H.R.676 - United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act

To provide for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents, improved health care delivery, and for other purposes. view all titles (5)

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  • Official: To provide for comprehensive health insurance coverage for all United States residents, improved health care delivery, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Popular: United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act as introduced.
  • Short: United States National Health Care Act or the Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act as introduced.
  • Short: Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act as introduced.
  • Short: United States National Health Care Act as introduced.

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  • Comm_reply
    msouthard 03/25/2009 7:02am

    Illegal aliens are not residents, smart one. Residents = Citizens + Temporary or Permanent LEGAL Residents.

  • ramanajan 02/12/2009 3:34am

    This is ridiculous. Yes, I agree the health insurance comapanies are to blame for many of the problems. Historically they used the same arguments that you are using here. Mainly they were talking about HMO’s providing better care by allowing people to get preventative care and also to make better decisions about care. All of this they claimed would provide lower costs. In the end they have become bullies and a drain to the system. In fact because the government holds power over the people more than ever now, they would become ever more tyrannical. The government also has a real problem understanding what things really cost and additionally government programs are usually not run very efficiently. There will be one of two outcomes from this bill. Either health care costs will rise (of course we won’t see this directly because it will be hidden through taxation) or the general quality of care will be reduced. Also, make no mistake, this will not be a private system. The one who holds the purse strings hold the power.

  • Comm_reply
    cbsullivan16 10/13/2009 2:11pm

    I would suggest reading the following study. The gist of it is that Medicare operates with an administrative cost of only around 5% of total payments whereas private insurers have administrative costs of around 17%. These findings have been echoed in other studies. This seems like a pretty efficient government program to me…


  • drklassen 02/13/2009 4:57am

    The health of our people should not be governed by the ironically named “free market”. All this means is that poor people receive poor care and die while insurance executives rake in millions of dollars in compensation. This is morally unacceptable.

  • Comm_reply
    DianaAmerican 04/07/2009 11:41am

    What? Poor people already get FREE Health Care from the Federal Government paid for by The Taxpayers. If they Sneeze or overdose on drugs they go to the doctor and taxpayers pay for it.

    Do you think the Government has it’s own money? NO, it does NOT. The politicians writing this Bill do, but they Are Not going to Share Their Money with you, they want the taxpayers to share theirs and we have already learned they don’t pay taxes unless they get caught.

    Morally Unacceptable, is when a man or woman works to take care of their family and provide health care for their family and then has to Also pay for the Health Care of Others.

  • Comm_reply
    ohioriver 06/12/2009 4:45am

    Just how do you think our current insurance industry works? Everyone pays into it to cover the cost of providing for everyone else. It is actually no different than what is being proposed, except for taking the control of it and placing it in the hands of gov.More of the money will actually go to health care and not administrative costs. The problem with the big insurance companies is massive greed. They look for more ways to deny coverage to pocket even more profits.

  • Comm_reply
    drklassen 08/12/2009 5:09am

    Poor people receive their care precisely because they are not thrust into an unfettered health-care free market—-note that my comment was a conditional.

    The “government” is us. So, yes, the government has as much money as we-the-people put into it to do the things that we collectively deem necessary as decided by our elected representatives—-and even they contribute. You’ll note how raising taxes on the top 5% nabs most of them with a tax increase. So the cosponsors would most assuredly putting their own money in.

    As for morals, you are right only if money is your fundamental guide; for Christians the guiding principle is love of our neighbors.

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  • Comm_reply
    drews2 02/23/2009 11:16am

    As “boompa” said above, ask a few doctors what they think about nationalized health insurance. Also, do yourself a favor and look at what many physicians are supporting at the website: http://www.pnhp.org
    I am not saying that physicians should have the last word, but since you seem to be defending doctors in your post, perhaps you want to know more about what they are saying. Stay engaged in the debate!

