S.2433 - Global Poverty Act of 2007

A bill to require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day. view all titles (3)

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  • Short: Global Poverty Act of 2007 as introduced.
  • Short: Global Poverty Act of 2007 as reported to senate.
  • Official: A bill to require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United States foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015, who live on less than $1 per day. as introduced.

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janaid2001 02/14/2008 12:24pm
By the way, I agree with ABNU; stop trying to pass bills designed to dip into the American citizens’ pocket. Further, if those in Congress (both branches)feel the need to give the world money, why not take it our of YOUR private reserves of money. Maybe even use some of your contributing lobbyists’ funds to cover the mega-billions this would take.
Anonymous 02/15/2008 12:11pm

In this bill I learned there is a ban on small arms which leaves the general public defenseless and enforcement would be enforced by UN troops, commits us to annual taxation of 7% of US gross national product. Many other items within this bill will be terrible for the average American and the American economy. I do not believe the average American knows Obama does not fly our American Flag. The middle American can barely feed his own, how does anyone in there right mind think they can feed a starving world? Are Americans being sold out?

hazillow 02/23/2008 6:24am

have you morons even read the bill? it doesn’t allocate any more or less funds for foreign aid – that is and always has been set separately.

bobohack1 02/16/2008 10:22am

We need to take care of our own country. There are plenty of hungry people living here that the government seems to ignore. Black, white, red and yellow and any variations there-of living here should be our priority; NOT THE REST OF THE WORLD!!!!!!! Bob

Anonymous 05/13/2008 5:39am

The only solution is booting the UN out of the US and out of NY. Stop ALL ALL FUNDING OF THE UN! This guy does not deserve to be President of GM let alone the USA. He is a extreme-liberal that will take the USA down.

Extremely hypocritical I would say.

Anonymous 09/30/2008 11:35pm

I’m stupid, explain this to me like I’m a five year old…
Do you honestly believe the President alone has that much power? And, if so, that would mean our CHECKS and BALANCES system is flawed.

How would we fix that? By electing another Democrat or Republican?

The problems we face today are from the GREED at the top.

How do we stop that?

linus 02/15/2008 8:05am

(aside: I just found opencongress today….I LOVE IT!)

We should care about the poor…yes. But not before we fix our own house.

Anonymous 04/08/2008 5:31pm
in reply to Anonymous Feb 14, 2008 11:54am

where are you guys getting the 845b from? i don’t see amount in bill

Anonymous 08/25/2008 9:35am
in reply to Anonymous Apr 08, 2008 5:31pm

the 845b came from fuzzy math by AIM’s Cliff Kincade in some article/rant in Feb 2008 (his methods are for his calculation are unpublished). The rest of the blogosphere has republished this number unquestionly.

the truth is that the GBO estimates that it will cost only 1 million dollars to implement.

Anonymous 05/14/2008 5:54am

Another thing or two about Obama and his…ahem…“first time I’ve ever been proud to be an American” wife.

With “her” attitude I wouldn’t let her sweep and mop the Lincoln bedroom in the White House, much less accept her as the wife of a seated president unless she got down on her knees on world wide T V and apologized to the citizens of this nation.

Second, with “her” demonstrated attitude, rest assured that if Obama IS elected that every black extremist in this nation is going to line up at the White House and put pressure on Obama to make “the we want something for nothing caws our ansesta’s wuz slaves” reparations.

What blacks in this nation ought to consider where they would be today, if they were lucky enough to be born and live, if there had been an America that never had slavery
on this continent.

Anonymous 07/24/2008 1:55pm

How did this Bipartisian bill become so controversial? It is constructed to mandate an open dialogue between congress and the president on how to make our foreign aid MORE EFFICIENT. It appropriates NO MONEY. I dont know where people are reading all this BS about the bill. The Act is serioulsy 4 pages long. Read it.

It is too bad that the Act has been hijacked by election politics.

Anonymous 06/01/2008 7:00am

Global Development Matters,

Glad to hear you feel that way…and since you do feel that way, I’m sure you won’t mind it a bit when I grab your wallet and give HALF your money away to people around the world that won’t even try to take their own nations under control and develop them.

