H.R.2419 - Farm Bill Extension Act of 2007

To provide for the continuation of agricultural programs through fiscal year 2012, and for other purposes. view all titles (24)

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  • Short: CFTC Reauthorization Act of 2007 as passed senate.
  • Official: To provide for the continuation of agricultural programs through fiscal year 2012, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007 as reported to house.
  • Short: Farm, Nutrition, and Bioenergy Act of 2007 as passed house.
  • Short: Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2007 as passed house.
  • Short: Pollinator Protection Act of 2007 as passed house.
  • Short: Connect the Nation Act as passed senate.
  • Short: Domestic Pet Turtle Equality Act as passed senate.
  • Short: Heartland, Habitat, Harvest, and Horticulture Act of 2007 as passed senate.
  • Short: Housing Assistance Council Authorization Act of 2007 as passed senate.
  • Short: Pet Safety and Protection Act of 2007 as passed senate.
  • Short: Small Business Disaster Response and Loan Improvements Act of 2007 as passed senate.
  • Short: Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 as enacted.
  • Short: Agricultural Security Improvement Act of 2008 as enacted.
  • Short: CFTC Reauthorization Act of 2008 as enacted.
  • Short: Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement Act of 2008 as enacted.
  • Short: Heartland, Habitat, Harvest, and Horticulture Act of 2008 as enacted.
  • Short: HOPE II Act as enacted.
  • Short: Housing Assistance Council Authorization Act of 2008 as enacted.
  • Short: Small Business Disaster Response and Loan Improvements Act of 2008 as enacted.
  • Short: Food and Energy Security Act of 2007 as passed senate.
  • Official: To provide for the continuation of agricultural programs through fis as introduced.
  • Short: Food and Energy Se as passed senate.
  • Short: Farm Bill Extension Act of 2007 as introduced.

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  • abelruss 01/16/2008 8:16am

    Michael Pollan’s take on it…


  • skrap 01/17/2008 6:54am

    I think he’s got it right: because of our subsidy system, the cheapest calories in the grocery store continue to be the least healthy. As long as we continue with that policy, we’ll be an obese, malnourished nation.

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  • piercekiltoff 01/30/2008 7:50pm

    I do like the rural water supply improvement grants, I wish they’d provide something along those lines separately.

  • geos 02/07/2008 4:32am

    here is the ‘money’ quote from the Pollan article:

    “The flow of immigrants north from Mexico since Nafta is inextricably linked to the flow of American corn in the opposite direction, a flood of subsidized grain that the Mexican government estimates has thrown two million Mexican farmers and other agricultural workers off the land since the mid-90s.”

    the “immigration” debate is just an extension of the “globalization” debate and agricultural products are first and foremost a globally traded commodity.

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 02/07/2008 1:39pm

    Along the same line as Pollan’s point quoted above by geos, here are a couple other articles from the past year that discuss the interrelationship of immigration and agricultural subsidies:

    “Mexican Immigration and Corn” – Sally Kohn


    “Somebody Has the Upper Hand, But It Isn’t the American Farmer” – Nancy Scola


  • Anonymous 03/16/2008 10:14pm

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  • Anonymous 04/25/2008 3:17pm
    Link Reply
    + -1

    Food for Peace is the soft power civil society lobby getting what they want before the bill goes to the President.

    See Kennedy, Harvard and USAID; Food for Peace

    The UN made 200 million on the lobby and the new five year foreign aid and agency budgets exist. The Hyde AIDs bill was tripled to 50 billion and it’s the new foreign aid five year earmark control for other types of foreign aid earmarks.

    The soft power civil society got everything they wanted. The bill’s name was even changed to reflect the food emergency, but that was soft power and civil society’s point from the beginning and what Congress billed. Self fulfilling prophecies. Dems, Harvard and Kennedys wouldn’t do that to us!

  • Anonymous 04/29/2008 4:20am

    Zoellick’s Commodity Report;

    “Though we have seen wheat prices fall over the last few days, rice and corn prices are likely to remain high, and wheat relatively so,” World Bank President Robert Zoellick told a joint news conference.


    We have to get him a phone and he can do live updates from the UN World Bank trading floor.

