H.R.4707 - Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 2010

To extend the emergency unemployment compensation program through the end of fiscal year 2010. view all titles (2)

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  • Official: To extend the emergency unemployment compensation program through the end of fiscal year 2010. as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Insurance Extension Act of 2010 as introduced.

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  • dartcanyon 03/06/2010 12:29pm

    In a speech to Democrats at a local fundraising event, first reported by the St. Louis Today, McCaskill specifically lambasted the GOP for blocking an extension of unemployment insurance benefits because it would have added to the federal debt.

    She described that recently broken filibuster, led by Sen. Jim Bunning (R-Ky.), as absolute “hypocrisy,” adding that Republicans only espouse “deficit religion” when they are trying to thwart Democrats’ agenda.

    “The Republicans are willing to scream about an extension of unemployment [insurance] not being paid for,” she began, “[But] they were silent on over a trillion-dollar tax cut on the very wealthiest Americans [they put] on their credit cards.”

  • dartcanyon 03/12/2010 10:50am

    CNN/HLN just had a piece on about people who are cheating on unemployment and that Sen. Byh, I think, opposes the passage of what the Senate just approved. There are cheaters in every system including the very people who run this country from Washington. Until each and every one of them is honest, straightforward and does NOTHING wrong then I don’t want to hear a damn word about anyone else. The vast majority of the unemployed are honest people who look for work regularly and can prove that.

  • dartcanyon 03/12/2010 10:51am

    I don’t see any of the crooks in Washington being denied paychecks, benefits or anything else even when they get caught and that seems to be a pretty regulat thing with the fat daddies. They are playing with out lives, giving money to foreign countries, foreigners in this country and approving piddly bills that are really stupid and unnecessary. Take the money from NASA and take care of Real Americans out of work. We don’t need to be in space and have no business there. Keep that money and the exorbitant paychecks to play in space right here on terra firma and we’ll all benefit.

  • CONSYDES 03/21/2010 2:30am


  • grant3719 04/05/2010 9:30am

    They still don’t get it.
    Businesses that are in good financial condition don’t need more employees! They just laid off the ones they could not afford. Thus high unemployment. High unemployment means fewer customers for existing businesses. This means less need for existing businesses. Which means more layoffs … let’s not go there.

    The solution is “NEW” job creation. Not rehiring for old positions. Creating NEW positions. Not in old businesses that are in good financial condition but brand new JOBS. That means “NEW” business.

    If congress really wants to create jobs, new jobs then the policy of not Granting or Direct Loaning money for new start up business must be reversed. The banking industry is still not willing to take the risk of a new startup ventures. Therefore, to create job the government will need to loan or grant monies to NEW entrepreneurs. Men and Women that have found a “need” and a way to fill that “need” who, like me are looking for funding.

  • grant3719 04/05/2010 9:32am

    I have been out of work for three years. I need my unemployment check to keep going. However, I went to school, I got a degree; I found a need and a way to fulfill that need. I developed a business plan that shows my business can be successful. I have consumed all my personal resources in researching and developing the idea in to a plan of action. Now I am ready to move forward. I could employ 15 or more during construction, another 20 to 50 permanent employees in residual positions with other business, as well as 6 to 10 permanent full time employees in my own business. In my local economy, that is a big deal. That’s how we will come out of the Great Recession.

  • Dee50 04/09/2010 10:01am

    We need more than a 30 day extension or a quick fix. There are no jobs out there. Those of us who have been looking know that. Pass the Bill the House has already reviewed – HR4707. It will extend benefits until the end of this year on the tiers. The way it is written now, many people will fall through the cracks and be cut off unfairly while others will be collecting all tiers. I guess our congress and senate are just trying to throw a loophole in there and save a few bucks at our expense, literally.

    Hopefully by then, the economy will be improving. I would much rather be working.

