H.R.5749 - Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008

To provide for a program of emergency unemployment compensation. view all titles (5)

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  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as reported to house.
  • Official: To provide for a program of emergency unemployment compensation. as introduced.
  • Popular: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Emergency Extended Unemployment Compensation Act of 2008 as passed house.

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  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 4:49am
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    I just called Nancy and she said to put my head between our legs and kiss any chance of the extension goodbye, did she tell anyone else that??

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 4:54am

    What a bunch of idiots we have on here this morning . I am CT and have been telling you for weeks now that these sons of bitches have been fudging and misrepresenting the U.I numbers .If they ever released the TRUE numbers we would have a civil war on our hands .They can`t pass u.i extensions because they know how much it would really cost .

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 4:54am

    The only thing that is gonna save us is November elections , these morons want our vote, that’s the only thing. This will pass.

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:00am

    Thats it… It isn’t about us, it’s about the posh lifestyles of our voted in public servants, They want to keep their jobs. UE OH

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:07am

    They don’t care about cost, never have. They want to stay in the Senate, Congress etc, they are only worried about themselves which will work in our favor.

  • SLOOZEN76 06/05/2008 5:16am

    At this point I do not care why it passes…..I am more concerned with keeping my home, and my vehicle…and feeding my kids.

  • memafranquist 06/05/2008 5:23am

    I have made the calls again. Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:23am


  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:32am

    I’m sure Nancy Pelosi is gonna save the day, come on now people!!

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:33am

    Called Pelosi again and e-mailed please do the same.

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:34am

    Does anyone know when the ue is on the schedule ?

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:43am

    I just read the washington posts article and it said that in order for the hr5479 bill to pass, they will be “dropping” the unemployment part! They think this will get the democrats to vote for the war bill, once again the needy here in the states will get shafted for the “BigBoys” war. Any thoughts on this?

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:44am

    I sent emails to Ms. Pelosi and my state Reps. If Pelosi doesn’t do anything, there is nothing I can do, I live in Mich.

  • Comm_reply
    memafranquist 06/05/2008 5:47am

    I did the same thing, yeaterdy and today. That is all we can do.

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:49am
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    I think the little light blue puppy dog democrats, the ultra conservatives are the ones who want to kill this thing. An Ego problem with this little boy hood club. I think they should get out in a Man’s world and deal with some real issues.

  • memafranquist 06/05/2008 5:50am

    They have no idea what is is like to struggle to get by. The get a great check.

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:51am

    We could find out where they all live and start setting up tent cities on their lawns, maybe they would get the point. Anyone have any spare tents????

  • memafranquist 06/05/2008 5:54am

    That would probably get our point across. But we would also get arrested and I do not have bail money being I am unemployed.

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:57am

    Calm down, it’s the same newspaper reporting this, isn’t that odd? the washington post doesn’t know if we don’t ,who’s leaking the information? Nobody!!! just scare tactics at our expense, they think, I believe this is BS like last time. Scroll back a month or so You’ll see.

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:58am

    At least we wouldn’t have to worry where our next meal would come from. I hear some jails serve good food.

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 5:59am

    I think th Post is a Republican paper, hmmm trying to sway the vote!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 6:00am
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    dammit (the)

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 6:01am

    I think the New York times and the wall st. journal are democrat..

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 6:03am

    I’m gonna order up some of that Positive thinking again today, it worked so good yesterday, that would be nice..

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 6:05am

    vote them all out..

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 6:06am
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    if you dont got the money to buy gas. the price of oil will come down (THINK ABOUT THIS)

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 6:08am
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    the big pitcher the goverment has the control.

  • brandy148 06/05/2008 6:09am

    I’ve been trying to keep up and understand all the ins and outs of bills passing Congress/The President, etc. Did the President actually veto this? What about the 10-day rule without a vote?

  • Anonymous 06/05/2008 6:11am

    I am from Michigan. I took a job at a homeless shelter. they needed a case manager to show their (clients as they are called) what resources are out there for them. well trying to find these people jobs was very stressful. The funding for resources were drying up and they shelter had to put a limit on the amount of time they could stay. Even temporary agencies are very selective. The next thing I know my job was cut so now I am unemployed. So if these blue dog democrats don’t think it is tough out there, go travel the country to these shelters, they are full of families that have lost everything. Families are broken up every day because of this economy. There are people that said if they had just a little more time they could have saved their home and family. It is a shame. There are people who dropped right out of the unemployment statistics, not thousands, but millions. The land of milk and honey, only in the story books. Show some compassion in congress and pass this extension UI benefits. There are people’s live’s literally at stake here.