I donate to charity and do it gladly on a VOLUNTEER basis…but when somebody, anybody, including congresses and potential presidents start taking money from my tax money that I have no choice in saying how much of my income is taken or where, how, and whom it’s spent on…I get real mule-ish and talk down to idiots and their idiotic professions.

Anonymous 07/31/2008 12:36pm

How is this bill a “Gloabal Tax” if no new money is distributed or charged to the American public?

Since when did this become a liberal issue? This should be a human issue. I am a fiscal consevative that why i supporty making our foreign aid more effective with the money we already appropriate. how can you not love this bill?

Also like someone else said, fighting international poverty MAY be more effective at combating terroism then the (fiscally irresponsible) trillion dollar Iraq War.

libraryjudy 09/17/2008 1:55pm

This is not a new idea! In 2000, 180 nations of the world, including the United States, agreed to a platform of action, known ans the United Nations Millennium Development Goals, They include targets for education, healthcare, environmental sustainability, etc, all interconnected and related to poverty and designed to cut extreme poverty in half by 2015. This bill is only putting the rubber to the road to what the U.S. has promised and gotten behind the 8 goals. Great strides have been made. People of all faiths, political persuasions, races, genders, corporations, etc. are working hard towards the MDG’s. Do your homework. Check out the U.N. web site. Please don’t make this a political problem. 30 senators, Rep. & Dem, are behind this bill because Poverty has no bias; only people do.

Lou48314 10/29/2008 6:29am
in reply to Anonymous Oct 28, 2008 12:59pm

They are jealous of what our forefathers have built for us to enjoy.
What I find unbelievable is that we now have this worldwide raving majority saying we are evil. Come the first tsunami or earthquake or flood or refugee movement and they are looking to us for food and water.
What happened after Katrina? Where was Denmark, Norway and Sweden? Ii did not see their helicopters flying over New Orleans. I did not see their Navy supplying humanitarian aid just off our coast. Do you know why? BECAUSE WE ARE THE ONES WHO FILL THIS ROLE! EVERYWHERE!
Did anyone forget that it was the U.S. that FREED DENMARK, SWEDEN AND NORWAY from the Nazis? How many US lives were lost fighting for THIER FREEDOM?
WELL? Anyone care to answer that? Learn your history BEFORE making assinine comments.

kbone3 03/05/2008 4:31am

To the person who commented above. When you lose your home because you are trying to help another country build theirs, who do you think is going to help you??? Don’t count on other countries to help you!

libraryjudy 09/27/2008 6:02am
in reply to Toolbox003 Sep 23, 2008 7:24pm

Has anyone even read the UN Resolution on Global Poverty to cut poverty in half by 2015? It doesn’t seem so by these comments. We are in a global economy. What we do here effects/affects the whole world, including those most in need. If you want to see what can be done by one person at a time, look at The Heifer Project online which supports projects IN THE USA, as well. It does not give handouts to financially blackmail the receipent, but does things like provide a flock of chickens for food, eggs, and small business income. This is just one example of what can be done with little effort to lift people from poverty AND KEEP THEM FROM BEING EXPLOITED. Please do the research. It is a small world after all.

Anonymous 03/18/2008 3:13pm

America is being sold out by our politicians. Obama and all the others on the left are leading us into socialism and next communism. They want us dependant on them…that makes us helpless. As much as I dislike our so called conservatives we cannot let the dems take control. We at least have a chance with republicans.

heftyjake 02/15/2008 10:58am

Our house will always be in disrepair. I just wish we could decide what America’s economic policy should be and stick with it. Are we Capitalist, Communist, Facists, or the rich uncle who gives out free cars. This indecisiveness over where our money should go is strangling middle america. We cannot be all of the above.

EricMcpherson 02/15/2008 5:23pm

I think that it is a shame that we can not fix the problems here in America but we seem to think that America has enough money to supply the world it’s cures. I don’t think our economy is reflecting that.

tmdyer 02/21/2008 7:14pm

Our government has no business in taking care of the world. Let’s repair and restore our own country before we investigate solutions for such an unfeasible notion.

