S.982 - Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act

A bill to protect the public health by providing the Food and Drug Administration with certain authority to regulate tobacco products. view all titles (3)

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  • Short: Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act as introduced.
  • Official: A bill to protect the public health by providing the Food and Drug Administration with certain authority to regulate tobacco products. as introduced.
  • Official: Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act as introduced.

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  • sedlaczek 05/19/2009 10:13am
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    Smoking Kills, This Bill must become Law…

  • Xamont 05/20/2009 6:36am

    As a smoker, I obviously have a bias. But let’s remember, this country was founded on tobacco. I don’t understand how the Federal and State governments can so highly tax something. What I mean is you have all this iniative to tax, or abolish smoking in the public places. What happens is people end up quiting the habit. When people quit, the taxes aren’t being imposed, and the government doesn’t get its precious SCHIP money! Then where would the underprivileged kids be? The tax would then move to something everyone pays for, like toilet paper or toothpaste (i hope everyone uses these). The problem is people who don’t like smoking say “tax it”, well if your goal is to get everyone to quit, why would you rely on the tax money it brings in? Doesn’t make sense!

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    EmilysDad729 06/11/2009 11:01am

    As a smoker, Xamont, the nicotine must have attacked your brain cells. This country was NOT founded on tobacco. What sheer lunacy. This country was founded on religious freedom – freedom from the King’s religion. The savings on healthcare costs alone will MORE than cover any tax revenues. HOORAY for the 79 senators who voted for this law. Finally, the victims of tobacco addists – many of whom are non-smokers whose lives have been cut short by secondhand smoke – have had their day. What happens when people finally come to grips with their addictions to tobacco/nicotine? This nation will return to a healthy state. And maybe your braincells will regenerate so that they won’t make such silly arguments for a lethal addiction and the biggest killer in this country.

  • dseidel 05/20/2009 2:03pm

    I am a non-smoker. I can’t understand our government! Legalize marijuana and demonize tobacco? Common sense is obviously not common.

    Legislating actions by taxation is immoral.

  • EmilysDad729 06/11/2009 11:07am
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    Right – why legalize either. Both are carcinogenic, both are killers. Marijuana is non-addictive, but tobacco is extremely addictive. However, tobacco kills 23 times as many people every year as compared to all the deaths caused by illicit drugs/substances. Twenty-three times. The answer is not taxation – it is regulation and criminalization. And that’s what S 982 is going to do.

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    cardinalred 06/12/2009 9:26am

    The site from the CBO will highlight the revenue and costs of implementing this bill.

    Estimated Deficit Impact 13 27 36 50 67 87 110 137 167 200 891
    (budget deficits from 2010-2019 by year and total in millions)


  • Comm_reply
    cardinalred 06/12/2009 9:26am

    This site references what the costs to our health and labor systems are from smoking:

    Article date: 2002/04/12
    The consequence of smoking a pack of cigarettes is estimated to cost the nation $7.18 per pack in medical care and lost productivity, or about $157 billion and 440,000 premature deaths each year, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) published April 12 in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

    This analysis with government data is undeniable by any private opinion. Politics delayed this bill in 2000 under GWB, and leadership is getting the job done under Bama.

  • LibertarianLady 09/02/2009 9:07am

    I’m not a smoker. I’ve never even puffed on a cigarette and I never want to. Smoking is bad for your health. This is obvious.

    However, do we really want to create a situation in which our tax dollars are going to fund bigger government and deterioration of the personal liberty to do whatever you want to your own body? I want my tax dollars preventing real crime (the kind with unwilling victims).

    There are costs to our health care system because of smoking, I won’t deny that. But instead of making government larger lets privatize health care and allow people to have the basic personal liberty of choosing to do what they want to do with their own bodies.

    Sex has health care costs (pregnancy, STD treatment, etc); Should we borderline criminalize sex or have the government encourage people not to have sex because there are health care costs associated with this voluntary activity? Where do we stop and say ‘this is MY body, and the government doesn’t get ANY say in what I do with it’?

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