  • memafranquist 06/05/2008 6:15am

    Here is a artice just posted

    Home foreclosures set record in first quarter By JEANNINE AVERSA, AP Economics Writer

    21 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON – Home foreclosures and late payments set records over the first three months of the year and are expected to keep rising, stark signs of the housing crisis’ mounting damage to homeowners and the economy.

    The latest snapshot of the mortgage market showed that the proportion of mortgages that fell into foreclosure soared to 0.99 percent in the January-through-March period. That surpassed the previous high of 0.83 percent over the last three months in 2007.

    The report by the Mortgage Bankers Association also found that more homeowners slipped behind on their monthly payments.

    The delinquency rate jumped to 6.35 percent in the first quarter, compared with 5.82 percent for the three months earlier. Payments are considered delinquent if they are 30 or more days past due.

    Both the rate of new foreclosures and late payments were the highest on record going back to 1979.

    Jay Brinkmann, the association’s vice president of research and economics, told The Associated Press that the slump in house prices was the biggest factor for rising foreclosures and late payments.

    With prices expected to keep dropping, foreclosures and late payments “are going to continue to go up” in the months ahead, he said.

    Homeowners with tarnished credit who have subprime adjustable-rate loans took the hardest hits. Foreclosures and late payments for these borrowers also swelled to all-time highs in the first quarter.

    The percentage of subprime adjustable-rate mortgages that started the foreclosure process climbed to 6.35 percent. The rate was 5.29 percent in fourth quarter, the previous high. Late payments rose to 22.07 percent from 20.02 percent, the previous high.

    The association’s survey covers just over 45 million home loans.

    More problems also cropped up with loans to more creditworthy borrowers.

    The percentage of such loans falling into foreclosure was 0.54 percent, compared with 0.41 percent at the end of last year. Late payment rose to 3.71 percent, compared with 3.24 percent.

    The numbers were higher for prime borrowers with adjustable rate mortgages. The proportion of those loans falling into foreclosures jumped to 1.55 percent from 1.06 percent. The delinquency rate rose to 6.78 percent, compared with 5.51 percent.

    “The number one problem is the drop in home prices,” Brinkmann said. Declining prices, especially in newer built areas, “are hurting people’s ability to recover when they run into trouble — a divorce or loss of job,” he said. “In other days, you could sell the home. But because home prices have fallen so much, in many of those cases, the homes are going into foreclosure.”

    California, Florida, Nevada and Arizona accounted for 89 percent of the total increase in new home foreclosures, he said. Those are places where prices have fallen sharply and there was a lot of home building, creating too much supply, Brinkmann said.

    After a five-year boom, the housing market fell into a deep slump two years ago. That dragged down sales, and prices with it. As the value of homes plummeted, many newer homeowners found themselves owing more on their mortgages than their homes were worth.

    Homeowners with adjustable-rate mortgages were clobbered when their initially low rates reset to much higher ones. That made it difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with monthly mortgage payments.

    As foreclosures and late payments climbed, financial companies took multibillion losses when their investments in mortgage-backed securities soured. A credit crisis erupted and spread, crimping other types of financing. The fallout plunged Wall Street in turmoil, disrupting the normal functioning of markets.

    All those troubles have pushed the economy to the brink of a recession, if the country isn’t already in one. Consumers and business have tightened their spending. Employers have cut more than a quarter-million jobs in the first four months of this year.

    To bolster the economy, the Federal Reserve made aggressive interest rate cuts. That has helped homeowners facing rate resets on their adjustable-rate mortgages. But with inflation on the rise, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke this week sent his strongest signal yet that the central bank’s rate-cutting campaign started that started in September is coming to an end.

    The Bush administration has taken steps to help distressed homeowners. It has urged lenders to freeze rates for some homeowners and encouraged lenders to rework mortgage terms so troubled borrowers can stay in their homes.

    A congressional plan that includes a foreclosure prevention program has stalled as lawmakers figure out how to pay for it.

    The government would back as much as $300 billion in new loans to help certain borrowers refinance into cheaper, fixed-rate loans. Mortgage holders would have to agree to take a substantial loss on the existing loans; borrowers would have to show they could afford the new mortgage and share future proceeds with the government.

    The House passed its version last month. Senate leaders say they want to vote by July.

    Associated Press writer Julie Hirschfeld Davis contributed to this report.

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