    The lobby groups didn’t get what they wanted and now we have the high food prices, a 200 million dollar payment with 300 million more in 7 year debt and the UN World Bank again. This reminds me allot of voting and dems; we get what we want or it’s the UN. The new commodity exchanges should be run from the World Bank?

    Now the bill goes to the President and it’s the UN again.

  • Anonymous 05/02/2008 5:04am

    The 770 million Food for Peace keeps people who have become dependent on us for food more dependent. They are going to say they are owed this.

    Bush and Clinton’s speeches yesterday threatened. So, why would they do this when garbage has been in charge for the last week? The people who have become dependent on the US for cash want the money and they’ll kill to get it.

    I’m quitting. Let the dems give away trillions, I’d rather live a life.

  • Anonymous 05/14/2008 4:14pm

    Food for Peace is an earmark that should be removed. This earmark looks the same as USAID funding in Afghanistan, why earmarks are an issue.

    There are now proposals to subsidize the governments directly, skipping the administration of the farm aid. All the MCC governments can subsidize their own crops. We don’t need to subsidize. They can also arrange for the sale and delivery of their commodities to whomever needs the commodities. Emergency delivery of food aid can also be handled by the MCC governments. If those countries are too poor, arrangements can be made. If these emergency problems are long term, they need to make long term arrangements.

    Five year emergency budgets and Food for Peace legislation is going to fail in Congress and we’ll see that aid and the agencies that relied on it fail. MCC countries that want the emergency five year aid money and the emergency Food for Peace aid money should be willing to provide that aid themselves, unless they see it as a failure.

    Food for Peace is emergency and standard funding for farm subsidies and this is the answer to the end of the five year emergency budgets that will fail. We have an ‘agency,’ Food For Peace, that exists to buy and deliver(yes, we’re needed for the delivery of the goods, not just the purchase) foreign farm goods in an emergency. The emergencies are usually long term and can be solved with the countries involved. MCC and countries that don’t need USAID administration can probably handle most of these problems themselves; including the farm subsidies, food purchase and delivery and donation. Food for Peace isn’t needed, except for the cash and delivery.

  • Anonymous 05/14/2008 7:58pm

    Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954

    Exchange of goods. The food can be various types based on price.

  • Anonymous 05/20/2008 7:55am

    Water for Peace.

  • Anonymous 05/20/2008 8:12am

    Interaction and NPCA are now lobbying over MCC money being used to pay for these ‘emergency five year sustainable budgets.’ PC and other agencies just use the hiring of these emergency orgs like PEPFAR and Food for Peace to extend the PC budget out five years. The five year sustainable action plans from PC make no sense when applied to five year ‘sustainable emergency’ budgets at other US government orgs. Maybe 30% of the 100S of billions actually goes to treatment or food. The rest is eaten by US agencies and NGOs.

    The orgs that have been hiring and funding US government agencies like PC have had their budgets doubled or tripled by Congress along with the orgs and bills and it’s too much money not to go to where it is supposed to; too much money is used by agencies that have hooked into these orgs like PEPFAR, food and water bills.

    PC paid lobbyists like NPCA and Interaction should understand that US agencies like PC have hooked into too many bills and programs and it’s now too much money over too much time(five year ‘emergency budgets’ going on to 10 years) to be taken away by other agencies like PC and have only 30% go to the actual program needy.