KWN 02/22/2008 9:10am

Short and simple! We have enough governmental financial issues in our country now. With our homeowners being foreclosed on, corporations moving to the countries this bill is going to give money to; should I keep going? Let’s fix our financial, business and job status in this country FIRST. We don’t need to dabble in other countries economies any more than we already are. This bill/law will just muck things up more and make us go further into a financial abyss.

oldcolonial 01/30/2009 3:52pm

No more money for the U.N. for any reason. This is a group of thieves and frauds that is no friend of the United States. S.2433 is an affront to our national sovereinty and to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We are already paying too much to this organization!

Anonymous 05/06/2008 5:09pm

There are plenty of poor people here. We should take care of them first. We need this strategy for Americans.

Anonymous 05/14/2008 6:05am

I agree with everything said in the reply above.

And for the first time in almost fifty years I will not cast a vote for president this coming November…not one of the three still in the hunt are worth voting for.

Anonymous 05/16/2008 6:33am

There is definitely plenty of debt and poverty in the world. But, we should first consider our own problems here in the US before making any more commitments outside the country than we already have. We need to be focused on stabilizing Social Security and Medicare, strengthening controls on our welfare sytems and other social services, reducing medical costs, and reducing poverty at home before we look any further. Once we get a better handle on our own domestic issues we will be better prepared to assist elsewhere. We are already the world leader in foreign aid and have been for decades. This would only committ us further.

CompletelyApartisan 05/09/2008 10:25am

We don’t need this bill to “send money to impoverished nations”….the impoverished are flooding across our borders, especially our southern border, by the millions to come and get the money and save us the trouble of sending it! And the ultra liberal weenies want us disarmed and just allow million upon million of illegal aliens come here and take just about everything we own and not even have a gun to defend our homes while they do it!

We here in Texas don’t have to drive or fly on vacation to Mexico because half of Mexico that we give on average of $93,000,000.00 in foreign aid to EVERY YEAR has moved their flotsam and jetsam here and saved us from going to that trouble too! For the illegal Mexican aliens here for the give the U S A away door prize its VIVA MEXICO AND CINCO DE MAYO…..EVERY DAMNED DAY! So MERRY YACHEE you liberal weenies. You support the world out of YOUR pocket NOT MINE!

Gene44 08/22/2008 3:43am

One would think that the UN would try to enforce responsible governments rather than continiuos donations from the rich to give to the poor. How many hundreds of years are donations going to be taking place? The EU poured about $100 billion into the former Eastern Block countries and each of them have taken off and created working economic wonders. Africa has been given $500 billion in aid, has oil, diamonds, other natural resources and yet depends on aid from the UN? Where are the responsible governments? They borrow money for development and then get the debts eliminated by the UN, IMF, etc. Something is wrong with this picture. The US gives hundreds of millions away to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s)for the very same reason, not to even mention direct USAID. I think the entire situation needs to be thought through very carefully before this commitment is made to the UN.

Anonymous 01/06/2009 5:03am

Where does it end? Why on earth should we continue to dole out billions upon billions of dollars to corrupt regimes and governments whose citizens wish to kill Americans.

With our economy in the tank and our infrastructure crumbling around our ears… how about investing in America first and foremost and return us to a sustainable level of prosperity for ourselves, our children and our grand children?

I am tired of hearing that everyone else is more important or more needy than our own citizens. Time to stop thinking we owe the world anything and time to act like the recipients of our welfare and start taking for ourselves.

Keep the money at home and rebuild AMERICA!

Lou48314 10/29/2008 6:34am
in reply to Anonymous Mar 17, 2008 12:30pm

Explain WHY we are responsible for another country.
I hold higher regard for the people who could not realize they lived BELOW SEA LEVEL then I have for the people of another country. ANY OTHER COUNRTY!
I do not feel I am responsible for either. If I have to pick one or the other, I will take the residents of New Orleans BEFORE I would pick another country!
God Bless America.

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