  • purplelilac3084 04/12/2010 1:10pm

    I agree they should pass this bill, and not the other ones related to unemployment. this bill only funds unemployment, where as the other ones want to fund highway, medicare, and government employees. I have been out of work for a year and a half, and I look everyday day for a job. There are NO jobs.
    It is time to tax the chinese 50% tax on goods, so we can get OUR jobs back. It is time to tax corporations and NOT give them tax credits for overseas operations. It was the democrats who sold us out on the NAFTA.
    It is time to vote ALL our senators out, and hope to get someone whom really cares and represents us, the people who vote them in.

  • Private 04/23/2010 4:02pm

    It seems this bill has ZERO support. With all of the unemployed people that have exhausted benefits, you’d think there’d be more than 9 comments.

  • thecoinbox 04/24/2010 12:40pm

    Those of us who have exhausted ALL our benefits need help. It’s that simple.

  • Private 04/25/2010 6:40am

    That includes me…

  • concernedcitizen77 05/13/2010 1:26pm

    We really need this bill passed. What are we expected to do without it??

  • kd713 05/17/2010 1:30pm

    I agree! Why should this be a question? I’m a single parent; I’ve been unemployed for over 1 ½ after 10+ years of working, paying taxes, insurance premiums, etc, making an honest living and providing a decent life for my children. I look for and apply for work EVERY single day and there are no prospects. You’re over qualified, under qualified, not a good match, you don’t meet the criteria, the position has been filled, etc! There really are NO jobs and it is frustrating for those of us who have been looking diligently! I HATE not working and would give just about anything to be back amongst the living! Imagine the impact of millions and millions of unemployed American citizens, losing their unemployment! How do we feed our children? How do we provide for them? Where do we live when we lose our home? How do we pay ANY of our bills when the collection agencies start coming after us; by no fault of our own! And unemployment continues to rise! We NEED this extension!

  • pepsilover44 05/19/2010 11:17am

    Congress has got to either add weeks to tier 4 or add another tier! My unemployment ran out in April. I apply for jobs and I am told i am over qualified or not hiring etc. I have signed petitions, faxed and called senators. Washington needs to look at the long range and stop this just extending dates for a couple of months here and there!

  • PastorGuido 05/19/2010 12:57pm

    I am appalled at the way the government is abandoning Americans in dire need, yet spend our money helping the rest of the world. The leaders are well aware of what they are doing, and I believe they are purposely holding back from adding additional weeks of benefits to those that have exhausted their benefits, because they will “force” us into getting jobs. LISTEN CLOSELY CONGRESS!!! WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES ARE NOT LAB ANIMALS NOR FARM ANIMALS TO BE TREATED THIS WAY!

  • chester 05/27/2010 2:18pm

    It seems there isn’t any interest anymore in this bill.
    At least going by the number of comments.
    Tier 5 or Tier4 extensions needed.The new stimulus bill
    does not mention either of those.

  • brucefon 05/29/2010 3:28am

    I recommend everyone go to http://waysandmeans.house.gov/singlepages.aspx?NewsID=10470 and send the Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee a request to get H.R. 4707 passed.

  • brucefon 06/03/2010 7:00am


  • RasEdward 06/16/2010 9:39am

    THANKS for taking your good old time with this!! I’m about to LOSE my home any time now because of this!! My unemployment ran out last week and things are looking really BAD for my family!! I don’t know how you “people” sleep at night in your big houses knowing how BAD things are for us little people. I’m absolutely disgusted with you “people”!! Have a NICE day. I know I won’t.

  • bwanazulu 07/12/2010 7:49am

    The overseers in Congress didn’t regulate properly, many corporate heads screwed up and the result is economic chaos. As economist Krugman says: “this is like 1937”. We will have a double dip deceleration in the economy. Now, all of the bigshot hacks don’t want to take responsibility for their negligent acts! They are taking an “if they don’t survive, they die” attitude. Sorry to hear about your situation, RasEd.

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