will cure a long standing injustice and it needs to be acted on and passed to help those affected and especially the retired people who are hurting terribly. If nothing else take the money out of the stimulus package but something should be done as soon as at all possible.

  • Anonymous 02/13/2009 2:21pm

    I recently went back to school and became a special education teacher. This is my second career, and I’m 55 years old. I wouldn’t have spent all that money in tuition and spent all those hours over textbooks if I’d known that I would lose a substantial portion of my social security retirement by becoming a teacher! It makes no sense to deduct money from my social security payments—-I’ve spent more than 20 years paying into that system. My sister has become a teacher after spending much of her life as a home-maker. Now she finds that if her husband should pass away money will be deducted from her widow’s pension! She’d lose her house.

  • Anonymous 02/16/2009 4:24pm

    I fully support HR235 since I have my 40 units and am fully qualified to recieve my full social security benefit. However, I am being penalized by 50% because I was a public school teacher for 34 years and earned my 40 units during that time. This bill should only apply to government workers who are fully qualified for social security with 40 units.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 02/19/2009 6:15am

    Why should this (HR235) only apply to government workers who are fully qualified for social security with 40 units,why do you think you should get full benefits and a government worker not get full benefits?

  • Barbara41 02/16/2009 6:47pm

    I came to U.S.A. from Sweden in 1986 at the age of 45, I was working as musician and earned my pension from both countries. Now I am 67 and I would like to go to retirement. My Swedish pension would be $500/month, my American Soc. Sec. will be reduced by the same amount – $500/month if I attempt to collect the Swedish pension. How can I live on $800/month? The Windfall Elimination Provision must be eliminated as soon as possible!

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  • Anonymous 02/22/2009 1:34am

    I fully support(HR 235)since I earned all my credits outside of the federal service. It is unfair to penalize any worker who has rightfully earned his or her benifets. Windfall Elimination is discrimination and unfair. Must repeal now.

  • Anonymous 02/22/2009 1:40am

    I fully support(HR 235). I believe this is an unfair practice to Federal Workers considering they have worked there 40 quarters plus and are penalized for being a good American Workers. We are not lazy and have earned this supplement by getting up every moring and going to our good american jobs. We have principles. This would be ideal for the stimulis package. Must repeal now.

  • Anonymous 02/26/2009 11:15am

    i have worked for the federal government for 30 years. i receive a pension. if i were to go to work in the public sector i would have to work more than 7 years to get social security and then it would be halved due to my pension. UNFAIR!!! i think we should all become politicians because they get a stipend from every job they are in, regardless. why do they get more perks than we do? free trips to sister cities, free cars, free bank accounts. if you have paid into social security and paid into a private pension plan than you should receive money from both.

  • Anonymous 03/02/2009 12:37pm

    Many years ago, I entered the working force of this country. This in fact was as a youngster. Even so i started my contributions into Social Security. Once I was old enough to enlist, I did so and again paid into Social Security. Later I was employed by the New York Central RR. I worked three years and left for municipal employment. After thirty two years of employment I retired and started to receive $137.00 per month from Social Security. This because I had a Police Pension. As far as I am concerned, I entered into an agreement with my Country, whereas I would pay so much into SS and I would receive a full due amount upon reaching the required age. My Country lied to me, my country violated our agreement. SHAME ON MY COUNTRY AND THE POLITICIANS WHO ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN. HR 235 MUST BE PASSED

  • Anonymous 03/04/2009 4:26am

    I worked and paid in SS for over 27 years and then worked for the state of Colorado and retired there with 20 years of service. I am 62 and can start drawing my SS this year but found out with WEP I will be penalized almost 50% of my SS because of a second job! I would hope HR 235 is passed as it is long over due. Never could figure out why 15 states had this rule and rest didn’t. It’s time for us to receive what we have coming!

  • phildero 03/04/2009 11:12am

    It must pass. It is discriminatory.

  • phildero 03/04/2009 11:16am

    I was to receive $180 a month from SS. It was cut to $60 the act. My cost for medicare is appx. $93 per month. I ended up haveing to pay Soc. Sec. $33 plus a month. Can you believe it?

  • teacher1 03/11/2009 4:26am

    In light of the current economic climate, this bill must be passed now more than ever before. I (like many others)took second and sometimes third jobs to enable me to pursue a teaching career, paid taxes and now receive a reduced benefit of only $142 (minus the deduction for Medicare.) Surely those of us who would benefit from the passage of this bill are as important as much of the funding in the recent stimulus.

  • mattspost45 03/17/2009 3:51pm

    It’s time for the Congress to right the wrong that has punished public workers for many years. Do the fair thing and support H.R. 235.

  • inman31 03/23/2009 8:48am

    My wife worked for over 12 years in the private sector to pay for her education.
    After receiving her teachers certificate and teaching for 30 years we find that she is penilized for having been a teacher with regard to the WEP and GPO. H.R. 235 should be passed in order to eliminate this unfairness.

  • mptaylor 03/28/2009 1:21pm

    I was recently laid off in Dallas, TX and had seriously considered changing careers from corporate to public as a teacher. The negative impact to my SS benefits because of GPO and WEP will derail my plans.

    Repeal GPO & WEP.

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