  • Anonymous 05/24/2008 5:37am


    My years whirl past me. Swirling. Dry, broken grass hovering in a
    spring breeze. Can I remember my experiences in war? Hardly. Fighting
    for my country, my youth invested, seems such a long time ago, and so
    unimportant. The calendar this year marks Memorial Day on the 30th of
    May,2008. Have I lost something? The traditional Memorial Day, also known
    as Decoration Day, is on the 30th of May. This observed Memorial Day on May
    29th coincidentally allows for a national three day holiday. Such is
    commercialism’s capitalistic American display. But why do I feel so
    stricken, like I have abandoned old friends from long ago? Their ghosts
    consort with my floating years, and their spirits coast around my presence.
    Another three day holiday! Memorial Day! Maybe me and the kids can go
    camping? Or, to the beach? Memorial Day is fun! This is the
    inconsiderate, thoughtless approach to this meaningful, and consecrated
    moment representing one three hundred and sixty-fifth of our year. What is
    the meaning of Memorial Day? Is it merely a three day escape from our
    worldly duties? Or, is it the official beginning of summer? Is selling
    more hot dogs at the ballpark the overriding clarification? Many souls,
    sacrificed in war, in duty to America, are wandering. They drift in a
    heavenly place, minus their future here upon earth. Tomorrows were forfeited.
    Given up so our nation would invigorate free souls, aspire them to
    freedom, and justly allow their lives lived as they prefer. Raising
    offspring above restrictions, as they desire. Those lost lives giving we,
    the living, what we want freely. Those are the souls we respect on Memorial
    Day. This means it is a sacred day. Without retrospect, sacrifice is
    mute. Old Glory does not wave by accident. It flutters in the spring air
    revealing honor. The color red represents the blood bloom from those who
    fell, those who clawed, those who cried in horrible pain. Those who died
    fast. And, those who died ever so slowly. They did their duty. When I see
    Old Glory waving on a sunny, end of May day, the pigment red gushes from
    millions of souls, floating, not with us, anymore. They are amongst our
    heroes, cajoling with angels with their champions, conquerors and
    commanders. Friends and loved ones gather, over the rave, witness to those
    who gave more than anyone should be required to relinquish. They did not
    want to yield. They were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and when the
    moment harshly struck them their fatal blow, they cried for their mother, or
    their friend. Then there
    were those, many of those, who knew exactly what they were giving. They
    moved forward knowingly. They lost their lives so their mission would be
    accomplished. Fools! Some intellects can say that. One would have to be
    an imbecile to give up life, no matter what the cause. For a flag? Futile!
    For a country! More pointless! For freedom! What freedom is there in
    mortality? Yes, fools they may have been, but their numbers add up in an
    awesome display of American loss! Veterans’ Cemeteries, white badges
    sailing row after row after row upon green grass, almost never ending,
    creeping onto the horizon. Constant reminders of the devastation of our
    human treasure. Mothers’ tears, enough to fill an ocean to overflow.
    Sweethearts, broken hearted, reading telegrams. Sons and daughters, many
    unborn, wakening at birth to a devastated family suffering from a victim of
    war there no more. And what does all this macabre math equal? Memorial Day
    is the correct answer. Few Americans know a person who died in war.
    Their family trees have lost some leaves, falling as they fought in one of
    America’s wars, or discarded in the peacetime military. We are a busy
    people. We have business to capture. Our kids are in school. We have
    chores. Mundane, or surrealistic. We are a spirited society, seeking
    applications to improve ourselves and our communities. We are a helpful
    populace, always there when the going gets tough to help those who have
    suffered the tragedies of nature, whether a hurricane or a famine.
    Americans are always the first on the scene worldwide bearing their gifts of
    human spirit and abundance. This is why it is so puzzling that the meaning
    of Memorial Day seems to lack substance to many of our own people. Even
    with the day itself. Put back to accommodate a holiday schedule fixed by
    some organism no one knows, yet powerful enough to do so, the day itself
    lacks consequence to too many. Many who never knew a person who died in
    service to America are wrought with the invisible pain of not feeling for
    those who do. Americans take things for granted. We have so much. So
    very much. Endless choices. These options are not available worldwide. Our
    shelves are full. Unlike many in other nations of the world. So many are
    empty or offer very limited selections. Those American fighting men and
    women killed in battle whose souls are floating actually made available
    these wondrous choices we have every day of our American lives. Yet, most
    of our youngsters have no idea whatsoever what this means. They don’t learn
    this in school. We must teach them. For without knowledge, they may end up
    thinking, or believing, all these marvelous selections came without
    circumstance. Minus anything. Equaling no meaning.
    Our nation needs to halt and perceive the flags and flowers on our
    Veterans graves on this consecrated holiday. We need to lift a common
    voice of adoration to those floating spirits of our onetime American
    Warriors, and extol them with a salutation. We have not come that far with
    our technological miracles of this millennium to become crass. We still
    need respect. Our backs can not turn from formality. Our eyes can not look
    away from custom. Our voices must not resonate in silence against honor and
    glory. To do so will leave us hollow, only to fill us with that which is
    desolate and lacking potential. This is not the true meaning of Memorial
    Day. The heartfelt significance requires reminding. Story telling. Wisdom
    being passed on from our Veterans to our younger generations. An
    interpretation certified by those who remember the horrors of war. Without
    this core, our society can not remain genuine. It becomes contemptible. It
    rots from within. These floating souls of our lost American Warriors are a
    powerful force, for they live within our hearts. They constantly seek
    justification for their contributions, and they are real within us. Such is
    what our American substance stands for, where character is developed,
    individually is guaranteed, and a community, a nation, survives.
    America enters the 21st Century as the most powerful entity
    humankind has ever experienced. America permeates this next century with
    vast responsibilities. Our children must bear this promise. We can not
    turn our backs on these bygone descendants, nor can we do so upon
    ourselves. Memorial Day offers us the opportunity to express a moment of
    solitude where each of us can personify in our own way what we feel. I
    only speak for my myself, as one who has bared his soul to the dread of
    war. So my father did, and his father’s father before him, and their souls
    float amongst the multitudes. My mother and her mother held their Veterans
    after they returned from war, tears streaming down their cheeks in gratitude
    for their safe return. And there were those in my ancestry who did not
    return from war. And their mothers’ tears soaked the pillows on beds for
    generations to sleep upon. Their souls are the dreams that drift amongst
    the floating, gathering at the end of May in the breeze of summer’s coming,
    in the cool glass of lemonade at the child’s street side stand, in the
    cheers at the ball game from the crowd rooting their team to victory and
    enjoying the best hot dogs in the world. Let us all stop for a moment,
    whether it is on the traditional day, or the observed Memorial Day, or even
    at the end of May, and reach for those floating souls. Let us reveal to
    them how much we cherish their sacrifice for our free people. Let these
    memories harvest our recognition of the meaning of Memorial Day in a very
    simple word. And let that word, simply stated be: THANKS!!!

