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#SoTU 2013

February 12, 2013 - by David Moore

For updates on the State of the Union tonight, follow along with our lists on micropublishing:

Congress-Watchers on @opencongress

Political science by @ppolitics

#opengov & civic engagement & open-data leaders 

Federal Budget - #realitybased economic research

For video background on the #SoTU, see last Sunday's edition of 'Up with Chris Hayes', the most substantive & empirically-accountable news show on cable TV.

More info on our non-profit projects for continual, reciprocal engagement with elected officials at the city, state & federal levels - where we're headed with for cities & states, and our public-benefit vision for OpenCongress in 2013 and beyond. Get in touch, david at More background on #SoTU and the 113th U.S. Congress after the jump.

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The undue influence of corporate money in public policy is at the root of nearly all the major problems facing the U.S. right now, and in the wake of the Citizens United decision it's only going to get worse. That's why it was good to hear President Obama call out the "corrosive influence of money in politics" during his State of the Union speech. Unfortunately, his primary call to action doesn't even address the real issue.

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