H.R.3261 - Stop Online Piracy Act

To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property, and for other purposes. view all titles (7)

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  • Popular: SOPA as .
  • Popular: Stop Online Piracy Act as introduced.
  • Short: Stop Online Piracy Act as introduced.
  • Official: To promote prosperity, creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation by combating the theft of U.S. property, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: Enforcing and Protecting American Rights Against Sites Intent on Theft and Exploitation Act as introduced.
  • Popular: E-PARASITE Act as introduced.
  • Popular: SOPA.

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  • Comm_reply
    WasMiddleClass 01/08/2012 11:21pm

    So many fronts these days…

  • Liberty1 01/08/2012 9:55pm

    This is eerily reminiscent of some things here.

    “It’s been a few months since we’ve checked in with everyone’s favorite copyright troll, Righthaven.” 

    “After an aggressive first half, Righthaven has been surrendering goal after goal in the subsequent months: some scored by Randazza and his crew of trollslayers extraordinare, some scored by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, and some own goals Righthaven shot into its own net.”

    “So all in all, 2011 was a remarkable year for Righthaven, going from mass litigator supreme to on-the-ropes debtor.  We can only hope that the soon-to-be owner of Righthaven.com will have better luck (and fewer dubious legal claims) in their business endeavors.” 


  • REModifca 01/09/2012 12:37am

    Our Government is nothing but prostitutes to the rich now and have been for the past how many years? Yeah… I can’t call our government a government anymore

  • Comm_reply
    CurtisNeeley 01/09/2012 1:23am

    Our Government is nothing but prostitutes to the rich now and have been for the past how many years? Yeah… I can’t call our government a government anymore

    Compare democracy 1790-2010
    Roughly 649,999 voters per Congressional Representative….
    Roughly 33million and 833,285 voters per Supreme Court Justice…

    Too late to fix this system in my opinion.

  • CurtisNeeley 01/10/2012 8:58am


    and for all you Free Speech/porn supporters.
    Today is the day the FCC will argue for broadcast decency from 6a-10p
    FCC ability to require broadcast decency could be history after today!

  • cadaverousmob 01/10/2012 7:25pm

    Sony and Nintendo drop SOPA support: http://www.slashgear.com/sony-and-nintendo-drop-sopa-support-amid-anonymous-threats-03205579/

  • Comm_reply
    CurtisNeeley 01/10/2012 10:47pm

    Threats invalidate and reveal motives of anti-SOPA criminals. The anti-copy[rite] and anti-SOPA type here forget Google Inc being charged HALF-a-BILLION for already violating the principles of SOPA.

    The future ruling of the Supreme Court in FCC v Fox et al, 10-1293 was apparent after the oral arguments. Transcript PDF
    Decency regulations will be upheld but may require some adjustments.

    The trouble with SOPA is that SOPA requires purchase of copy[rites] and does not address the fact that the Copy[rite] Act in unconstitutional on its face.

  • Comm_reply
    Geowil 01/11/2012 2:50am

    Neeley you are either a shill for the industry or one of those over protective, corporation can do no wrong type, parents that think the Government should protect your kid from the big, bad world.

    SOPA is bad for everyone. So what if businesses lose a few billion a year to piracy. That makes no legitimate argument for censoring the greatest tool of free speech ever created. Before you try to say “piracy is not a right” stow it; you know as well as I that abuse with this bill is going to be a certainty.

    All SOPA and PIPA is, is a tool for the RIAA and the MPAA to take control of the Internet to try and boost up a business model that should have died out three years ago. No one of importance supports this bill; everyone that does support it has ulterior motives or are just plain ignorant of what this bill does; including you evidently.

    Don’t like whats on TV, then do not watch it or let your kids do it; that is called responsible parenting.