  • Anonymous 06/01/2008 1:18am

    The CFTC is being investigated for all commodity prices and this is understandable as freedom loving Americans hsould not have to pay haughty and prententous price for fuel to run their country and keep wonderful and very pleasing freedom loving Americans safe. The refining of the fuels should be done by the rich foreigners who produce the oil. Stately and majestic America should keep it’s refineries in National Security and not make more of this because of the august environment.

    Foreigners who have chosen admirable democracy and started virtuous commodity exchanges and helped by magnificent freedom loving Americans should understand that glorious Congress and brilliant and gorgeous democrats who are definition of democracy are having the CFTC lower commodity prices because there may have been ugly and uninspiring mistakes by the CFTC attempting to rob Americans and the world of their foods and fuels. Superb exchanges started by foreign countries should know the examples of freedom loving Americans and uncommon and exceptional Congress and Democrats is the customary and normal farmer who’s foods the governments buy to help their splendorous peoples.

    Outstanding and preeminent freedom loving Americans and magnificent Congress and beautiful Democrats are helping the uncommon world with their better food and prices. Resplendent America and her remarkable people help the world with freedom loving Americans usual example of how to feed the world, which extraordinary Congress and Democrats have done since Regal President Clinton committed this.

    This meek and modest foreigner, although low in rank quality and station, submits this comment to learn from the magnificent freedom loving Americans, democrats and Open Congress. Accept it for what it is and just a deferential and submissive foreigner learning from dignified and noble America.

  • Anonymous 06/01/2008 3:25am

    Center for Global Development

    An outstanding organization started by a modest government employee helping the splendoruos peoples of the world food.


    This meek and modest foreigner, although low in rank quality and station, submits this comment to learn from the magnificent freedom loving Americans, democrats and Open Congress. Accept it for what it is and just a deferential and submissive foreigner learning from dignified and noble America.
  • Anonymous 07/25/2008 2:34pm

    Rangel is getting the DR cotton bill passed.

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