  • Anonymous 02/26/2009 6:15am

    can you say pre-existing conditions!! check out the cost of a private major medical policy if you can get one. This is not what I worked and saved for in retirement. If your layed off or become unemployed prior to the age of 65 your retirement savings or whatever you have saved for will all go to the Insurance companies. $1500/month is not affordable health coverage. All near elderly 55-65 self employed, unemployed, uninsured are in for a rude awakening when you try to protect yourself from medical bankruptcy should you become ill prior to age 65 and Medicare. YA GETTIN THIS BABYBOOMERS, and for those of a younger generation you too will age and need health care someday

  • scatmull 03/21/2009 10:19pm

    Noble goal, but poorly executed. Here is an example where I feel it really misses the mark:

    “No Cost-Sharing- No deductibles, copayments, coinsurance, or other cost-sharing shall be imposed with respect to covered benefits”

    People need to have some “skin in the game” so-to-speak when it comes to healthcare. I believe that generally broadly preventative healthcare like physicals probably should have no-copay because a healthy population is a hopefully a healthy workforce and therefore a competetive workforce on the world stage. However, this bill seems to go way, way, way beyond that.

  • Comm_reply
    dygituljunky 04/14/2009 4:42am

    Interesting idea. Would you require a co-pay for reactive care but not for preventative care?

    What sort of “skin-in-the-game” fee structure, other than tax contributions, would you set up?

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  • qatharms 04/06/2009 8:08am

    The underlying reason for our healthcare problem today goes back to the Medicare act signed in 1967. The right solution would be to put people back into private healthcare rather than bringing the government in deeper. Look at every country that has ever tried letting government run their healthcare. Is that what you really want? Get the government out of healthcare and put it back in the hands of the doctor and the patient. PS I am not any kind of healthcare provider, just a private citizen who is thoroughly disgruntled over what government has done to our healthcare system.

  • Comm_reply
    amandacaudill 06/27/2009 5:14am
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    I work with healthcare insurance, I could not agree more with you. Medicare is ruining healthcare, its been predicted it goes bankrupt 2013….

  • Comm_reply
    drklassen 08/12/2009 5:14am

    No, Medicare is not going bankrupt. Its funds were siphoned off for other purposes so all that needs to happen is raise taxes to repay those funds. Granted, in about 30 years or so there may be a problem—-depending on which assumptions you make. But that is easily fixed:

    1) Income is income—-no more lower brackets for trust fund babies.
    2) Make SS/Medicare/Medicade an income tax, not a wage tax
    3) Remove the cap on the SS/M/M taxable income


  • DianaAmerican 04/07/2009 11:49am

    Poor people already get FREE Health Care from the Federal Government paid for by The Taxpayers. We do not need more of the Same.

    Do you think the Government has it’s own money? NO, it does NOT. So keep in mind, they are spending your money because they think they can spend your money better than you can.

    The politicians writing this Bill do, but they Are Not going to Share Their Money with you, they want the taxpayers to share theirs and we have already learned they don’t pay taxes unless they get caught.

    Pelosi said “she” wants to take care of the 47 million people who do not have health care, so I say, she personally should pay their insurance premiums.

  • adehart 04/09/2009 3:26am

    You’re right, the Federal Government is not going to ask how your treatment is going. But when is the last time your health insurance company asked how your treatment is going? And as far as receiving the care your doctor says you need, you should be aware that there are doctors who order care based on a profit motive, because they have a stake in the providers of care or receive rebates from pharmaceutical companies based on their prescribing practices. Health care paid for by the Federal Government will be driven by balancing the best quality care at the lowest possible price.

  • HopefromCA 04/11/2009 6:45am

    I believe that greed is preventing us from having a good health plan. Health care for everyone should be required who are residents of the U.S. whether you working or not working. People are losing their homes because of preexisting medical conditions after running out of Cobra that prevent them from being covered after a job loss or other conditions. There is a potential problem of the government taking total control of the health system unless someone is willing to start a nonprofit health plan that covers all of the U.S.

  • pennycandy 04/13/2009 6:36am

    My mom’s dear friend in Whales waited 5 years for hip replacement surgery.

    My best friend’s father checked in to the hospital and never came out. They used dirty equipment on him as it was to expensive to buy new. Ireland’s “program” is bankrupt.

    My husbands aunt came to the USA to recieve her cancer treatment (they own a vacation home here) quality drugs and treatment were not available in her own country, Canada. Oh, did I mention the wait period for treatment, 6 months.

    Talk to someone you know who has experienced it about the quality of a government run medical system. We already have the best healthcare in the world. Deregulation is part of the answer. Not more government interference.

  • ronodie 04/18/2009 11:39am
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    This bill is ridiculus. Notice that it is for RESIDENTS of the US, not CITIZENS of the US. That means if you reside in the US you would get yet another freebee paid for with citizens taxes. Illegal immigrants already have more entitlements than I do. Stop this theft from the american people.