  • Comm_reply
    CurtisNeeley 01/11/2012 5:03am


    I am a photographer with Berne Convention rights maliciously violated by NameMedia Inc and Google Inc. These rights were marginally tacked into the unconstitutional copy[rite] Act at 17 USC §106A. District Court ruled that these rights could not be violated online as was in egregious error and is appealed and pending. All search engines stopped returning my nude and figurenude art except Google Inc. Microsoft Corporation resumed after the court error. During this three-year litigation, Google Inc scanned 17-70 million books without concern for copy[rites] in New York libraries and uploaded three additional figurenudes done by me while facing me in court. Google took down these book photos. NameMedia Inc stopped display of my stolen nudes after months in court and the second DMCA notice.

    I have individually done most of the things this bill can do in the last three years. Stopping piracy will not happen but the costs to pirates can be made higher.

  • walker7 01/10/2012 11:12pm

    Here’s a petition you might want to sign:


  • kls8216 01/11/2012 1:33am

    Please don’t pass this bill! It violates our freedoms and privacy on the internet!

  • Comm_reply
    Geowil 01/11/2012 2:52am

    It does a hell of a lot more then that. At least half of the sights that American’s use daily would be instantly taken down: YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, MySpace, Twitter, and any kind of fan site or non-corporation affiliated website that you might visit that talks about something they do not own the rights to. Blogs could also be taken down for just mentioning a product, or showing one, that they do not have permission to.

    Complete corporate control of the Internet at it’s finest. I bet the fat cats pushing for this bill are jizzing themselves every hour just thinking about it.

  • walker7 01/12/2012 12:27pm

    Here is another petition that you should sign:


  • mgdesmond13 01/12/2012 5:21pm

    This is what due process is for. This shouldn’t be in congress.

  • walker7 01/12/2012 8:25pm

    Here, you can donate to Wikipedia for their blackout on January 18:


    Keep in mind that January 24 will be our best opportunity to kill SOPA & PIPA:


  • walker7 01/13/2012 7:39pm

    Have I got news for you!

    Here is a list of the 61 senators that still need to meet with their constituents before the critical vote on January 24:

    PIPA’s own sponsors ask Senate to hold off on cloture voting:

    Ben Cardin says he’ll vote no on PIPA:

    SOPA & PIPA Watered Down:

    DNS provisions pulled from SOPA (YES!):

    It looks like we will be winning after all. But still, think positive!

  • Comm_reply
    GamerLEN 01/14/2012 8:50am

    Hell yeah. I’ve been on Reddit lately, joined their resistance against it, and it looks like we’ve not only turned things around but that the bill is taking some serious damage from us, the tech community, and the human rights groups.

    While SOPA (and PIPA) aren’t dead yet they’ve both got black eyes and broken knees. A bit more and I think we may well finish them off for good.

    The best part is we’ve proven to congress that the internet community isn’t a ‘vocal minority’ as Lamar Smith suggests but a political force to be reckoned with. Whats happening now will help shape the future for years to come and will serve as a reminder to both the public and congress that bad legislation can be stopped. When the next SOPA, NDAA, Patriot Act, or anything like them comes… we will be waiting and we will be ready.

  • walker7 01/14/2012 4:25pm

    More Big News: White House Will Not Support SOPA & PIPA:




    BIG ONE!: SOPA shelved until ‘consensus’ is found:


  • Comm_reply
    CurtisNeeley 01/15/2012 5:24pm

    from p12 in conclusion of REPLY BRIEF linked<<<<

    3. The sweeping international impact of this case will, no doubt, require further consideration of the relevant issues but several factual issues will require trial. The Supreme Court will eventually be faced with requiring wire communications disguised as the Internet to be regulated by the FCC. This injunctive relief requested currently from the Eighth Circuit will, in fact, increase the Free Speech nature of wire communications as well as making wire communications more internationally accessible.

  • mgdesmond13 01/16/2012 1:13pm

    this bill itself is an act of treason. this is why we have due process.

  • walker7 01/16/2012 1:48pm

    Congress ready to drop SOPA vote after White House says it would not support legislation that threatens openness of Internet:


    Eric Cantor (R-VA) in House will probably kill SOPA (OMG!!!!!):


    This looks great! Now, don’t forget about killing PIPA this week!

