S.3507 - Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008

A bill to provide for additional emergency unemployment compensation. view all titles (3)

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  • Official: A bill to provide for additional emergency unemployment compensation. as introduced.
  • Popular: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008 as introduced.
  • Short: Unemployment Compensation Extension Act of 2008 as introduced.

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  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 09/19/2008 12:15am

    this bill is only for states with a rate of 6% or higher, 6867 is for all states.

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  • Anonymous 09/18/2008 4:03pm

    I fighting with you, here come round two!

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  • Comm_reply
    stubsnews 09/18/2008 4:26pm


    to your heart’s content, I’ll appreciate them all:-)

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  • Anonymous 09/18/2008 4:36pm

    CS I was just reading the news , terrible just terrible . Tent cities popping up from Portland to Atlanta, I feel so blessed to have a roof over my head , I pray to god I keep it.

  • stubsnews 09/18/2008 4:38pm

    By ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press Writer
    2 hours, 40 minutes ago

    WASHINGTON – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed Thursday to press ahead with a Democratic plan to inject more than $50 billion or so into the economy, despite opposition from the White House and moderates in her own party.

    “The worsening economy demands another bipartisan economic recovery effort,” Pelosi wrote in a letter delivered to President Bush Thursday evening.

    Just hours earlier, the California Democrat had seemed pessimistic about the chances for a second stimulus bill to follow on the tax rebates enacted in February. She told reporters that it would only advance after Democrats attempt to put some of the more popular components on a budget bill Congress must pass in the next two weeks.

    “We’ll see what we can get” in that bill, Pelosi told reporters. “And then we’ll see where we go from there.” The “continuing resolution” is necessary to keep the government running after Sept. 30.

    “Let’s face it, we can only have a stimulus if the president will sign it,” Pelosi added.

    Later, Pelosi renewed her vow to try to pass a stimulus measure that would combine billions of dollars for jobs-producing infrastructure projects, more food stamps, additional Medicaid aid to states, home heating subsidies and a further extension of unemployment insurance.

    Prospects for the bigger Democratic stimulus measure remained bleak, however, given the opposition of President Bush and Senate Republicans, as well as from moderate-to-conservative House Democrats who object to borrowing the money to pay for it.

    “I’m very skeptical,” said conservative Democrat Gene Taylor of Mississippi.

    Democratic leaders held out hope that the continuing struggles of the economy might prompt Bush to reconsider his opposition to a second stimulus measure. But if not, Democrats would at least benefit politically from witnessing Republicans and Bush block the initiative.

    Some of the items listed by Pelosi, including a second extension of unemployment benefits and an increase in heating subsidies for the poor, could win approval as part of the year-end budget bill. A plan to deliver $25 billion in low-interest federal loans to the auto industry also appears virtually certain to catch a ride on the year-end budget bill.

    Democrats hope that the stopgap spending bill will also carry about $20 billion in disaster aid, as well annual appropriations bills funding the Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs departments. A plan to attach an almost $500 billion Pentagon funding bill seemed to be faltering, however.

    The White House and congressional Republicans say that the spending bill should lift a quarter-century ban on oil and gas drilling off the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. House Democrats passed a bill Tuesday that would allow drilling 50 miles from the coastline. Republicans called it a ruse, saying most of the offshore oil is within 50 miles.

  • Anonymous 09/18/2008 4:39pm
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    People, Obama is gonna raise taxes, yes If you make over $150,00.00 a year you will pay more , it’s like the tax system they had in the 90’s and it was a good system.

  • Anonymous 09/18/2008 4:42pm

    Bush had better get busy and help the american people. They are gonna have to build poor houses and work farms for the homeless ,just like they had in during the depression, serious as a heart attack

  • Anonymous 09/18/2008 4:46pm

    Can you imagine a person taking all they have left leaving california for the casinos in Reno, NV and getting there and they are laying off so your money is gone and all you have left is a pup tent with your feet sticking out. Thats all you have left.

  • Anonymous 09/18/2008 4:48pm

    I’m sorry have no confidence in Nancy Pelosi. Weller walked all over them. I’m hoping Senator Obama get get this through.

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  • stubsnews 09/18/2008 5:10pm

    Glad to see you back on here Jackie. Thank you for speaking out to OpenCongress folks. What you did helped us all.

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  • Anonymous 09/18/2008 5:16pm

    Jackie don’t say that, be happy . You shouldn’t sell yourself short, live for you, you can’t live for others, no matter how you try.

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  • stubsnews 09/18/2008 5:17pm

    From CongressDaily:

    Leaders Looking For Right Combo For CR And Stimulus

    House Democratic leaders are working on a continuing resolution to fund the federal government beyond the end of the fiscal year and provide a stimulus to the economy. But deliberations continue over what the legislation will include, with the list getting longer, House Majority Leader Hoyer said Thursday.

  • stubsnews 09/18/2008 5:31pm

    From Politico.com

    “After an emergency Capitol meeting Thursday night, the Bush administration and top leaders in Congress pledged to work together to greatly expand the government’s intervention in the financial markets to try to resolve the debt crisis that threatens the larger American economy.

    The details of the proposal –and full scope of the exposure for taxpayers—are still unclear. But the basic concept of legislation being drafted by Treasury would authorize the government to begin to buy up illiquid assets in a systematic fashion rather than through ad hoc actions such as this week’s bailout of AIG.

    Speed is a priority. Rather than create a separate entity to perform this function, Treasury appears to want to expand its own authority so the government can act more quickly.

    Congress will almost certainly delay its adjournment next week to complete legislation."

  • Comm_reply
    Anonymous 09/18/2008 11:59pm

    socialism? when did we become a socialist society

  • bmoore 09/18/2008 5:52pm

    You guys are great! I have enjoyed this fight simply because of you all and the gusto that you bring. We will prevail as long as the fight continues positively by working together and if not for ourselves then for our future whichis our children and our grandkids as Jackie has stated and that is enough to take on Congress!!! Good Night All

  • hopefloats 09/18/2008 6:43pm

    This seems very hopeful now – esp. since Congress is going to delay their break so things can get passed ! Plus Bush might go ahead and sign this into law right away – feeling lucky now ! Thanks all for your efforts ! Will be calling and e-mailing and faxing away tomorrow !

  • pmsmith 09/18/2008 7:43pm

    I Chihuahua, I hate moving…… Twice in one week! (LOL). I think some of the TROLLS fell out of the truck during the move.

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