  • allenhip1 04/26/2009 11:24am
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    Actually H.R. 676 has been around since the 1940’s. Back then it was called the Prepaid Group Practice System. Subscribers (NYC workers about 750,000) had their health covered with no co-pays, no-deductibles and no claim forms, FULL COVERAGE and free drugs were added in the late 1960’s. The 750,000 members generated about 2.5 million office visits annually.
    This means that the new 47 million people will generate 155 million office visits annually to an already overburdened (112,000 GP Physicians and 588,000 Specialists) health care system. Physicians could see 10 to 12 patients an hour as compared to 5 to 8 patients now seen at some very busy offices.
    Prepaid Group Practice System (H.R. 676) has already been tried in New York for NYC Employees and shown to be a documented failure.

  • allenhip1 04/26/2009 11:26am

    HIP of Greater New York was the LARGEST Prepaid Group Practice System NOT-FOR-PROFIT in NYS and it still FAILED….

    HIP of New Jersey Failed, HIP of Florida Failed and now HIP was forced to merge with GHI.

    Solution: Single Payer Plan that operates like FEHBP which covers 21 million Federal Employees. It one of the best run federal program. Check it out by going to www.opm.gov and then tell the Senate and the House elected officials we what what they have in health care. CHOICE

  • aharris 05/06/2009 2:52pm

    I have an fairly expensive chronic condition, and I know how I’ll be treated when this monstrosity passes. Right now, I have a good standard of living and can hold down a job. When the government takes over, I’ll be too expensive to treat, and they’ll give me a bottle of narcs and send me home to sit in misery and pain in a corner until a die of a stroke like any decent sicko should. That’s how people like me are treated in the UK and Canada. But I’m overruled by the young and healthy idiots who break a nail and are offended by a one-time bill they consider a little too high. Wake up, folks, this will bankrupt us faster than anything else we’ve done yet.

    Not only that, but you are basically handing your health over to the same people who can’t educate your children.

  • mpaone 06/05/2009 10:06am

    People in republican states, please get your Reps to sing onto this bill. It’s clearly going to save lots of money for lots of people.

    Also, check out: How to Respond to the Boy Who Cried "Socialized http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEDKn_kKu3A

  • murrhers 06/08/2009 4:46pm

    See Wall Street Journal Opinion: “Obama’s Health Cost Illusion” dated Monday, June 8, 2009

  • Acct59 06/11/2009 9:47am

    Social Security and medicare are going broke…Most Americans have paid into this for their entire lives…but instead of the money being put into a trust account it went into the general fund….Billions of dollars where used from these funds over the years and never paid back with interest…If Big government corruption..such as we have seen with the “Stimulus pkg” with over 8000 earmarks…the only people getting anything from it are the special interest groups and lobbyists….it has not put any Americans Back to work….so if these programs have been misused…healthcare reform would be the same…even the Postal service is bankrupt…another gov. run program…we need to keep private healthcare alive and well …otherwise we will lanquish.

  • Comm_reply
    drklassen 08/06/2009 6:12am

    In other words, they are NOT going broke. They just need to be repaid from the general fund. That’s a HUGE difference. Here’s a way to permanently fix SS:
    1) Income is income—-tax that, not just wages
    2) Remove the cap

    Want to go one step better: return the 90% marginal tax rate on those “earning” $10M or more. Put in 50% and 70% marginal tax rates on those over $1M and $5M respectively. With that much we may actually be able to repair all the infrastructure our grandparents built for us (back when they had these rates).

  • Acct59 06/11/2009 9:57am

    any program that Congree proposses for us they should also have to use….doing away with their special coverage and let them HAVE to use what they would dole out to us…they do not care about the people..if they did they would hear the uproar…against their spending..and we have NO day in it…we are not being represented at all

  • darkmoon9 06/13/2009 3:24pm

    This is the best thing ever!!! It would be so helpful to every aspect of society. Right now I pay for the family through work and I still can’t afford to go to the doctor. Co-pay is the easy part, it’s all the costs after that, that break me. Under single pay it would cost less, so my check would be bigger, companies would be freed of the burden. Many companies now only hire part time so they do not have to pay insurance bennifits. Companies have more money to hire people, people have more money to buy GM cars(LOL) and China made products(LOL) so everyone is happy. If there is one thing the President should do it’s this. So what if it is hard, I thought it was “YES WE CAN”.

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