  • ToBeContinued 01/16/2012 2:37pm

    Thank You president Barack Obama for doing the right thing and opposing this bill!

  • Comm_reply
    GamerLEN 01/17/2012 8:44am

    Seconded. I feel a lot better about voting for him now.

  • cadaverousmob 01/16/2012 3:00pm

    House Kills SOPA: http://www.examiner.com/computers-in-denver/house-kills-sopa

    Now that SOPA is officially dead—as well as CurtisNeeley—next is its sister, PIPA. Kill PIPA: http://www.opencongress.org/articles/view/2458-PIPA-first-on-Senate-agenda-on-Jan-24th-2012 !

  • Comm_reply
    CurtisNeeley 01/16/2012 7:38pm

    Caution: I am not “officially dead” although I have gotten closer than most.

    Neeley v NameMedia Inc, et al, (5:09-cv-05151)(11-2558) 8th Cir

    Thousands and thousands of legal filings and exhibits you can view for free from three-plus years. You can also ignore them. You can’t impact the ruling in the least. Try realizing SOPA and PIPA meant absolutely nothing except to corporations who purchased copy[rites]. The United States is the most backwards copy[rite] country on earth.

    The United States will not remain backwards when I am finished litigating against Google Inc, Microsoft Corporation, NameMedia Inc, and the FCC.

    PERSONAL rights to exclusively control original visual art will finally be recognized as an inalienable right and not the rite granted by the United States for copy[rite] registration fees.

  • MarisaKirisame 01/18/2012 1:42am

    Oh look. We have a Congress with the lowest approval rating in the history of the United States seeking to destroy the freedom of information flow of the Internet, under the guise of anti-piracy.

  • Chunmeista 01/18/2012 2:23am

    Oh, would you look at the Money Trail

  • WasMiddleClass 01/18/2012 9:23pm

    I am very happy to see how many sites joined the web armada today in this first big battle. Every news outlet in the country seemed to be reporting it, even local TV news.

    Some serious damaged was done to support on these bills today, but it is not over yet. FOX and the Murdock Newscorp empire is backing it… along with other networks.

    If these bills continue to move ahead the “web” will hit even harder next time…

    Some sites will even be putting up a blockade against all IP’s from Congress, and all other supporters, if necessary…

    I read some of the…black ops kind…have some plans ready if needed too…

    Politicians, and their rich masters, are in way over their head in this one I think…

  • WasMiddleClass 01/18/2012 9:24pm

    SOPA, PIPA lose support from lawmakers on Capitol Hill amid blackout

    Jan. 18 (Bloomberg) — Six U.S. lawmakers dropped their support for Hollywood-backed anti-piracy legislation as Google Inc., Wikipedia and other websites protest the measures.
    Co-sponsors who say they can no longer support their own legislation include Senators Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, Roy Blunt, a Missouri Republican, and Ben Cardin, a Maryland Democrat. Republican Representatives Ben Quayle of Arizona, Lee Terry of Nebraska, and Dennis Ross of Florida also said they would withdraw their backing of the House bill.


  • WasMiddleClass 01/18/2012 9:25pm

    Here’s How to Force Congress to Block SOPA and Save the Internet

    The American Civil Liberties Union, Free Press and the Save the Internet campaign have made it clear that the Stop Online Piracy Act poses a genuine threat to human rights advocacy and whistleblowing on the web.
    Yet, the measure continues to advance in the US House, even as a Senate variation on it, the Protect IP Act, has been put on hold by Oregon Democrat Ron Wyden.

    That’s why Internet sites have been going dark in protest today.
    If the bill is stopped, it will be by political action. But that won’t be easy. Powerful lobbies, including Rupert Murdoch’s still considerable and influential DC operations, are backing it.

    The only way that members of Congress, especially top Republicans in the US House who tend to defer to Murdoch and Fox News, will oppose SOPA is if they recognize that they could be threatened politically if they take the wrong position on the further of the Internet.

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