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The Week Ahead in Congress

March 29, 2011 - by Donny Shaw

The House is just coming back into session from their week off, and in addition to continuing their battle with Senate Democrats on funding the government beyond next week, they'll be voting on terminating another foreclosure program, making it harder for aviation workers to form unions, and more. Take a look at the complete schedule below, click on the bill numbers to learn more about them, then get involved by commenting, sharing and contacting your members of Congress.

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For years, congressional Republicans have held back the Democrats' leading labor bill, the Employee Free Choice Act, by arguing that it goes against the basic democratic value of free and fair elections by allowing workers to unionize without holding a secret ballot election. Now that they have a majority in one chamber of Congress and more control of the legislative calendar, however, they're pushing anti-union legislation that would undermine the concept of fair elections by counting workers who don't show up to vote in union elections as votes against forming unions.

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The Other Vote in the Senate Today

September 22, 2010 - by Donny Shaw

The DISCLOSE Act vote is going to get most of the attention in the Senate today (and for good reason), but there's something else interesting on the calendar as well -- a "resolution of disapproval" regarding a recent rule update from the National Mediation Board that eases the union formation process for airline and train workers.

The resolution is S.J.Res.30, and it may well be the only bill in Senate to be co-sponsored by all 41 members of the Republican caucus.

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