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New Commenting Features

April 26, 2011 - by Donny Shaw

Just a quick note here to point out, in case you hadn't noticed, that we've upgraded our commenting system to accommodate hyperlinks, block quotes and a few more formatting functions. We're using the fairly-straight-forward Textile markup language, so it should be pretty simple to start using. If you notice something that's not working properly, please drop us a quick bug report and we'll get it fixed.

The idea is to a make it easier to have more detailed, fully-referenced discussions of the important (and unimportant) issues Congress is dealing with. Unlike a lot of political websites, our community isn't about one ideology or one particular partisan perspective. We're all here because we believe in the importance of transparency, an informed citizenry, and self governance for making our democracy work. Of course, that means our comment threads are often more divisive than, say, those found on Daily Kos or Red State. Hopefully these new features help to keep things divisive yet factual.

Please let us know how the new system is working out. And thanks to all of you participating in the comments and making OpenCongress into one of the smartest, most diverse political communities out there.

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