S.32 - Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act

A bill to prohibit the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices, and for other purposes. view all titles (2)

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  • Official: A bill to prohibit the transfer or possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices, and for other purposes. as introduced.
  • Short: Large Capacity Ammunition Feeding Device Act as introduced.

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  • Patriot16 01/30/2011 4:47am

    I think that it is disgracefull that he used the tragedy in Arizona to push his anti-2nd Amendment agenda, an agenda that he has pushed his entire career. No class at all!!

    Also, it is a good thing that MSNBC aka “the gun control network” has very low ratings and no credibility. .

    This liberal arrogance is going to effect them at the polls just as the failure of the so-called assault weapon ban of 1994. President Obama knew not to mention this at the State of the Union address because he knew that this would drive up gun sales and hurt democrates in 2012, but the politicians from the most liberal of areas continue to push gun control even if it means hurting their own party.

    We elect Senators to speak for and represent us not to rule over us as royalty. Shame on him and his hatred toward the U.S. Constitution.

  • Mikel1 01/31/2011 6:25am

    Every ruler in history has loved “Arms Control”. From Egyptian Pharohs, Ceaser and Japanese Emporers to Hitler, Stalin, Mao and beyond. When criminals and potentianly tyranical governments lay down their arms, so too …will I. Until then, I will obey what laws are just, and try to change those that I believe are unjust. Greater restrictions on law abiding citizens are unjust and do NOTHING but punish all for the crimes of an extreme few.

    Our Founders set down the Second Amendment not just for hunters and home defenders but so that their descendants may have a greater chance of putting a stop to tyrany like that mentioend above and which they themselves endured. Our government is not as stable as we would all like to think. With each swing of the pendulum from Dems to Reps, our freedoms are eroded, one little bit by another little bit. Each side seeking to take away our liberties and all justified for whatever reason currently available. Full on tyrany is insedious and inevitable.

  • Mikel1 01/31/2011 6:32am

    With all the hoopla about the Tucson “Massacre”, I’ve noticed that no one has seemed to consider that it could have been SO VERY MUCH worse. If for instance the perpatrator had not had a firearm and had instead chosen to use a car bomb. Would we then seek to outlaw cars?

    No law in the land can stop a relatively intelligent and determined killer. Only persistant vigilance by EVERYONE and a will to act by those closest to the situation can have even a chance of protecting ourselves and those around us.

    As for the 30rnd mgazine(aka mag), a “clip” is what you put on a chip bag or in your hair, it is but a part of a tool. If he had used a car, would you seek to outlaw tires? And the same holds true for the ammo he used, would you outlaw gasoline?

  • Mikel1 01/31/2011 6:33am

    All that said, I am for the licensing(provide it gaurantees some amount of actual training) of those wishing to carry loaded firearms in public. You can own as many cars as you want, but have to be licensed to utilize them in public. The same can be applied to firearms.

    I do not agree with weapon registration. It makes it all the easier for governments to confiscate them should some trumped up “need” arise(ei Katrina). Besides, you can haul a vehicle to a track, course, etc. without it being registared. You can even drive it around your own property without registration. This covers going to the range, etc. or your backyard for target practice, competitions, training and/or just plain old plinking.

  • Patriot16 01/31/2011 4:19pm

    Who could support such a stupid bill?

  • Azrial 02/01/2011 6:31am

    As a 25 year police veteran I assure you this has nothing to do with “crime control” and everything to do with “citizen control.”

    If you want to see a real weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hands I submit to you usage of the ordinary automobile by the inebriated. One car may selectively used to run over one person or for mass carnage into a large crowd.

    The answer is to quit trying to invest inanimate objects with intrinsic criminally and start realizing that we must do everything possible to find and punish the perpetrators.

    It is that simple.

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