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Senate Passes FAA Bill With Anti-Union Language

February 7, 2012 - by Donny Shaw

By a vote of 75-20, the Senate has given final passage to a Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill that would make it tougher for transportation workers to unionize. Under the bill, the National Mediation Board -- the agency that manages labor issues for the railroad and airline industries -- would not be allowed to call for an union election unless at least 50 percent of the employees of a company sign authorization cards requesting an election.

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While all the attention on the Republicans' union busting agenda has been focused on the states, Republicans in Congress have been quietly moving forward with anti-union legislation on the federal level. In February, the House Transportation Committee marked up a Federal Aviation Administration authorization bill that contains an innocuous looking provision that would actually titl union formation rules further in the favor of anti-union interests. 

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