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The RaceTracker project on OpenCongress — a non-partisan, fully-referenced, open-source and crowd-sourced wiki project — now lists every candidate running in every U.S. Senate, House and governor's race! The folks over at the Swing State Project, the coordinators of this wiki community project, have completed a nationwide survey of the candidates in each race and will be using crowd-sourced participation to keep it current as we move towards 2010. You can now check on the status of each of the seven candidates considering a run for the seat of Illinois' Sen. Roland Burris (D) or the eight who are eyeing Rep. Betsy Markey (D-Colo.). We'll even tell you who's a confirmed candidate versus who's merely considering or rumored to be a candidate, how much money they've raised, the district boundaries and the district-specific electoral trends in the last three presidential elections.

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